1. Hampton says

    Oklahoma has always been fascist. In the 60s
    the Tulsa police closed down a cafe near the university for promoting communist meetings(the drama dept doing Shakespeare)and if you went to an Art Gallery opening or related party the police took down your license plate number. A local coffee house was shut because the patrons sat on the floor and read something called poetry….Still like that almost…

  2. oncemorewithfeeling says

    The only thing he missed is that Gov. Fallin is a divorced woman, just like her god wants her to be, apparently. Or is she a candidate for a stoning? I can never keep that straight.

  3. Jason Young says

    I’m from Arkansas and I’m proud to say that we kept the Republican menace from controlling our state until last year. Arkansas was finally making such great progress and now it’s about to start going backward like every other Southern state. So sad to see.

    I’ll admit that I left for greener pastures but frankly, why stay and fight when I can move ahead 30 years simply by moving outside of the South?

  4. al says

    What a jackass, his test for civil rights is smelling flowers? I suppose pedofiles , murders, and rapists don’t smell flowers? What a complete moron. yea the guy is funny ,if you only think with your brain stem.

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