1. says

    Mr. O’Reilly, America will be a better place when you’re six feet under.
    Truly. You and your network cronies are a cancer in this country, poisoning minds all so you can whip up a base of ignorant bigoted trash to vote Republican in any and every election. Shame on you.

  2. Fenrox says

    I’m hijacking all the threads today. Can we please call on andy to update this commenting system with ratings? The negative and horrible comments here are getting to be more of a draw for some people than the stories. People are constantly being attacked in the comments and in real life through other means of communication. Getting into a fight here could and HAS led to stalking and violence in the greater net. People also love to post as others and further disrupt conversations. This has to stop and it’s up to us to force Andy’s hand here, he is supporting a lot of anti-gay people.

    His twitter is @AndyTowle and his FB is

  3. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    this is such patent bu//sh*t that I can’t believe he doesn’t understand the issue any better than that. I think he spouts a lot of the krap that comes out of his mouth just to please his audience.

  4. Acronym Jim says

    I agree, Fenrox. I think the comment section of this blog would definitely be improved if it had a rating system. The other change I would suggest is banning those who engage in the more egregious practice of user nym impersonation.

  5. NE1 says

    I was a gay kid in a locker room once, and believe me, it’s not nearly as fun as he thinks. If you spend the first half of the day dreading it, it’s not happy hour.

  6. Sean says

    More uneducated trash from uneducated trash who knows 100% NOTHING factual about transgender people.

    Typically transgender male to female are attracted to men and female to male are attracted to women. So the opposite of what that illiterate piece of trash says would be the correct comparison. Forcing a transgender female to male to use a girls locker room would be like hooters for her, IDIOT.

  7. Thedrdonna says

    Actually, Sean, the studies I’ve seen show a three-way split among transitioned folks into straight, gay, and bi, at least among trans women. So, 2/3 will be attracted to the other people in their locker room, regardless of where they’re put. Actually, orientation isn’t important, as others have pointed out, because then we’d also have to put LGB folks into different locker rooms as well.

  8. says

    The suggestion that a “straight cis boy or girl” would go through the agonizingly stressful process of gender-reassignment, or take on the uphill climb of adopting a new gender-identification in order to …what? get a look at their fellow classmates dressing?…is just an insult to intelligence, and to the very real challenges that transitioning youth go through on a day to day basis.

    My heart aches for the young trans children growing up in families that watch Fox news.

  9. Bill says

    Fenrox is a tranny and like all tranny activists, he-she can’t abide by open discussion. It must be regulated and policed so that no one challenges the orthodoxy of transgenderism and its weird assertions about the world. So of course, Fenrox wants a new comment system. Can’t win in the marketplace of ideas, so close down the market.

  10. Helene says

    Where are the “studies” DrDonna? You come on here daily demanding evidence from every commenter who writes something you don’t like, but you never produce any yourself. Link to the “studies” or go away.

  11. Thedrdonna says

    “Injustice at Every Turn: A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey”. National Center for Transgender Equality & National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. p. 29.

    And I ain’t going nowhere, hot lips.

  12. says

    Says the “falafel”-obsessed man who had to pay millions of dollars to settle his sexual harassment lawsuit … he’s just appealing to the simpletons in his audience, a few of whom are also commenting here.

  13. Helene says

    DrDonna, thanks for exposing yourself as a fraud, a liar and a sexual harasser.

    You said: “Actually, Sean, the studies I’ve seen show a three-way split among transitioned folks into straight, gay, and bi . . .”

    I asked you to link to the “studies”. You linked to no studies. You linked to a single document, which is a report by a political group concerning a survey relating to discrimination. Although it contains one question about sexual orientation self-identification, it is not a study of sexual orientation or sexual behavior in transgender people. It is not peer reviewed. The respondents are not representative, and were drawn from “LGBT” sources that are more likely to comprise LGB people who might also be trans.

    In sum, you are a liar. You cited multiple studies, but you cite to not a single actual study of sexual orientation of transgender people. And, even though you claim to be a woman, you engaged in a traditional form of male sexual harassment to boot. Which indicates that your penchant for fraud may not end with your citations of nonexistent studies.

  14. Kathy Beceda says

    Helene-RU kidding me? Of course he sexually harassed you. It is what they do. They might pay a doctor to carve a hole between their legs or more likely they get taxpayers and insurance customers to pay for that, but that does not make them women. Dr Donna is not a woman any more than he is a doctor. Like a lot of GID victims, he is angry and takes it out on real women which he knows he can never be. So when he calls you hot lips, dont be shocked, be sad for him.

  15. Thedrdonna says

    I assumed you’re another alias of rick, given that 80% of the anti-trans wankers on here are. If you’re actually a woman, then I apologize, I wouldn’t have used that phrase at all.

    Regardless, I find it telling that you have so many reasons why my source must be incorrect. Do you have polls, surveys, studies, anything, showing otherwise?

    Here’s a study (not a poll, for your sake!), where 92% of trans men asked reported being either gay or bi:

    Here’s another study in which 73% of trans women reported being either gay or bi:
    Leavitt F, Berger JC (1990). Clinical patterns among male transsexual candidates with erotic interest in males. Archives of Sexual Behavior Volume 19, Number 5 / October, 1990

    So, now, it’s on you. Where’re your studies? Where’s your evidence?

  16. Thedrdonna says

    Oh, AND, you also engaged in multiple traditional forms of anti-trans harassment, by misgendering me and implying I am mentally ill. So congrats, we’re all assholes here.

  17. Helene says

    I accept your apology.

    I did not write Kathy’s comment to myself. I don’t agree with Kathy’s tone. And I am not responsible for what she wrote, so don’t lay that on me as a way to minimize your own sexist behavior.

    The 2 studies you cite are actually studies. So that’s progress. Unfortunately, it is clear that you don’t read what you cite. I think you just go to Wikipedia and try to find something that sounds like it might back you up. Both studies are specifically of trans people who are attracted to males. That was a criterion for participating in the studies. So by definition, these are not studies of the frequency of any particular sexual orientation in the trans population. They are studies of particular sexual practices among trans people who have all reported sexual attraction to males.

    If there is a study of Latinos who all report being smokers, you don’t cite that study as evidence of the rate of smoking in the Latino community, because that is not what the study measured. Nor could you cite that study as evidence of any characteristics or behavior of the broader Latino community, since the entire sample would consist of smokers and would be intentionally unrepresentative.

    Also, one of the studies involves FtMs, and your assertion to Sean concerned MtFs, so if you had just read the title, you would have known that it doesn’t support what you claimed.

    I don’t have to cite studies to you, because I didn’t tell Sean that I had seen studies about trans sexual orientation rates.


  18. Thedrdonna says

    Helene, I specifically stated that the first study was about trans men. I was fully aware that it concerned itself with trans men. Since you appear not to want to talk about trans men, let’s look at the second one.
    Yes, I pulled it from Wikipedia. The numbers, however, are given right there on Wikipedia, and are given to show the breakdown of sexuality among trans women. If you’re saying that the source is invalidated because it does not solely and specifically focus on all trans women, but rather discusses findings about trans sexuality in light of androphilic trans women, you’re going to have to point out specifically where the study is wrong in proposing those ratios.
    It sounds like you it’s read the titles of the studies and dismissed any possibility that they could have findings or evidence about all trans women, as opposed to those who are attracted to men.

  19. Thedrdonna says

    Ah, Helene, also, you’ve called me a fraud and a liar. You used language that implies I’m not a woman. If calling someone I thought was male “hot lips” makes me a sexual harasser, then you are most certainly a transphobe. Of course, when my error was pointed out, I promptly apologized. Honestly, I don’t expect you to do the same, although I’m sure you’ll come up with plenty of justifications for why you feel my gender is something for you to comment on and demean.

  20. Randy says

    Bill’s attitude is that same attitude that Muslims use for the segregation of the sexes, and forcing the female sex to walk around in a bag.

    All washrooms and change rooms should be for all people. A new focus on openness in designing these areas will protect not only people based on their gender, but anyone who might be bullied.

  21. Jesus says

    @Fenrox you have a point for sure. Andy has a lot of really horrible stuff slide simply by not being more involved in moderating threads, to the point where I don’t even read comments and I’ve mostly stopped visiting the blog altogether. This isn’t just his responsibility though. People who visit this site really should learn to think before they type. Thanks as always to @LittleKiwi though for keeping things on topic and contributing! Why he hasn’t been made a mod yet, I still have no idea.

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