1. HadenoughBS says

    How do people like this pitiful man accommodate such hate in their lives? They must be very uncomfortable in their own skin to hold such bigoted beliefs toward a fellow human being. Just what kind of god are they honoring through hate instead of love? Very sad.

  2. EO says

    and so said others in government and law enforcement about interracial marriage back in the day.

    wrong side of history, blah blah blah and all that, whatever gurl. snooze.

  3. Pete N SFO says

    So what gives with this whole process? I mean, a bunch of likely Xtian folks don’t want Marriage Equality… big deal. Does the law in Hawaii differ in some significant way that an inordinate amount of attention needs to be given to these religious interlopers?

  4. Jack M says

    I always thought all that fresh, warm air and beauty that can be found in Hawaii made its inhabitants open-minded and tolerant. Looks like some people are pissy no matter where they live.

  5. RMc says

    That can be arranged. Sacrifice him the volcano Gods to appease the ancient gay loving Gods of Hawaii who have been ignored since haole Christian locusts from the mainland raped the Hawaiians over 200 years ago.

  6. Sean says

    That ingrate better be careful. One of his employers, the LGBT tax payers who make it possible for him to feed his rancid self and his family, may choose to push his worthless existence into a volcano.

  7. Michaelandfred says

    Isn’t what he’s suggesting is that people don’t follow the law? That he only follows laws because he has to as a policeman, but anyone who isn’t, who doesn’t like a particular law should just ignore it. He should lose his job right now.

  8. JerzeeMike says

    I’m sure his cholesterol and a blocked coronary artery will kill him long before he has to worry about disobeying the law granting marriage equality to Hawaiian citizens.

  9. parkrunner says

    He’s not a rep for the whole state, just a sad old fart of a man that doesn’t have a heart. Acknowledging gay marriage would bring loads more tourist dollars to the state.
    Besides, Danno McGarrett has a nice ring to it. That bubble butted homunculus is just itching to be bent over by Steve!

  10. Todd B says

    Hmmmm colonialized much???? They did not have a father in heaven until the missionaries came in & put the idea in their heads & rid them of their ancient ways……..

  11. GregV says

    I think it’s a safe assumption that his grandparents were brainwashed by missionaries to Samoa (likely from Assemblies of God or some similar fundamentalist group that persuaded Samoan converts from thinking for themselves)) who were from a less-enlightened time and were no doubt racist and homophobic. They saw the Samoans as inferiors in need of being “civilized.” And his grandparents and parents ate it up and passed the resulting neurotic patterns down to him.
    His rhetoric has violent undertones and disrespect both the rule of law and the safety of minorities.
    He is a horrible example to be in such a position.

  12. Mike Ryan says

    I got a degree in architecture at the University of Hawaii so I was there for several years. Hawaii is NOT that gay tolerant, controlled by Samoans (police, fire) and Japanese (elected, heavily Christian). I lived off Kalakaua just a block from the Samoan neighborhood and no local haole (white person) dared go into that neighborhood, even by mistake. Baseball bats would bash your car and no amount of frantic calls to police would come to your rescue. We love Hawaii because it is so beautiful but the local people are not. They live for the tourist dollar and tolerate outsiders for that alone. You do not want to live there.

  13. Book says

    So much irrational nonsense from this guy. He’s not thinking straight. First off, what laws does he think HE would have to uphold, especially AFTER he retires??? Idiot.

  14. Jerry says

    I’ve visited Hawaii several times over the years, and always found the native Hawaiians to be very friendly and welcoming. Unfortunately, they are underrepresented in most parts of Hawaiian society that matters, and have very little political power. Christian missionaries and their descendants have wreaked havoc and taken pride in destroying native customs and even the Hawaiian language (until recently, rarely taught or used). Samoan men are raised to be bullies and many are morbidly obese. There is a growing LGBT population, especially in Honolulu, and passage of this bill (or something similar) is definitely part of the future of Hawaii.

  15. oncemorewithfeeling says

    I’m always amazed when people who were conquered and controlled by foreigners a century or more ago still hold on to the ways in which the foreigners destroyed their culture.

    He clearly has no sanity or intelligence, but has he no pride? Why is he still serving the long-dead masters who took away everything good away from his ancestors?

    Organized religion is always evil. Always. Even when it really doesn’t mean to be and even when good people believe its lies.

  16. crbmex says

    Such hate filled rants leave me with sadness for his family and for the gay police officers in Hawaii. Now I fully understand why the term “pig” is used. He is truly an ignorant, slop-filled idiot feeding at the public trough. He has no shame. I sincerely hope he gets his wish.

  17. john patrick says

    Another “christian” who has gay people in his family, who doesn’t want them to have equal rights. And when he is fired, and they have marriage equality, he will disregard the law because his god tells him to do so. Meanwhile, the world will pass him by and generations of his family younger than him will pass over him as though he is just a bump in the road.

  18. Gregory In Seattle says

    “My father in Heaven” is a phrase that Mormons use a lot to mean God. No doubt, this man is just parroting what he was ordered to say by the LDS church, which has a depressingly strong presence in Hawaii.

  19. GregV says

    I see on a past news story that he grew up in a taxpayer-subsidized Hawaii neighborhood with dangerous role models all around and a mother who was “educated” in religious schools in Samoa. His brother says: “We used to get cracks, not spankings. We got hit with belts and sticks. Today, they might call it child abuse.”
    And a typical meal was rice with carnation milk and sugar.
    And 8 siblings! Why do the people who can least responsibly raise children tend to have so many?

  20. Casey says

    I live in Hawaii and there are plenty more people such as this. We are also lucky to have many, many open-minded people living here but many people of all ancestries brain-washed by religion live here too. I believe that ignorance such as this man displays is the best evidence of the importance for each of us to live our lives openly as possible.

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