1. JMC says

    As per usual with SNL, the odd laugh here and there but I was mostly stoic throughout. They really need to replace all of their writers and cast one of these seasons to pump some comedy back into this show.

  2. northalabama says

    didn’t care for the opening, but when the first skit flopped, i knew the night was in trouble – even weekend update died. last night wasn’t a good show, but snl will recover.

  3. will says

    I just watched the Old Lady Gaga skit and she’s not a bad actress at all. I love Madonna, but she’s a wooden actress (her “Evita” was mostly static) and can’t seem to bring the spark that lights up her music to the screen. Gaga is more natural and fluid. I could see her doing character roles in film when the music goes.

  4. thepolarbeast says

    Lady Gaga hustles. You have to give her that, but I am not going to rush out and buy any of her music based upon what I saw in these video clips. I think Paul Simon’s performances on one of the very first episodes will stand the test of time better than her performances last night.

  5. AriesMatt says

    Thought that her opening number was fantastic and that her acting was better than average. The material she was given wasn’t that good, but her delivery was. Appreciate how she is able to poke fun at herself. Expected Perez Hilton to pop up at the condo board association meeting. Missed a great opportunity there.

    Ironically, her music performances were lackluster for me. Not sure why she insists on putting on an acoustic guitar 2/3’s through a song and visually playing it while the viewer doesn’t here anything coming from it. Awkward and unnecessary, imo.

  6. Mike says

    Virtually all the entertainment blogs are saying last night was a hit. Twitter and tumblr have been positive about last night. I personally thought it was lots of fun. SNL always has issues, but last night was one of the better nights. But, as per usual, Towleroad posters (at least a handful under different names) post that she sucks and she’s over. I wonder who is really the tired one?

  7. Thomas says

    That opening was stupendous, I can see why Tony Bennet would want to record an album with her. How many other unconventionally beautiful pop stars would sing about their “tuck” being just right?

    She impressed me last night but particularly during the “Old GaGa” skit. Gaga playing her future self, singing about loving the applause and using a clapping machine to make up for the silence…it was actually terribly sad. That authentic moment really cut through all the cheap laughs SNL usually relies on.

  8. steve says

    I think Harvard perhaps isn’t the best place to be recruiting writers for SNL. I liked her opening bit, and when she was doing the dying scene from Forrest Gump.

  9. Mike says

    The FUNNIEST thing last night was on Weekend Update and had nothing to do with Lady Gaga. Check out the 19th century journalist defending his criticism of the Gettysburg Address.

  10. ASam says

    Here is Andy Towle’s hypocrisy: he fails to criticize Lady Gaga for collaborating with a homophobe. I wonder if Andy’s gay advocacy is as fake as Lady Haga’s.

  11. Volpine says

    She’s great, charming, exuberant and very talented. If you don’t like her, try this novel , bizarre approach , don’t watch her, click on stories related to her and comment on her. And if she’s over, when did it begin for you?

  12. notice says

    Sorry all you old trolls- my 21 year old employee thinks GAGA is the Sh*t. I bet you all still love Facebook too eh?

    Middle aged faggots like Madonna
    Young faggots like Gaga.

    Old faggots liked Streisand et al.
    lol sometimes hard for the old folks to appreciate the young-uns.

  13. Asam says

    I am also fake. I an alias that Rick made up so that he could make it seem as though people actually agree with his anti-woman, anti-effeminacy, anti-liberal bs.

  14. Kev C says

    The opening number was well performed. But I can’t say anything Gaga does is original. It’s so recycled it’s terrible. Gaga does Liza. Gaga does Madonna. Gaga does Cher. Gaga does Pop Art. It’s so terrible. So f-ing terrible.

  15. T says

    For ASAM – stop hating! Get your story right before you post.
    Lady Gaga @NanyGagaloo
    @zedd So you are homophobic ? That’s not very born this way of you. I have lost respect. Mother Monster wont be proud.
    6:42 PM Jul 10th

    Keep up the great writing Andy! aloha from HI

  16. Fenrox says

    It was so bad! I don’t follow her but her timing on jokes was always off and her acting was like… little girl high school drama club level, I couldn’t figure it out, hasn’t she acted before?

  17. redball says

    Bookmarked this so I could watch when I had time, and THIS WAS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you fellow fans will be tuning in tonight for My Queen’s Thanksgiving special with the Muppets and Elton John :).

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