1. YSOSERIOUS says

    This man will sink his son’s Presidential hopes. He makes Billy Carter look like a solid citizen.

    Cruz is a whack-job who believes The End Times are coming. I can see where he got the crazy from. My only hope is, when this guy blows an artery spewing his insanity it is DURING his son’s attempted presidential bid.

    Wow. Just wow.

  2. Geoff says

    Unfortunately he had one brain cell, but it fell off right after his birth (hatching?). A hospital-orderly swept it up soon after and it ended up in a dumpster…which was eventually emptied into a land-fill 30 miles away. It was then buried under 24,000 tons of additional garbage. That was 70 some odd years ago. A highway and strip mall are built on top now. There was a Lane Bryant and a McDonalds, but I haven’t driven by in 10 years. There was talk about building a bowling-alley, too, but nothing ever came of it.

  3. hugo says

    it’s always funny when folks who look so utterly and boringly average turn out to be 200% apeshit crazy lunatics that would be safer in an institution than a church (or the US Senate, for that matter)

  4. Jason B. says

    I really hope the Republicans pick Cruz to run against Hillary. It will be such an embarrising trouncing they might finally get rid of the religous wing nut faction. I would like to see a socially moderate Republican Party come out of it as I believe we need two mentally stable parties for a functional government.

  5. Moz's says

    its questionable if cruz can run for POTUS

    he was not born on us soil, being born in canada and all

    unlike Mccain, he wasnt born on a US military base overseas to 2 US citizens (only cruz’s mother was a us citizen at the time of his birth)

  6. FunnyDat! says

    The Reverend Cuba not only believes in End Times. He believes in the “End Times Transfer of Wealth” …where He and his Dominionist ‘Kings’ take away YOUR money and property because you are evil and don’t deserve the ‘riches of Earth or Heaven’.

    Yep, he’s a taker and a redistributor…very much what he perniciously calls Democrats and our President.


  7. Bill says

    @ Gregory In Seattle: don’t call it snake oil – it isn’t fair to the snakes. Cruz’s father is trying to disprove the theory of evolution by being a counterexample: he’s an example of evolution running backwards.

    @Will – he probably has to talk behind a poll. It’s a minor miracle if anyone could spout what he is spouting and keep a straight face.

  8. David C says

    Strange. After watching the videos I’m still waiting to see Mr. Cruz display his purportedly rabid homophobia and bigotry.

    Perhaps the real problem is that Kyler Geoffroy is rabidly bigoted against those who don’t hold to progressive ideology.

  9. Rob says

    Well that explains how his simpering, fairly effeminate son would not be able to live as an out gay man, but rather would have to pick up the homophobic flag and run with it, to get daddy’s approval. Let’s all pitch in and get some hot rent boy with a camera to seduce Ted Cruz and be done with it.

  10. anon says

    Ted Cruz is ineligible to become president of the US. He did attempt to brush the issue aside this past spring, but potential opponents like Marco Rubio made sure the press knew the whole story.

    I’m sure Jr. is also financially independent of his wacky father by this point too. Like so may gay kids kicked out of their homes by hateful parents, it’s the financial independence that allows for diversity of opinion. In this case we can see how the two are linked, but they are still different and independent people.

  11. Matthew Luong says

    It would not be surprising that if The Lord Jesus Christ were here today in the flesh, He would condemn ted and his father as He did the Pharisees 2000 years ago, for
    being a brood of vipers, because they support evil things, the tea party, raise
    that satanic snake flag, want the U.S. to go back to its racist past. How in the
    hell are they going to escape damnation?

    It’s in the Bible. Look it up.

    It is clear that ted, his father and the tea party worship Satan, the serpent,
    that viper (that deceived Adam and Eve)–it’s on their flag, that they raise above their heads. That is, they effectively bow to Satan. They’ve already lost, and will
    continue to lose.

    God’s Word says that men are to tread on the heads of serpents. If you bow down
    to the serpent, or raise him up above your head, or identify yourself with the
    snake, you partake Satan’s sins.

    It’s been said “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” No
    wonder it’s so easy for ted, his dad and the people of the tea party to say
    evil racist things.

    ted and his father thought they could wile/deceive the American people, but they will be shown to be stupid, racist, obsolete, and wrong–along with fox news
    the echoing machine/chamber.

    Like Judas who hoodwinked most people but not the Lord Jesus, ted and his
    father/tea party will burn in hell with the Pharisees for maybe eternity if
    they don’t repent.

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