1. jimbryant says

    He’s a nice-looking guy but could do with a bit of hair on his chest. In any case, I like how he doesn’t allow others to put him into a box.

  2. MaryM says

    I hopw he stops stealing gay parts from gay actors.

    We are constantly told that gay actors can’t come out as it will cost them roles.

    Yet straight guys like France steal the only roles a gay actor can openly play.

    James Franco is part of the problem of homophobia in Hollywood.

  3. Chaz says

    It’s nice to see a Hollywood guy with his ‘no make-up’ face on. Makes you realize that so much of it is lighting and slap.

  4. Charles Nicolosi says

    I started reading Towleroad for news…not skin and gossip. I hate to say it, but I think I’m about over this site.

  5. jimbryant says


    Most openly gay men are very poor actors. That is because they feel the need to act like an effeminate stereotype. They are also told by the executives to act effeminate because it brings in the laughs.

  6. says

    So since he’s straight (?) who are his girlfriends? I read the Daily Mail Online all the time and never see him linked with any women.

  7. Mike says

    Bitchy . . . Bitchy . . . Bitchy . . .
    It is amazing how many bitchy queens that there are! You apparently have not heard of “If you can not say ANYTHING nice, then do not say anything at all! [sigh]

  8. Alias says

    Mike kind of lost your point by insulting everbody! way to go! But I love James franco :)he is an awesome actor!

  9. Kronennj says

    @Marym are you serious?! You are blaming James Franco for Hollywood’s homophobia? Seriously? He is one of the most accepting allies we have in Hollywood (not to mention a phenomenal actor).

    Did you maybe think he is getting gay roles because his talent as an actor allows him to portray multi-faceted characters that don’t necessarily reflect his own personality? Oh no… I guess he’s maliciously “stealing” the homos’ acting gigs.

    Grow up.

  10. Onnyjay says

    Looks like Jimmy could spend a little more time on the pec deck but otherwise he’s a very decent example of homo sapiens. As for T’road’s balance, I like having a little news, a little eye candy, a little well-founded rumor. At least it’s not all chick chat like Today and GMA.

  11. Mike says

    Sexy you bet. And his intelligence goes without saying. James Franco is an EXCELLENT actor and that he is a strong supporter of gay rights also is self evident. Does he have “bedhead” ? Of course, but which of us does not look much worse when we get up? Maybe he gets gay roles from gay actors because he CAN act and has proven his talent again and again. Does it somehow empower you to put him down? Shame on you . . .

  12. Mike says

    @ALIAS Do you feel personally “insulted” for the less then positive comments or did I touch a nerve when I said “bitchy queen”? GOOD!

  13. disgusted american says

    Love me some James Franco…..he made a good Wizard in OZ too….he’s a friend of LGBT people

  14. rocko says

    I like this site for the news..the skin..the gossip..when did the gays stop liking skin? When we started getting more rights?? Are we supposed to acclimate now into the str8 world?? Jeez..
    I think I preferred the ‘alternative’ life least I could be honest about myself..

  15. rocko says

    oh and as far as the Francos….I would put $$ that they are a lot of fun in the sack! Plus I just think they are a lot of fun!

  16. says

    I always jokingly ask on his Google+ page, whenever he posts, whether or not he banged Jay Baruchel whenever they’re in the same movie or working on the same project.

    So, James, did you just bang Jay Baruchel when you took the selfie? ;)~

  17. Justin says

    He’s a cool person very handsome and a friend to the LGBT community, only wish he had smiled in the photo, would brighten up the pic 100 fold.

  18. Francis says

    Rocko, there have always been a few queens on here, who are squeamish and uptight. Ignore them. Most of us like the change of pace and seeing skin from time to time.

  19. says

    He looks kinda ordinary and like he hasn’t been at the gym much. Which I find sexy.

    Franco is the “problem of homophobia” in your mind.

  20. Chris says

    Most openly gay men are poor actors?! Are you KIDDING ME? I challenge you to go to any broadway/ off broadway house or hell, come to Buffalo. Openly gay men are some of the most versatile, dynamic actors you will see!

  21. says

    check out my review of Franco’s new novel “Actors Anonymous”
    I highlight the gayest excerpts, which is not an altogether intelligent endeavor, but that’s how i enjoy literature–sorry ’bout it!

  22. MickyFlip says

    LMAO!! Alright, I’ll give Franco credit for this. And he’s certainly right. All the kids are doing it nowadays.

  23. Alias says

    @MIKE Why should i fell insulted I just commented on the why you insulted everbody by your quote! And what way do I seem like a bitchy queen? It’s abvious you can’t take critcisim at all. Your insults just show that you can’t make a point and argue for you sake! Grow up!

  24. Nipper says

    It is interesting how we see him and to see how he sees himself every day in the mirror. Personally I prefer my mirror image to photos of myself.

  25. Randy says

    I like how he is holding the camera correctly, so that if he records video, it will not have vertical-video-syndrome. Almost everyone else holds the camera vertical, for selfies. This is wrong.

    And if there is video, let’s see it, Franco. Don’t hold out on us.

  26. FFS says

    A few pushups wouldn’t kill ya’, Franco. Watch Dave, if you’re confused. He knows how it’s done.

  27. Kissyfur says

    Flat chest. But the eyes let you know he’d be a maniacal and relentless top holding your hands at bay so you cannot touch yourself until he wants you to. So I guess it all balances out.

  28. Nana says


  29. Victor says

    He looks surprisingly vulnerable – very unlike the actor he becomes when being interviewed. I like this version better. It’s softer and hotter.

  30. Kurtis Edwards says

    Part of the Hollywood problem would be calling an ally and enemy. Someone stated Franco is “stealing” parts from gay men…. That’s just disrespectful and shortsighted.

  31. Z-Dog says

    Wow, you all are really bitchy. It’s a selfie. It’s a selfie of James Franco. If this is ruining your day, you probably are focused on the wrong things. Lighten up. Oh, and remember, this guy is out on the streets as your ally. You don’t want to read this article? Great. Don’t. No one’s forcing you.