1. MaryM says

    That’s cute.

    But children are hideous.

    I’d like to take a moment to thank evolution (not ‘god’ because that’s fake) for allowing same sex couples little chance of spawning unless they make a deliberate effort to do so.

    Childlessness is a wonderful thing.

    And in a world with massive overpopulation more childless people, and access to instant abortion on demand is the future.

  2. endorita says

    I like the video. Was it just me or did it seems like everything in the house including the clothing of the couple was color and texture coordinated with the feel of a nice plush marina wool sweater?

  3. KC says

    I’ll admit, I teared up a little. OK, a lot. I was there with my sister and her partner when they got the official letter telling them their adoption was final. After years of hope and an empty (and quite nice) nursery that they kept up for months and years out of pure hope. And the adoption, that had to go through months of legal process, giving the birth parents every possible chance to change their minds. They didn’t.

    Now, I have the coolest nephew in the entire universe. And am so glad I was able to be there for that moment, one not unlike this video. Jeez, I’m tearing up just writing this! Very nice video – thanks for sharing! Here’s hoping more kids can find happiness in a loving home!

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