1. woodroad34 says

    Bryan Fischer is the actual “christophobic” since he seems to be deathly afraid of Christ’s teachings. He follows Old Testament thoughts and behaviors and, by his actions, renounces New Testament teachings. Satan is laughing his pointy tail off at this fool.

  2. 1♥ says

    The version Obama read did not have the words “under god”. So Obama read it just as it was written.

  3. Tiger says

    If you’re a Christian, as Obama has claimed to be, then I think you get to decide for yourself how many times you invoke what you personally believe in.

  4. Zlick says

    I really wasn’t aware there were five differing but just-as-authentic texts of the Gettysburg Address until this happened. But frankly, Ken Burns was an idiot to ask him, and Obama a fool to accept the task of reading the version without “under God” when there was a choice of others.

  5. Sammy says

    The president was a fool to read from the earliest know historical document and not add in a phrase to appease hateful bigots?

  6. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    @ZLICK – I can’t say I agree with you. In fact, most of us who are believers (myself among them) don’t give a s**t if that phrase does or does not appear in the draft he read of the Lincoln speech.

    On the other hand, those of us who are not believers, or who (like myself) are uncomfortable with religious expressions in the public life of our secular state, prefer that the phrase not be read.

    In either case, I think the of the president’s choice as being more sensitive and more inclusive than if he’d used the now-hackneyed phrase, “under God.” What, after all, does the phrase mean? Nothing, really, if you want my opinion.

  7. Hey Darlin' says

    Your religion isn’t anyone else’s business but you should strive to be the best example of your chosen religion not the worst.

  8. simon says

    There is nowhere “under God”. God is everywhere if you believe it. You are “inside God” more exactly. That sounds a bit gay.

  9. QJ201 says

    Seems that these “Freedom Defenders” get their panties in a twist if people don’t say GOD. So much for the 1st amendment.

  10. Hey Darlin' says

    The Christian bigotry not really experienced here is only self-imposed for leverage in demonizing a group who is deserving of equality regardless of YOUR personal religion. Not very Christian behavior and doesn’t help in persuading anyone.

  11. walter says

    screw always trying to please the bigots whatever he does will never satisfy them . if he read the version with under god in it they would have sid he was making fun of god. the bigots really need to go screw themselves by ran fischer will on day be caught with a rent boy

  12. Zlick says

    Perhaps I should have been more clear. I just think if there are versions with or without “under god,” it should have been obvious that picking the latter for Obama to read would be grist for the insane rightwing mill. Perhaps Obama is rightly unconcerned with that – after all, it’s the same grist every time he as much as exhales. But Burns should have known better. I amend my earlier statement to reflect it’s likely right that Obama not give a damn what those idiots think or say.

  13. simon says

    With gays but no God. He surely knows which side his bread is buttered. With God or no God, those “Christians” will vote Republican anyway.

  14. Rotundra says

    KenBurns is a POS and it has nothing to do with what Obama said or didn’t say. Howbeit, Obama’s best move at this point would be to throw luncheons and visit dignitaries. He has nothing to offer as an executive.

  15. FFS says

    When you’re too stupid to know what a word means, you probably shouldn’t use it in public, Bryan.

    President Obama is himself a Christian and has never done or said anything anti-Christian, at all. Calling him a bigot is a pathetic and desperate attempt to slander someone who refuses to cow tow to your insane BS. As for the animus you receive, no one will rush to your aide to defend you from it. Why? Because you’ve earned it. Again, see your own choices.

  16. emjayay says

    Does the nickname Rotundra mean you are obese and live in Wasilla?

    I know I shouldn’t “feed the trolls” who make such multiply stupid, ignorant and offensive comments. Sorry.