1. Monkey. Stage. Dance. says

    Monkey. Stage. Dance.

    Wish Colbert would be really careful about giving fools like Santorum a platform. Unless you’re gonna make him look like an utter fool.

  2. Hey Darlin' says

    Marriage hasn’t “slipped away” from anywhere. If any thing, legalized divorce caused marriage to “slip away”. I can see how it suits his position to see it so blindly though. Don’t let the fact that federal protections are tied to marriage mar your ideology.

  3. jtramon says

    “I’ve heard some disturbing news that gays can have children”

    Colbert is probably the best social comic today. He manages to make Santorum look like a fool while feeding his beliefs back to him.

  4. Limp Gimp says

    Oh, man…when he says that marriage is for raising children….I hope he’ll go explain this to former NOM-drone Thomas Peters, whose recent spinal cord injury renders him about 99.5% unlikely of participating in the conception of a child. I suppose that according to Santorum, Peters should divorce his bride of six months, so that she can go and marry a real man who can impregnate her. As hateful as Thomas Peters has been, I’ve never said anything as hateful about him as what Santorum just said.

  5. BrianNow says

    Santorum (and his people) don’t even have the wherewithal to research the fact that Colbert was raised by a single widowed mother after Colbert’s father was killed in a horrible crash. Methinks Colbert turned out more than okay.

  6. woody says

    What Colbert really needed to do was get Santorum talking about the new pope’s view that it would be best to stop speaking out against gay rights. That would have put super papist Santorum in a difficult position. And Colbert is such an agile interviewer that he could have cornered him.

  7. says

    Yeah, it would have been nice if Colbert had brought up Pope Francis’ recent statements regarding gays to see how Santorum would respond.

    But otherwise this was classic Colbert, exposing an interviewee as an idiot while seeming to agree with him. It’s an interesting contrast too because, as Colbert said, they both ARE devout Catholics but have vast differences in their world-view and political ideologies.

  8. Francis says

    Colbert didn’t really destroy Santorum like he could have, but I think he wanted Santorum to dig his own grave by giving him the opportunity to explain his ignorant views. It is dangerous, to give people like this a platform but, it’s not like many who watch Colbert believes what Santorum has to say. Santorum actually (can’t believe I’m saying this) handled himself pretty well and articulated his views well in a situation he could have been embarrassed in. Of course, his views are awful, that goes without saying.

  9. Clayton says

    Even if we accept the argument that it is best for a child to have a “natural” (i.e. biological) mother and father, when we’re talking about adoption, we’re talking about kids whose “natural” parents are not willing or able to raise them. So is Frothy proposing that only married heterosexuals be allowed to adopt? He didn’t say so, but he was clearly implying that as a policy solution.

  10. says

    The glorious flaw of the “children need a mother and father” non-argument is that it HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MARRIAGE!!!

    Gay couples are not only allowed to adopt (well, in most civilized places…) but they’re allowed to, and are fully capable of, HAVING THEIR OWN CHILDREN.

    Banning gay marriage doesn’t mean that “children have a mother and father” – it just means the children of gay parents are put at a disadvantage by their parents not having access to the benefits afforded straight married couples. Duh.

  11. Graphicjack says

    To say that it’s better for kids to be orphaned than to have gay parents is probably the most shockingly ignorant thing I have ever heard from this bigot, and that’s saying a lot. He’s so worried about the kids… So let’s just give them no parents at all. Huh?

  12. walter says

    old frothy mixis just so anxious to get his face on tv he didn’t catch on that colbert made him look like an ass . all little rick could do was smile like a fool

  13. Jexer says

    It is not the purpose of law to mandate what is ‘best’. The purpose of law is to discourage people from doing things that cause harm.

    The scare of obamacare death panels would be nothing compared to the evils that would result if we give our government the power to enforce laws for no reason other to enforce what some think is ‘best’ for our alleged immortal souls.

  14. Gay Guy says

    Most of me hopes that Santorum would be the nomimee (to insure a democratic landslide).

    However, if he’s the nominee he could possibly win, so I find that scary.

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