1. FernLaPlante says

    @Ankerich, try doing a little research before you crap all over someone for doing good. What exactly have you done for other lately? With that attitude, I am guessing not much. Go troll somewhere else.

  2. John says

    What is it with people that see others being happy & making many others happy (even if it is simply from their smile or a dance) & yet you make out they are committing some kind of crime? Get a fn life will ya.

  3. woodroad34 says

    The thing that’s amazing about Ben is that he moves so well with all that muscle. Too much muscle keeps you from attaining a wide array of motion and it makes you look “hulky” when you dance. His personality…geez! His personality!…is so charismatic. He moves well for a big guy with hearing loss. And I agree with Bandanajack; he finally found his groove–but it was too late. BTW, most people on this show and America’s version are out to reinvent themselves and get people to pay attention to them and their causes; so — anyone who points to the obvious allows people to view their small minds and that’s kind of embarrassing for that person.

  4. Perry says

    Ben, Ben, BEN!!! What a good sport you are. I’ve enjoyed watching you enjoy this different pursuit in your most active and varied life! Keep it up! What will you do next??

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