Human Rights Campaign Going International with Help from Republican Billionaires

New York hedge-fund billionaire Republicans Paul Singer, a major Romney supporter in 2012, and Daniel Loeb are funding a new Human Rights Campaign initiative to further LGBT rights internationally, reports NYT columnist Frank Bruni, who spoke with Singer at his offices in midtown Manhattan.

SingerWrites Bruni:

In this case, he was announcing a new project to be funded, at least at the outset, by him and other conservative donors but to be run by the Human Rights Campaign, an L.G.B.T. advocacy group in Washington, which is much more closely affiliated with Democrats. The initiative will be dedicated to fighting the victimization of gays and lesbians internationally. But it will also show that there are Republicans — not a majority, but an increasingly impassioned minority — who are intent on progress and justice for L.G.B.T. people. They won’t surrender that cause to Democrats, and they believe that Republicans who do so are resisting a future that’s both just and inevitable.

As you may recall, Singer's American Unity PAC assisted efforts to pass marriage equality in New York, Maine, and Maryland. Singer's son is gay.

Adds Bruni:

And the international initiative has a fascinating wrinkle. In addition to training L.G.B.T. advocates outside the United States and publicizing the failings of especially repressive countries, it intends to name and shame American religious zealots who sponsor antigay campaigns abroad. So Republican money may wind up challenging a constituency within the party. (We’re most definitely not in Kansas anymore.)

In Singer’s view, gay rights are consistent with a Republican philosophy of individual liberty, and gay marriage is “an augmenter of social stability, family stability and stability in raising kids.” In other words, it’s conservative.


  1. Robert says

    Oh, beautiful. The organization about pretty parties and taking credit where none is due is climbing into bed with their friends, again. I love that the organization that wanted nothing to do with the lawsuit against Prop. 8 out of fear it would fail, is now championing the cause across the world…with more parties, no doubt.

  2. Dave C. says

    Bigotry is most expressed by generalizations. When we fail to see people as people, we also act oppressively. It is one thing to recognize that the Republican brand is corrupt and bigoted. But when one see all who associate with it as such, your fear based attitude fans the flames of bigotry.

  3. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Great! Let the gay Republicans fund HRC. I’ll send my hard-earned dollars to progressive gay advocacy groups like the Task Force who support local non-profits while they lobby on our behalf.

  4. imho says

    There can only be one reason the GOPers would align with HRC on anyting; To infiltrat it,, subver it, change its message rendering it useless and then destroy it.

    Looks like the fish has taken the bait.

  5. alex says

    Too often, we view our world as black or white. When we fall into that trap, we end up calling all Christian/Catholics/Muslims homophobic. Or, claiming that all Southerners are racist. Any rational adult should be able to acknowledge that the world is shades of gray.

    That said, if anything is black and white, it’s politics. While I know that not every Republican wants to take away my rights, the fact is that you can’t separate a single politician from their party.

  6. chris255 says

    Keep those HRC cocktail parties flowing.

    Still waiting on the Republican party to drop their Darline McBride image and catch up to the 21st century. Not exactly the image that gives me a lot of confidence in the direction of the organization.

  7. Jack says


    Someone who thinks as simple-mindedly as your is the one who shouldn’t be trusted. You’ve admitted to a deep-seated inability to think critically and make judgments on a case-by-case basis. You’re just as closed-minded as the people you hate so much. Congrats. Idiot.

  8. lookyloo says

    So this billionaire donor’s son is gay.
    Why does it seem the small number of rightwingers who actively or openly support gay rights are people with gay relatives or are gay themselves?

    I think that shows the difference between liberals and conservatives. It comes down to empathy and the desire to understand and interact with ‘other’ people. Liberals have it, conservatives don’t.

    Also, this guy’s actions in support of his son and other gay people are pretty contradictory.
    He donates tons of money to the HRC for pro-gay rights stuff -YET- he also donated to and supported Mitt Romney running for Prez of the US.

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