1. disgusted american says

    shhhh, dont tell the rightwing climate deniar Loons here in merikkka, they’ll blame it on the wrath of gawd and the gays…and think it will never happen here…..its a look into things to come.

  2. BZ says

    Trivia: this typhoon made landfall on the exact spot on Leyte where General Douglass MacArthur waded ashore in 1944 and made his famous “I have returned” speech.

  3. Geoff says

    Teh Gheys are at it again! Must really be pissed about something! Pray Jeebus stops playin’ video games…and does something besides appearing on toast and tree bark this time.


    Given its records on earthquakes, exploding volcanoes, storms and what not, Philippines seems to be the place where nature make its tests. I guess those “in the real flesh” Jesus crucifixion representations are not helping them. Given time and according to climate change predictions, it’s likely that most of world will become a huge Philippines.

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