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Parents Sue NJ for Right to Put Son Through Gay Conversion Therapy

New Jersey's ban on gay conversion therapy--signed into law by New Jersey's Republican anti-marriage equality governor, Chris Christie just a little over two months ago--is facing a new lawsuit filed by a couple arguing that their constitutional rights are being infringed upon since they cannot pursue treatment for their 15-year-old son. 

NjThe AP reports:

The suit filed in federal court in Camden on Friday is at least the second to attack the law. A separate suit that names two licensed therapists among its plaintiffs awaits a judge's ruling, said Demetrios Stratis, an attorney involved in both cases.

The unidentified New Jersey couple claim in their suit that the law violates their rights to free speech and freedom of religion, as well as their 14th Amendment right to equal protection, by "denying minors the opportunity to pursue a particular course of action that can help them address the conflicts between their religious and moral values and same-sex attractions, behaviors or identity."

The new lawsuit argues that the couple's son has "unwanted gender identity disorder and unwanted same-sex attractions:"  

"John Doe has a sincerely held religious belief and conviction that homosexuality is wrong and immoral, and he wanted to address that value conflict because his unwanted same-sex attractions and gender confusion are contrary to the fundamental religious values that he holds," the lawsuit contends.

The suit seeks a preliminary injunction that would halt the law.  A federal judge will decide whether to impose such an order by December 2.

Just hours after Chris Christie signed the gay conversion bill into law in late August, the Liberty Counsel, an anti-gay conservative group, followed through on earlier threats to challenge the legislation in court.  Oral arguments were heard in that case in early October.

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  1. ..sounds more like the hateful,bigot parents are the ones with the problem....religionous Poison AGIAN!

    Posted by: disgusted American | Nov 4, 2013 8:08:44 PM

  2. ..sounds more like the hateful,bigot parents are the ones with the problem....religionous Poison AGIAN!

    Posted by: disgusted American | Nov 4, 2013 8:08:44 PM

  3. ..sounds more like the hateful,bigot parents are the ones with the problem....religionous Poison AGIAN!

    Posted by: disgusted American | Nov 4, 2013 8:08:44 PM

  4. I guess there will be very little competition for Worst Parents of the Year. Poor kid, he has parents who hate him for his very existence and they want to use him in a court case to make political points. Just what a scared kid needs, the media hounding him.

    Posted by: Ready | Nov 4, 2013 8:10:14 PM

  5. How dare the government infringe upon their right to abuse their son? Oh wait, they don't have that right. Perhaps the kid should be placed in foster care because it's clear his parents have no interest on protecting his mental or physical health.

    Posted by: Tyler | Nov 4, 2013 8:14:34 PM

  6. That's not love and they are certainly no "parents". To drag this to the courts show just how vile and intolerant they are. The boy deserves a better home. Perhaps the courts can emancipate him and at least set him free.

    Posted by: Jay | Nov 4, 2013 8:17:04 PM

  7. "they cannot pursue treatment for their 15-year-old son."

    Please call it what it is: junk science.

    Posted by: Jay | Nov 4, 2013 8:21:32 PM

  8. To the oppressed child,
    Get away from this as soon as you can. It does get better and if you believe, god loves you just the way you are and your parents are seriously misguided by the full and complete brainwashing of the church. Don't let it happen to you.

    Posted by: ToThePoint | Nov 4, 2013 8:31:20 PM

  9. The kid wants to get his parents off his back, and the parents would rather have a dead kid than a gay one.

    Kid, get away from them. Parents, attend a motherf***ing PFLAG meeting.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Nov 4, 2013 8:34:14 PM

  10. Wrong and immoral are what the parents are doing to their son.

    Posted by: Carlos | Nov 4, 2013 8:40:30 PM

  11. Funny how the same people who say it's fine for the state to regulate abortion because the state has a legitimate interest in the regulation of the practice of medicine suddenly get their panties in a wad when a state regulates it in a way they don't like.

    Posted by: Kevin | Nov 4, 2013 8:43:38 PM

  12. Legally sanctioned child abuse? That's what it is.

    Posted by: Steve | Nov 4, 2013 8:58:11 PM

  13. I wonder if the court will appoint a lawyer for the 15 year old boy, to protect his interests and rights.

    Posted by: Phoenix Justice | Nov 4, 2013 8:58:43 PM

  14. Subjecting your child to barbaric treatments is how you get them taken away.

    Posted by: Tiger | Nov 4, 2013 9:01:58 PM

  15. "We've told our child that the only way to be cured of his gayness is to drink an entire vat of gasoline and the government is infringing on our right to make him drink it!"

    pretty much.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Nov 4, 2013 9:08:26 PM

  16. That kid should read up on the Menedez brothers.

    Posted by: FFS | Nov 4, 2013 9:32:39 PM

  17. Can someone trained in law explain why the parents get to remain anonymous?

    Posted by: EchtKultig | Nov 4, 2013 9:52:17 PM

  18. "Unwanted?" If he didn't want it he wouldn't have it. It is the parents who don't want it. Their request should be DENIED!

    Posted by: Mike Ryan | Nov 4, 2013 10:07:33 PM

  19. I hope the court appoints an attorney to represent the kids intrests and in the meantime appoints a state gaurdian.
    To the parents - your religion does not permit you to ignore the rights of your child and to perpetrate abuse on him, physical or physological. He does need help - to protect him from YOU and further lies and indoctrination damaging his self esteem and autonomy, it seems you have done far to much damage already, shame on you!

    Posted by: renovato | Nov 4, 2013 10:09:53 PM

  20. The parents are lying - they have every right to take their son to a competent psychologist or psychiatrist. It's just that a competent one will tell the kid that there is nothing wrong with being gay, and that his parents need some professional help (although he may phrase that more diplomatically in view of who is paying the bill).

    They don't have a right to take their kid to a quack who will harm him (but the general assumption is that a potential patient or legal guardian lacks the expertise to reliably determine who the quacks are, so the state targets the quacks rather than the parents). All the state did was put yet another class of quacks out of business so that they can't victimize a child.

    Posted by: Bill | Nov 4, 2013 10:25:59 PM

  21. I'm beginning to think, more & more, that heterosexuals should not be allowed to rear children. Period.

    Posted by: Leroy Laflamme | Nov 4, 2013 10:30:38 PM

  22. These parents should be punished for child abuse.

    Posted by: john patrick | Nov 4, 2013 11:03:08 PM

  23. He's a minor, so he still has no consent for such things

    Posted by: litper | Nov 5, 2013 12:25:17 AM

  24. Why don't they just take it upon themselves to hand him a tennis racket and have him scream "I hate you daddy!" while smacking a pillow?

    Guaranteed to make him straight, according to "ex-gay" advocates!

    Posted by: Dale | Nov 5, 2013 1:00:04 AM

  25. They can save themselves the time and money by isolating their son, constantly telling him that he'll be an AIDS-infected freak bound for Hell, shock him with jumper cables and a car battery, and then give him a noose to hang himself with. They can use all the money they saved to cover the costs of his funeral!

    PS - If that poor kid happens to be reading this, I have one piece if advice for him: Run like hell and don't look back.

    Posted by: FuryOfFirestorm | Nov 5, 2013 1:44:58 AM

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