1. Lars says

    I decline, on principle, to watch any video that is stamped ‘TMZ.’ Those people are part of the problem, not the solution.

  2. David From Canada says

    Not impressed. Joan was raised in that generation which was not taught to respect or accept minorities. I guess she’s too busy with all her plastic surgery.

  3. says

    On every single episode… I repeat, EVERY SINGLE EPISODE… of the E! Channel’s “Fashion Police,” Joan makes racial jokes about how “yellow” an Asian person is or how “black” an African-American is. She can’t see past a person’s skin color. It’s black this and yellow that. I feel like we’ve gone back to the 1950’s.

  4. keating says

    My litmus test for excusing Joan’s potty mouth is: Is it funny?
    These remarks are not funny.

  5. Adam says

    I was a huge fan of Joan Rivers at one time, but that was a long time ago. She has overstayed her welcome and needs to retire.

  6. Perrin Blackshocked says

    I’ll never understand why some queens think she’s funny or … really anything. She’s been spouting homophobic garbage since at least the late 1970s and people still think she’s all that? Inexplicable celebrity.

  7. Jeff says

    Her comments don’t make me angry nor do they sway me to her opinion. I really don’t care if Alec Baldwin is a homophobe. He doesn’t affect the rotation of the earth but I will not be disrespected. Alec Baldwin probably should own what he said and apologize (only if he means to) and also own what the outcome is. Joan has a voice she can use to build up or tear down. I think she could help to diminish stereotypes by not fueling them.

  8. Dearcomrade says

    The queen of put downs used to get some laughs from me, now she just comes across as mean. She loves to throw shade on every target of opportunity that gets her attention. Looking forward to the day they throw some dirt on her.

  9. Marcus says

    I remember seeing her doing standup on TV when I was a child, mercilessly hounding Elizabeth Taylor about her weight and telling women to sell out for jewelry, and even then I knew she was just awful.

  10. says

    Joan Rivers has been recycling the same schtick and jokes since at least the 1970s and probably before that.

    I really don’t think she’s truly a “gay ally” at all, she just knows better than to sh!t where she eats so she generally sucks up to the gays.

  11. woody says

    She forgot the word “bigot.”
    That’s the word fundamentalist homophobes complain that we use to slur them.
    So, Joan, they can call us faggots but we can’t call them bigots for calling us faggots?
    Is that how it works today in your refreshing, common-sense view of the world?

  12. Alex N says

    Alec Baldwin is a sociopath. His narcissism is what has mainly been on display throughout this pathetic, over-exploited “news” cycle.

    I would imagine Joan Rivers is trying to emphasize that desensitizing words is key to moving forward in her opinion. The way she speaks is obviously flippant, and probably meant for mass consumption to bring ratings to one of her pointless shows. I do find Joan quite funny at times, but as stated above, this wasn’t one of them. I don’t think that merits wishing death upon her. The dialog about race in America is oddly stunted considering how often we are exposed to it in terms of cultural and economic factors reported to us daily.

    Do we need to regulate the use of language? Does the argument hold up when we are constantly seeking justification of freedoms through the constitution? Does it matter more what a black person or a gay person thinks of the use of a word like n#gger or faggot? Was the use of the pound sign in the last sentence appropriate? I guess the dialogue is still on.

  13. Robert says

    I don’t think she knows the extent of what has been said. I think she only knows that a friend is being attacked for speaking out of anger.

    Her comments did not offend, she just seems tired to me and was looking to give something because she is angry at her friend’s treatment. You’d do the same for your friends. I know I would, but I’d find out the whole truth first.

  14. johnny says

    Side Note to Kathy Griffin:

    Love what you do now, but take heed, lest this be where you end up in life without realizing it.

  15. Matt says

    This is what Joan Rivers does. Anyone who believes she is legitimately racist or homophobic and not just playing this up prove a point (correct or not) needs to give their head a shake. I honestly believe that the words fag and faggot do not equate to Gay person when most use it as a term to degrade someone. It’s the same as when people call something gay. I have lots of friends who use the word gay as a synonym for stupid and I don’t believe any of them are the least bit homophobic. I try to make it known that it isn’t the best choice of words, but it has become ingrained in vocabulary as a word meaning stupid; when used in that context. I think we as a community need to continue to educate people that using gay or fag as words for stupid or idiot is not a acceptable language choice, but we also need to stop labeling everyone who does use these words in this way a homophobe. Yes, some of them are, but I would wager that most are not.

  16. NotSafeForWork says

    Joan says: Don’t get your panties in wad. Truth. Some Towleroad posters need that advice, but in the age of Faux Outrage and pearl clutching, that message will fall on deaf ears.

  17. says

    @Matt, have you ever considered the possibility that every time your “friends” use the word gay to denote idiotic or frivolous they are in fact demeaning YOU?

    I don’t give a wet crap how “ingrained” it is. Go back a few decades, or even now, and in some circles “n!gger” is quite ingrained too. That doesn’t make it right.

    That especially applies to the words “fag” or “faggot.” You may think that you and your friends are past such things but the fact remains that every time they use demeaning words like that, and you allow them to continue to do so, they are telling you you are “lesser than,” only acceptable within their definition of acceptable gay-ness.

    What if you say or do something that marks you as one of “those people”?

  18. I wont grow up says

    If this tactless fame whore has one more face lift she’ll have to wear turtle necks to hide her vagina.

  19. woodroad34 says

    Joan Rivers and fish both smell after three days. Time to boot the old un-funny bass or put her in Angela Bassett’s voodoo stew.

  20. MIke says

    Love Joan, she doesn’t care. Some funny quips in her Fashion Police review of the AMAs. Everyone in white: “It’s perfect to hide spilled cocaine!”

  21. Markt says

    Alex N: great post. You too Matt. Caliban – Matt clearly has thought about the use of the word gay by his friends and concluded that – after a cost benefit analysis – that it’s okay. When we celebrate our “gay” culture can we really complain when things that are gay are described as such?

  22. AG says

    I saw Joan Rivers perform at the Canon Theater in Beverly Hills, Calif., a small venue that closed soon thereafter, in 2003. She said, during her routine, “Filipinos are ugly.”

    There’s humor, and there’s doing harm. “Filipinos are ugly” does harm.

  23. Eichmann Overlooked One says

    Joan Rivers would’ve made a nice-looking lampshade before all that plastic surgery.

  24. Old Corpse says

    But yet when Mel Gibson went on his anti-Jew rant, she said he should die. She’s such a hypocritical POS. It’s OK to make fun of everyone UNLESS it’s about Jews or her ugly horse-faced daughter. I’ll never understand why gays like this cvnt.

  25. Alvin says

    People are way to sensitive these days I really hate the except me or else attitude the gay Nazis in America have. You can’t even say sucker anymore without offending someone. If a Christian bakery won’t make your wedding cake go somewhere else and spend your money. I would never expect someone to change their religious values just so I can have my cake and eat it too. Joan doesn’t just single out one group everyone is fair game so get over your self entitled selves and grow up. By the way I’m gay !

  26. Tristram says

    Does ANYONE here actually think Kathy Griffin is in – or will ever be in – Joan’s league. I mean, the woman doesn’t tell jokes, she pulls faces and makes sarcastic remarks. Definitely the Dane Cook of female comedy.

  27. ratbastard says

    @David from Canada,

    Joan Rivers IS a “minority’, in the sense she is Jewish. She grew up in a far less politically correct world where people were much less thin skinned about a lot of things.

  28. Rob says

    Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, Lucille Ball, and Lily Tomlin are the grand dames of American Humor. Like all humorists, they spread their satire around, gently and not so gently, to avoid targeting one group. Alec Baldwin could learn from their example, as a putatively comedic actor.

    As for Joan, she is a giant in American humor, like it or not. She was in the first class of Second City, with Alan Arkin. Before her (and before Streisand in Funny Girl) Jewish patterns of communication and humor were marginialized, and when seen, only put forward by men.

  29. Rob says

    And if this were my blog I would take down the vitriolic holocaust reference by “Eichmann missed one” above. Gotta draw the line somewhere.

  30. zoots says

    Oh get over it 99% of your comments prove her point!!What she said it out loud while the rest of you just think it and say it behind closed doors.