1. sandman says

    I keep thinking: maybe this time Lopez is gonna ‘get it’ , i.e., bust out of that self-obsessed/fear-driven diva fortress she’s locked down around her so well – and this may well be as close as she’s ever gotten or gonna get. Also – no Celia Cruz tribute would be fitting w/out that intoxicating ear-to-ear smile La Cruz wore any time a light even flickered in her vicinity… Lopez missed that detail, but nonetheless rocked it pretty damn good.

  2. betocreativo says

    As a colombian man, Celia Cruz fan myself and a caribbean man I must say that the JLo homage to the most extraordinary woman of Salsa was… meh! There was no ‘sabor’, neither ‘azúcaaaa’ in her performance. The only thing I must add? I’m a bit impressed that she improved her vocal training.

  3. Glen says

    The costume changes were in tribute to Cruz and her many fantastic costumes. I think she killed it hard. Something no one would have expected from her for Celia Cruz. As successful as she is think that was her Ricky Martin moment (the cup of life performance the made him a superstar overnight).

  4. BreckRoy says

    @Deen, the costume changes were an essential part to paying tribute to Celia Cruz. Her costumes were HUGE part of her legend and legacy. Google her and you’ll see. In this case, at least, that was a legit part of the tribute, not Lopez ego. I do agree she lacked Cruz’s sheer JOY when performing, but also that she blew the roof off the place, even if she was no Cruz. And that might be fitting, since NO ONE could ever be.

  5. prisle says

    JLO has nothing on Ms. Cruz or Iris Chacon..whom she took alllll of her dance moves and last outfit from. Ahi Viene…Iris Chacon. Look her up guys, you will love her!

  6. norma says

    to all the none-talent on this board: JLO was amazing! – confirmed by her peers in the audience, REAL TALENT, that gave her a standing ovation.

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