1. Geoff says

    I wouldn’t care if The Donald e-volves, de-volves, in-volves…as long as he sits on it and re-volves…at supersonic speed!!!

  2. Pete N SFO says

    Why do people continue asking an idiot for an idiot’s opinion?

    Get some self-esteem, already! WTF do any of us care what this buffoon has to say?!

  3. Mike Ryan says

    Well now you’ve angered me even more because the stupid interview was conducted by none other than gay traitor Thomas Roberts. I will NEVER watch MSNBC again. Ever.

  4. Fox says

    Perhaps it’s a good thing he hasn’t evolved.

    I think most people know he’s a buffoon and don’t see him as any kind of role model to follow.

  5. pickles says

    Here’s a simple reason DonTru and all the allegedly fiscal Repubs should technically be pro-gay marriage:

    It’s good for business. Period. To them that’s all that matters, right??

    Gay marriage is an estimated SEVEN BILLION DOLLAR economic boon. IF you’re anti-gay marriage, you’re also anti $7 billion dollar income. Now that’s not very Republican is it??

  6. Grego says

    “We have a lot of gay people who work at Miss Universe and we spoke to them..”and they said we want to go.” … The conversation likely went something like “you want to keep your job or not”?

  7. ASam says

    Why is Andy Towle giving so much publicity to Thomas Roberts and Donald Trump? All these non-critical puff pieces from Andy suggest a level of immaturity or manpulative intent.

  8. tom says

    The missing link has to have his semi-annual obligatory with a NBC/Universal hack-his show is going to return to the network soon -so the dog and pony show has to be trotted out one more time so that the “entitled one” can educate all of us with his pearls of wisdom.
    Orangutan (apologies to the real orangutans) man is hypocrite, liar and shameless self-promoter. His opinion about anything is meaningless.

  9. Icebloo says

    Why does anyone care what he thinks ? He’s a nobody. Hideous Donald Trump and his hideous offspring have no impact on my life. They are totally irrelevant & so are their right wing extremist views.

  10. says

    How is that evolving, and why would we care?

    The only notable thing about this is that Trump’s gay puppet, Thomas Roberts, is basically doing an infomercial for his anti-gay boss, the same anti-gay boss who’s paying for and controlling Roberts’s Russian adventure.

  11. WW says

    Thomas Roberts is no more a ”traitor” to our community than George Takei was when he did ”The Apprentice.” Both men are out, proud and married, and have spoken up for LGBT issues in a zillion ways more than any of us ever will. Sadly, Trump is a troglodyte in his thinking and I can’t imagine him ever ”evolving.” We shouldn’t care what he believes; he’s an idiot.

  12. Chaz says

    Donald dump… if a website is Obama’s worst failure (which in my opinion is not), then he is doing pretty good…