Stephen Colbert Takes Down Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin’s Stupid Anti-Gay Military Policy: VIDEO


This week Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin announced that the state's National Guard would deny spousal benefits to all couples in order to avoid serving gay couples.

In a segment last night, Stephen Colbert brilliantly took down that dumb and bigoted policy.


Said Colbert:

Calendar"Governor Fallin is setting a great precedent here....Because once a gay person gets something, it gets their gay all over it. That's why I think we should shut down the fire department. If I find out that firefighters also rescue gay people, suddenly it'll seem gay for me to have their calendar.

And... what about schools. I've heard that some of these newfangled gays also have kids that go to school. They're learning the same math as my kids, all so they can go home and count the number of mommies they have.

And folks we wouldn't even have this problem if gays weren't allowed in the military. So no one should be allowed in the military. I say we let those drones do all the work. They're still months away from developing a sexual preference...

Governor Fallin, I heard that gay people in Oklahoma enjoy the scent of your state flower the Oklahoma Rose just as much as straight people do. So you should order everyone in your state to cut off their noses to spite the gays. Cause you're kind of doing it already.


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