1. Principal Skinner says

    Memo to Both Sides: Pick your battles!

    Can’t we just agree that this is a Vera Bradley Book Bag for Young Men, and call it a day?

    If young Skylar pursues an off-label use for his Vera Bradley Book Bag for Young Men, does it really necessitate a suspension? As far as the administration should be concerned, it’s a book bag.

    See no evil, do no evil! Go along to get along!

    Lawyers standing by. Call now:1-800-VBBBFYM

  2. JJMG says

    The straight acting mother effers in our community are going to be all over this one. Eff you and your masculinity to anyone who is going to belittle this boy.

  3. Mary says

    It’s just unbelievable that a school would suspend a male student for what looks like a purse. How can this even be legal today? No court will let this stand. What Skylar should have done is say that this is his “Bible bag.” He carries his Bible in it so God’s Word is always with him and that by forcing him to stop using the bag the school is abridging his religious freedom. He should ask NOM to defend him. Or he could say that he and his bag don’t have a “gay marriage” but only a “civil union” and that he believes marriage is only between a purse and someone of the female gender.

    I mean if the school administrators are going to be silly, then Skylar can come up with silly defenses for his actions. Don’t Americans have better things to argue about than “handbag equality?”

  4. odsbjorn says

    I don’t have a problem with him having a purse, but Vera Bradley?

    Skylar, Skylar! There are so many more chic choices. VB is just so Picasso threw up and “Voila!”.

  5. Klien says

    Brian Scott, that was neither funny or edgy. If you’re going to troll, make it amusing. Sheesh.

    I hope this kids parents prepare to fight the crap out of that school system.

  6. Gregor says

    Now that this has garnered him lots of attention, he’s going to milk it for all it’s worth. They should have just let him carry it around — in a year or two, he’d have moved on to something else. Who cares that it’s a purse? There’s no offensive slogans or marijuana leaves on it. Good grief.

  7. Marcus says

    This is the country we live in. Violence is completely celebrated and glorified. Guns are seen as something patriotic. But carrying a purse to put your belongings in gets you kicked out of school for the day. Yay religious right.

  8. Mitch says

    Would it be OK if he carried a backpack? What if it were a Vera Bradley backpack?

    Another house needs to fall out of the sky in Kansas and wipe out a few more bigots.

  9. NE1 says

    I carried a similar satchel in high school. My friends called it a manbag, it was made for men, so despite the ton of gay bashing I got in high school, I got little for that.. This is over the feminine print of the bag.. Oh Kansas. Sometimes men have stuff to carry around too ya know.

  10. says

    The stupidity of school official behind this is repugnant but YAY! for Skylar’s brother Dakota and Mother standing up for him.

    As ridiculous as the school actions were if he doesn’t sue them for harassment it will embolden them to do this or worse to others.

  11. james says

    The school system’s action is not discriminatory.

    It is a stupid waste of school system money, an embarrassment to the school system, and a ridiculous disruption to a young person’s education. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

  12. Paul R says

    The school is clearly run by idiots. It will be interesting to see if they dig in their heels or relent now that there’s been extensive media attention.

    I had never seen the name Vera Bradley before, but now it’s singed into my brain. Also, purses rarely have straps that long, so it they’re just being jerks. Even if it were a purse, who frigging cares? Do they also make sure all the kids are wearing gender-correct underwear and makeup is worn by all the girls and none of the boys?

  13. j says

    power to skylar & his big mom –
    love this powerful queer teen – what is not to love? he is so out there and rocking his bag in kansas – you go gurrrl
    btw, the cameraman is way into shots of 13 boy tighty jeans around his nether regions – just saying

  14. Jacobson says

    He’s adorable and I hope the larger LGBT organizations stand up and SUPPORT the hell out of him in every capacity, whether he’s LGBT or not, he’s earned our full support.

  15. Bill says

    It’s an example of why this country is so messed up. Once they grow up, all the smart ones move to the east and west coast (think Silicon Valley and Boston and New York City). Then the sparsely populated rural states get two extra electoral votes and as many senators as a state with many times their populations.

    Our elected representatives at the federal level are biased towards the ones who can win the idiot vote. Think Tea Party.

  16. Mike says

    Hope that he has enough money in that purse to get out of Kansas! What do people go there for ANYWAY? Is it to observe unbelievably high mountains and extremely low I.Q’s . . .

  17. alex says

    It’s Kansas…what do you expect? Everyone knows that those flyover states are horribly backward. For example, just look at these recent Towleroad stories:

    – 10/25/13: Patrons Rally Around Kansas Waiter Refused Tip for Being Gay
    – 9/23/13: LGBT Non-Discrimination Policy Reviving Tiny Town of Vicco, Kentucky
    – 8/30/13: Frankfort, Kentucky Passes LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance

    Hmm. Maybe I shouldn’t assume that all communities act and think alike. But, at least we can agree that the big cities on the coasts are places where lesbian and gay people can live openly without the fear of violence.

    – 9/17/13: NYC Man Stabbed to Death in Anti-Gay Attack in Broad Daylight
    – 7/25/13: Two Boston Men Charged with Robbery and Hate Crime After Anti-Gay Attack
    – 7/2/13: Two Men Harass, Assault LGBT Youth on the NYC Subway After Pride
    -7/2/13: Six Attacks on LGBT People in D.C. in Past 10 Days

    My point is that no place is perfect. As for Kansas, I wish people could see this for what it is: one homophobic person with power. Bashing an entire state is not okay…particularly when far worse things are happening on the coasts.

  18. MIke says

    “”It’s an example of why this country is so messed up. Once they grow up, all the smart ones move to the east and west coast (think Silicon Valley and Boston and New York City).””

    Spoken like the South Park character who is replacing the big stick up his ass with a bigger one or bending over to smell his farts. And to think I just saw on the news that California now has the highest poverty rate in it’s history and that Texas has surpassed California in the productivity index for the first time ever.

    Well, as a Texan I say enjoy your smart people. And New York’s new socialist mayor. Ha! The wailing from Manhattan in one or two years is bound to be music to my ears.

  19. Ambrose says

    People. The boy lives in Kansas. aka Brownbackistan. This youngster deserves medals for bravery and his own float a real Pride parade, somewhere other than Kansas.

  20. Tom Chicao says

    sounds like an episode of “Church Ladies Getting Annoyed”. Carrying a bag used to be a lightning rod for bullies, and apparently still is. Nobody ever said bullies were smart. We carried bags in the 60’s in spite of the scorn. It was practical, and still is. Most people with functioning brains recognize this episode as nothing more than gay-hating, never mind the fact that the kid may not have come to any conclusions about sexuality at the age of 13.

  21. gregorybrown says

    Things must be slow in the school office. I think the bag is probably more comfortable to carry, generally more practical, and certainly less likely to cause back trauma than a huge backpack. It’s not to my taste visually but I can’t see it as more sinister or disruptive to school discipline or public order than any other kind of messenger bag. Maybe the Athletic Director is envious because he can’t afford a Coach bag….The kid and his mom seem great.

  22. Michael says

    Once more an administrator needs to be the “big shot” at school and display his/her own bigotry through a power play. Nice going. Real adult lesson to teach. I have no sympathy for administrators that do crap like this. Imagine the money that will be spent on a lawsuit. Imagine the bigotry that is being reinforced in some minds.

  23. Rick says

    “I really can’t stand hyper masculine society, especially within the gay community. Always comes off so phony and forced. Good for this guy”

    “The fake masculine fem bashing segment of the gay community will be all over this one. The fake masculine gays need to off themselves”

    Comments like these are instructive because they demonstrate the core belief among effeminate gay men and the propagators of the culture of effeminacy that male homsexuality and masculinity are incompatible and mutually exclusive. To be attracted to other men sexually, in their view, is to be of inferior masculinity….or to be completely devoid of masculinity.

    In other words, they believe EXACTLY what straight, homophobic society believes and have internalized it to such an extent that they have turned their disgust with themselves into attempts to denigrate all gay men.

    One sees this, too, in the multitude of tumblr pages put up by effeminate gay men that amount to a worship of straight men (because they equate being straight with being masculine and because, despite their pretense of being “proud” of their effeminacy, they are anything but)–“Str8t Men Rule”, “Straight Men are Gods”, “Straight Kinda”… endless array of them….which parallels the parade of straight men on this and other gay blogs being held up as sex symbols.

    Of course, the effeminate gay man can never have what he wants. Straight men are off limits to him and he refuses to acknowledge that any gay men can be truly masculine, so he is left to live his life in bitterness and frustration, which one sees demonstrated in the comments here.

  24. Davis says

    Rick, good points. The gay male who insists that being gay is by definition nonmasculine creates a dilemma for himself, because he realized he was gay when he became attracted to the masculine. By his own thinking, any male who would reciprocate the attraction is not masculine. So he wants what he cannot have because he defines the things he can have as the things he doesn’t want. The “solution” that these confused people have come up with is to claim that they are and always were attracted to effeminate or “queer” men.

    But this is forced and fake. They have to cultivate this attraction ex post to resolve the dilemma that they themselves have created. You see this in the hyperventilating, over-the-top posts straining to praise this or that effeminate male whenever one of these stories gets posted on this site. “How amazing and fabulous and wonderful!” and on and on. Even if the subject of the story is barely described, or if it is clear that he is a mess, these folks will lavish praise. It is because they need to convince themselves that they love and always have loved fem men.

  25. Ven says

    Why does he need to carry a purse? Why is this so important to him? Sure in theory everyone should be able to dress however they want. But IRL boys and girls dress differently in every culture in the world. So why does he want to dress like a girl?

  26. John says

    Not going to fault the kid. I remember being his age and having questionable taste in some of the stuff I’d wear. Good for him for having the courage to express himself.

  27. gregory brown says

    VEN: does carrying a purse as a convenient bag for toting personal stuff make him “dress like a girl” any more than wearing jeans means a girl dresses “like a boy”?
    the thing is important to him for his own reasons that he shouldn’t have to defend, explain or make apologies for. The lame logo tee is more offensive to MY taste, but I don’t demand that he wear something less commercialised.

  28. says

    @Ven: Why do people wear jewelry or get tattoos or have hairstyles? Cause they want to. No questions asked, and no questions needed.

    Why should it matter to anyone if he carries his stuff around in a knapsack, a Vera Bradley bag, or a plastic sack? That it matters enough to anyone that they’d try to prevent this harmless accessory choice only exemplifies how bizarrely hung up people can be, especially around the slightest gender nonconformity. Why are some so irrationally hung up? That’s the real question.

  29. Jcub says

    When I was in high school over 10 years ago, almost half my life ago. It was just around the time of the shooting at Columbine. People were scared rumors were going around about hit lists and dates schools were going to be shoot up. It was the start of every teenager getting there own AOL account and the hole online thing. The school i went to decided to ban all book bags that were not mesh, or clear plastic. We were only permitted to use them from home to our lockers at the begin of the day and then home again. I decided since girls were permitted to use there purses to go around school. I was going to get one. Went to the local Walmart went and picked one out. When I got to school with it. I got in line with the girls to have my purse inspected just like they were required to. There was stares from students, excitement from my friends and questions from the staff, but ultimately was told I could use it as long I I never put a book in it. I had a few class mates that had issue with my purse, but I wasn’t to worried about them to much. Most of them were Sophomores or Juniors, most of them repeating classes for a second or third time. The school staff themselves I never once felt they weren’t behind me, that I wasn’t safe going to them. Even thought I didn’t always do so. I can not at all imagine how horrible this kid felt when not only did his peers reject him (trust me some of them did) but the school those charged with educating, protecting, guiding and leading rejected him.

    I want this kid to know its OK, he isn’t a freak he isn’t alone. To not give up on school to not see the world though there limited vision. The world is not flat. The tree in the forest that falls makes a sound even if they don’t see it, its there. Not only does things get better but one day someone is going to look at him and say thank you. Someone is going to say you wore that purse and it gave me the courage to stand up. To not be hit any more. To go back to school. To do something as small as go to a dance and have fun, and not let others tease them into staying at home.

    When we have this courage to be ourselves, so do others. Its just as contagious as fear. Spread it. Everywhere.

  30. ratbastard says

    Jesus H. Christ. It’s a phuking bag. And he wears skinny jeans. Just leave him alone. Hr didn’t go to school with a gun and hit-list. That said, many schools of course have dress codes, which I think at that age and environment is a good idea. If he’s wearing it ALL THE TIME, I can see how it would be distracting.

    I’m glad the kid had an accepting family. I just hope mom makes it clear to him you can’t always get what you want or do what you want in the real world. And he better get used to dress codes, rules and regulations, because there’s no shortage of rules and regulations on the so called real world.

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