1. says

    y’know, every time I hear “Same Love” on the radio I can’t help but think how wonderful it would have been to have heard a song like that when I was a child. Kudos, Sir, for spreading love all over the world. It’s greatly appreciated.

  2. JackFknTwist says

    I second Mr. Little Kiwi.

    Yes, imagine hearing anyone speak up for us as we grew up.
    Imagine if our love had been respected, or that we could even be seen in public ?
    That was just light years away for me and others. It would have been a different world if we had Macklemores.
    And was it Stonewall, or a plague or ACT UP, or all of us coming OUT with heads held high, and not taking the $h1t anymore, that begun the change ? It’s not over, Macklemore makes that loud and clear.

    @ FENROX : “He’s wearing thin”….ha ha ha.

    Thin, popular, unpopular,…..I’m truly grateful to have him on my side. My side needs him now, we always needed him.

  3. Fenrox says

    Guys, shut up a second and read, I want his next album to come out, IE I like him.

    Also GIGI, where is your paper on soil density? Don’t you have one? Surely I can demand that any and all people can fill any role at any time, right?

  4. Joey Y says

    Fenrox, grow up, seriously. Who cares what you want, or when you want it? If he never makes music again, and becomes a full time activist, that’s his business. He doesn’t owe you a damned thing.

  5. Fenrox says

    @Joey, What the hell are you talking about, the comment section is exactly for expressing stupid comments. I’m confused by what you want, if I stopped my comments you would have no reason to be on here. Also pick your damn battles, I am light-years away from the horrible scum commentators here. I am a grumpy, bitter guy, that’s all.

  6. will says

    It doesn’t matter if “most gay men don’t want to marry”. As long as we have the OPTION to marry, live in the suburbs, adopt a child, join the community PTA, assimilate into Normalville (if that’s your thing), then it’s all good.

    I really wish I’d had the option of dating guys in high school, just casual dating like straight kids do. Pizza, movie, coffee, whatever. That’s a learning experience I never got.

  7. JWL says

    I often think that this site must be full of conservative trolls because I really cant imagine why gay people would talk this way to each other. I know we’re all anonymous here, but youre still talking to a human being.

  8. Tyler says

    JWL, it’s actually just one or two trolls posting under several usernames that gives you that impression. For the most part, commenters on this site are sane and equality-minded. But the trolls insist on ruining everything. It’s a shame. I take solace in the fact that when the sites biggest troll, Rick, seen in this thread as Asam, dies he will do so alone and without ever knowing love or happiness. Tortured soul, that one.

  9. Daniel says

    Macklemore is great, and I credit his uncles and the rest of his family for helping to take him along the right path from the sound of it. I’m amazed that even the most positive and least offensive stuff on here somehow incites ugliness from some people.

    BTW: Not sure what the guns and NRA comment is about, but the lawyers *are* the ones with the power. No state has arrived at equality without lawyers at work. It’s either state legislators who are pro-equality (and almost always lawyers, or use lawyers to draft legislation), or judges who hear appeals regarding the constitutionality of bans/restrictions on marriage/adoption. Keep your guns–in the U.S. if I want to push for change I’ll make nice with the lawyers.

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