1. Jay says

    What is mysterious about someone expressing their disappointment in officials who in this day and age CHOSE to oppress people? If anything we need more of this.

  2. JackFknTwist says

    Who cares if it doesn’t help……it was well deserved. And wonderfully traditional.

    Reminds me of when I did that to my brother’s Christmas stocking when we were kids.
    He still hasn’t forgiven me.

    A very suitable Grinch present.

  3. Fiction says

    This gesture is AWESOME!! I love it! So clever and so appropriate.

    @ Matt. Oh Please! Here’s what I’ve got to say to you: Na-Na-NANA-NA. Na-Na-NANA-NA… NA-NA-NANA-NA!

  4. Rick says

    Typical liberals being totally intolerant of those who simple want the will of the people to guide governmental policy. Liberal gays are tolerant only of those who promote and forward their agenda.

  5. Rick says

    I wish I got one of those pieces of coal. That reminds me of the times when my daddy would make me dress up in mommy’s underwear and throw coal at me while calling me a c*cks*cking f*gg*t, then he’d make it up to me by taking me to the local bar and letting me work behind the glory hole. Good times!

  6. Josh says

    Bigotry is not an acceptable worldview. Whether this prank was right or not is a separate question.

    Equal justice under law. It’s etched into the Supreme Court building. It’s non-negotiable, Rick. To say otherwise is un-American.

  7. Lexis says

    @Rick – What’s liberal about fighting for Equal Protection under the law? The 14th Amendment to the Constitution was basically written and pushed by Republicans following the Civil War to make sure that the Civil Rights act of 1866 could never be repealed by future congresses.

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