1. j.martindale says

    Savage may be right, but his language and style is on a par with Rush Limbaugh. He is willing to be insulting, intemperate and vulgar at the drop of a hat, and he makes more enemies for our cause than he does allies.

  2. stevetalbert says

    I don’t know where you live, but Savage doesn’t talk any differently than what you hear in the streets, subway, and bars in NYC, Chicago and a great many middle and working class households straight and gay all over the ciuntry. It reaches more people than if phrased for “polite society”. We are in a war here.

  3. j.martindale says

    @stevealbert — Your reaction is identical to the tea partiers’ response to Limbaugh. He is preaching to the choir, as is Savage. For those who are not members of the choir, he is offensive.

  4. Tonez says

    Although I don’t like the Alec Baldwin “is old” excuse, I think he was pretty on point about everything. I love the pearl clutching of some people who read this blog. He has always talked this way and always will.

  5. Jexer says

    Dan Savage is the first person I’ve heard echo my sentiments about Alec Baldwin. I’m an atheist…. and try as I might, I can’t seem to stop the occasional slips of: ‘g*d d*amn it’, ‘g*d forbid’ or ‘oh g*d’. They’re empty words loaded up in the quick-fire holster… not considered, not well-chosen, just grabbed and thrown automatically. And I feel as stupid as if I said “Gandalf Dammit!” the moment I hear it tumble from my mouth.

    Alec Baldwin may be a smug overbearing mouthy celebrity… but he’s established himself as an ally. To paraphrase a certain youtube meme: “Leave Alec Baldwin Alone!”

  6. Nick says

    Dan Savage speaks the truth especially when it comes to the Roman Catholic Church. He is also spot on about the Cheney’s. Bill’s entire show was excellent last night.

  7. Bob R says

    I love Dan Savage. Truth be told, I’d love to make love to Dan Savage, but I digress.

    @JEXER, I totally agree, especially about the whole “god” thing. I too am an atheist, but when I get angry or upset, without even thinking I blurt out a god epithet. For example, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t find myself screaming at Andy Towleroad, “I wish you’d move these goddamned icons from blocking the left side of my screen. I makes it hard to comment! But, again, I digress.

    Alec Baldwin is wrong, but I really don’t think he’s malicious towards gays. He just starts his mouth before engaging his brain sometimes.

    As for Dan preaching to the choir, that’s pretty much the way any conversation goes in America today. We no longer talk to one another, we talk at one another. Even if Dan were to be polite, well spoken and intellectual, he’d be dismissed by the haters. Sometimes to get people to understand and listen, you got to give it to them down and dirty. You go, Dan. Keep up the good work, there are plenty of us out here who love you.

  8. David From Canada says

    Bill Maher and Dan Savage are both Ultra-Liberals, and when you put the both of them together you get the predictable profanity and trying to act so cool crap-fest. I’m surprised that their massive egos can both fit in the same room.

  9. Francis says

    Dan was not excusing Alec Baldwin. Let’s make that clear. In fact he’s made it clear several times on his twitter. He is not excusing Alec Baldwin, but saying Alec is not an enemy to the community and thus he shouldn’t be pitchforked, and that he’s grown up with homophobic vernacular/attitudes being the norm and it’s embedded in him, thus what he says should be taken in context. All of that is true. Alec Baldwin isn’t an enemy to the community. He’s a 50 year old straight New Yorker. But no, he does not deserve a free pass. Period. He does not deserve a free pass for using our sexuality as an insult because he doing so gives licence to the many others who do so, to continue doing it. It isn’t OK and Dan never said it was, unlike some here, who seem to think it just doesn’t matter at all.

    Mary Cheney is a loser, almost as much as her sister Liz.

    Dan is a great representative of our community *because* he’s not PC and he is in many ways the “typical guy” and thus straight people easily relate to him. He’s done a lot for us and that cannot be stressed enough. He also pisses right-wingers off and that’s always a plus.

  10. Mike Ryan says

    He is one of the most honest truths representing the gay community. He calls a spade a spade and holds back nothing. Who else would dare to mention in a broadcast the utter hypocrisy of the Catholic Church and their pedophile priests who dip their dicks in every virgin they can? I love the guy.

  11. Zlick says

    Hahaha, Dan Savage was on fire last night! Funny, Smart, surprisingly cheeky (especially when he upped Bill Maher about Alec Baldwin’s unfortunate remark). He was quintessentially Savage, and that’s precisely what Bill Maher was going for when he booked him for the show. D’uh. I’m glad Dan brought his “A” game. He was perfect!

  12. says

    Dan Savage IS a little like Rush Limbaugh (just way less piggish and way more together) in that he aims to entertain and provoke over aiming to win converts and diplomatically warm hearts. Yep, he’s preaching to the choir but a big choir. He’s not trying to be HRC spokesman. (Wouldn’t be a good career move.)

    As usual, he was mostly on the money, though the Alec is old doesn’t cut it (he’s only a few years older than Dan–he’s not 95). But enough with the Alec Baldwin anyway. He’s a talent with issues.

  13. jamal49 says

    Dan Savage was spot on in this interview and thankfully had Bill Maher sputtering on a few occasions as Maher made vain attempts to rein in Savage’s unwillingness to ease up on the Catholic Church or homophobes in general. Savage was unapologetic and unaccommodating. I was glad. We need more Dan Savages to kick the bigots of any stripe square in the face whether rhetorically or in actual fact. I favor the latter.

  14. Louis says

    I wish Dan would raise his game. He’s a smart guy and we need a leader on these shows that audiences could love. Like a gay Obama who speaks clearly, intelligently, calmly. Without swearing. Without bullying. Without name calling. Being the in your face gay man all the time is hard for me to get behind BUT perhaps that is working for him. I’d rather lean in to hear him speak than to back away and brace myself from his righteous anger.

  15. ascanius1 says

    savage speaks to the younger generation and in their language. he’s not here to win over the straight-laced old farts who moan about his no-holds-barred style and earthy language. we need more dan savages unleashed and uncensored.

  16. nn says

    I really like Bill but Can`t stand Dan. He generalizes, rude and full of himself. He thinks he knows everything and has all the answers to everything towards the LGBTQ community, something he has not. i

  17. Jack says

    I read Andy’s intro and the comments before I watched the interview and found somewhat of a disconnect between all three.

    First, I think Andy is guilty of sensationalizing Savage’s remarks as a teaser in order to get interest. It’s the journalist’s habit of taking a direct quote but not putting it into context. Andy – I love this site but in this instance, I think you took the lazy way out, did a disservice to your readers and cheapened your blog in the process. I think you’re much, much better than that.

    Second, Savage’s remarks about the Catholic priest in Hawaii were in direct response to Maher’s question about the evidence regarding children raised with same sex parents. Savage puts it in context that not only has the priest’s views been debunked, but the Catholic church no longer has the moral authority with regards to gay parents raising children because of their complete disregard for pedophilia in their churches that went on for decades.

    Third, he goes after Mary Cheney instead of Liz because she financially supported Romney who was in favor of a Constitutional Amendment banning same sex marriage on a national level. He was calling Mary out on her hypocrisy. He also put it in the context of Republicans seem to have an empathy gap – they can’t imagine the need for something for others until they experience it themselves and he sites several examples of this.

    Last, I understand his take that Baldwin is a product of his generation and he overcame the prevailing view of that time – he just blurts out the same thing when he’s angry now as he probably did when he was 15. But I think Savage gives Baldwin too much of a pass here – Baldwin isn’t a 15 year old adolescent anymore.

  18. Mike says

    He did not really lay into Alec Baldwin. I was pretty shocked that he seemingly dismissed it because of Alec Baldwin’s age. I mean, I personally don’t care about what may or may not have come out of Mr. Baldwin’s mouth, but Dan Savage seemed to want to talk about Mary Cheney’s hypocrisy more than anything else.

  19. stevetalbert says

    To think that Dan Savage is remotely like Rush L or he is “talking at” someone like the tea party people is a false equivalency. It is true that it is better to have gay parents than a priest who rapes you. It is true that more priests rape children than gay parents do.

    It is NOT true that Leviticus applies to all people, or even that it is applicable to the same people today it originally was meant for 2,000 years ago. It only applies to men in the Tribe of Levites who wanted to be Jewish Rabbi/Priests.

    And, FYI, an “Abomination” in the original context would have meant that the act was forbidden for NO OTHER REASON THAN BECAUSE it involved idolatry (common practice was to pay male prostitutes to have sex with in front of an icon as a way to honor the god of lust, or some concept — probably god of feeling good.) Guys who wanted to be Jewish priests and honor Jehovah weren’t allowed to do that and would be “cast out” – or the ties to the tribe would be severed/killed.

    Note that also considered an Abomination is “one who spreads strife among brothers”, which sounds a lot more like Rush than Dan. Dan is only telling the truth using what some sheltered people think are “crude” words. I don’t know what’s worse, uneducated people thinking they are knowledgeable, or knowledgeable people spreading lies on purpose to make people stupid.

  20. emjayay says

    I continue to not get the negative Nellies (that just came to mind without the gay angle because of the alliteration and it’s probably somewhere out there, but what the hell) who always seem to need to comment on this blog. Isn’t there an anti-progressive gay blog you guys would prefer to read? Something by some Log Cabiner, or that from that even wackier little Republican gay group, whatever their name is?

  21. emjayay says

    Oh I just remembered, the actual phrase is “nervous nellie.” First cite 1926, probably no gay angle. I wonder if there’s a connection to the gay relatedd meaning?

  22. simon says

    The Church has erred. The most inexcusable sin is that it never apologized to the victims nor to the Irish people after Irish prime minister accused the Vatican of cover up after the child abuse report came out.

  23. Fenrox says

    Dan Savage is simply the best, the best gay guy, the best guy, best Seattlite, best dad, best everything.

    And as someone who loves and respects him I can disagree with him at any time and still love and respect him, because like him, I am a damn adult human and not some simp that has to get worked up over some guy talking.

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