1. Philip says

    Why do you write about these guys? They are not gay and has no0thing to do with us! I don’t understand the obsession! This is a great site, but this is just ridiculous!

  2. greg says

    God you old bitter queens never take a day off. These kids are adorable. Lighten up, ladies. We have all week to bemoan HIV treatment, Russia LGBT issues and anti gay work practices. There’s nothing wrong with some mindless, fun eye candy on the weekend!

  3. Rad says

    I got through about 4 minutes of the nothing that was the interview.

    Not bitter, just… bored. They said absolutely… nothing of any consequence. Yet the world supposedly revolves around them…?

    Just… not worth any more of my time.

  4. jjose712 says

    Rad: But there are a lot of news in this site, you can simply pass the ones that are not interesting for you.
    If it was something offensive i would understand, but not something about 1D (or Rihanna, or Lady Gaga).

    And yes, there’s absolutely nothing gay about them, with the exceptions of thousand blind items (maybe we’ll know if they are true in a future)

  5. Philip says

    Its so easy to call people bitter queens just because they don’t agree whats being posted here. Th reason I come here is for the educational and political news of the lgbt community! I don’t say it all has to be serious but what i find peculiar is that gay men always feel like they need to be empowered by straight people! Stop insulting just because people don’t agree with you! My problem is when more focus lay on som straight barley legal boy (I’m myself 24)then people who actaully doing somthingh for the lgbt community! I could easily insult you aswell but I’ll refrain from that!

  6. Liam says

    Phillip, just skip over the stories about pop culture and go to the hard news stories. Jesus what is wrong with people on this site? Not you Phillip but the amount of bitter bile that is spewed on here is just sickening. How about we try supporting each other and try a little tolerance instead of immediately jumping on the attack wagon? FOr instance the comment about not knowing the had pubes. Really you think they are under 13 years old? No that comment was meant to demean and emasculate young men. If you dont like them then just move on. They are not my cup of tea either but this does not effect me day. Its just a article for godsake.

  7. @jamal49 says

    @LIAM today, you are my new hero. I come to Towleroad for a variety of reasons: news, entertainment, excellent commentary, bitchy commentary, whatever. I just enjoy TW! And, I enjoy seeing those very sweet, adorable young men of One Direction simply because they’re sweet and adorable young men. I could care less about their “sexual orientation”. It’s fluff. It’s fun. Besides, life is so very, very short.

    Thanks, Andy, for a great web site.

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