1. crispy says

    Well, yeh, if you change the lyrics you can make any song fit your silly little fairytales.

    “He’ll be there for you (when the rain starts to pour)”

    OMG! The Friends song is about Jesus! Hallelujah

  2. nick says

    Gavin has been a wingnut for a very long time.I guess shepherd’s calling wasn’t in the cards at the time for poor little Julie who took a liking to white powder during the show.

  3. Jack M says

    Gavin must have fallen overboard a few too many times. When God talks to you about the true meaning of your TV show, it’s time for prescription medication.

  4. JoeBlow says

    I think it’s kinda sweet. As gay folks, haven’t we learned to live and let live if it’s not hurting anyone.

  5. Cd in Dc says

    wow, is that book of his boring? his idea of excitement is pitching Princess cruises and remarrying his exwife.

  6. says

    He was on the Today show last week and yeah he’s a big time fundie now. You know, to be the Son of God, Jesus can’t hide for sh!t. Idiots keep finding him.

  7. The Milkman says

    To quote Vera Carp:

    “Well I thought you were dead… I don’t know who told me that but I’m so glad they were wrooooong…. “

  8. Onnyjay says

    Gavin has drunk the Kool-Ade and committed intellectual suicide. Too bad, he seemed a decent sort, but clearly he has no work and no friends, and has to consort with the AFA Jesus junkies.

  9. Giles says

    @JOEBLOW he supports the AMA which VERY MUCH attempts to hurt us, so your comment is wrong. If you are unfamiliar with American Family Association then look it up and read what kind of stuff they are up to and you will probably change your mind afterward.

  10. Dback says

    Um, Gavin? Is Charo supposedly an angel in this scenario? What about Julie? What about Isaac? (Well, he can pour the communion wine…)

  11. JoeBlow says

    @Giles – I would not think Gavin McCleod was so sweet or harmless for supporting the American Family Association. I did a quick search for connections between Gavin McCleod and the AFA but didn’t immediately see anything. I’m inclined to believe you, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some documented connection.

  12. Acronym Jim says


    “We’re expecting you…something for everyone”

    Pffftttt. It’s obviously about the Greek Pantheon.

  13. Rey says

    Well then the “Mary Tyler Moore” theme song is about gay men improving the world. And the “Alice” theme song is about transgender rights…

  14. Mike says

    Gavin MacLeod USED to be thought of tenuously as ONLY a character actor of brief fame as captain on the tv sit-com the “Love Boat”. He threw EVEN that away would be when he became heavily involved as a cult member member of a far right evangelical “church”. He further lowered himself when he took on the phony mantle as a self proclaimed “ambassador for Christ” Now he is just the worst sort of human CRUD possible . . .

  15. Joey Y says

    I don’t get people like this. We all have seen the show. We all know the line is “WE’RE expecting you.” He’s just plain lying. Period. Lying.

  16. Rad says

    So long as he’s not running for a political office because God spoke to him, I have no issues with this. Live and let live.

  17. dommyluc says

    Another fundie Republican has-been, along with Chuck Norris, Ted Nugent, Victoria Jackson…the list is endless. Why can’t washed up Hollywood stars just become crack addicts like they used to in the old days? Yes, those were good times. Sigh.
    Oh, and thanks a lot, Gavin. Now I’ll never be able to watch the “Chuckles the Clown” episode on the MTM Show again without thinking of your crazy ass. And I’ve always lived my life by the Chuckles Philosophy:
    “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.”

  18. chasmader says

    Gavin’s a gay-boy–I think he may be loosing it. Last year he led the campaign to have a burned down tacky former Chart House in Rancho Mirage saved from demolition.

  19. Tre says

    C’mon people !! Valerie Harper, Cloris Leachman and Betty White CERTAINLY trump Gavin Macloud ! LONG LIVE THE MTM SHOW!
    What would Mr. Fe Fi Fo, Aunt Yoohoo and Se√Īor Kaboom do in this situation? “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.”

  20. NotSafeForWork says

    Wow, all these years searching for Jesus I didn’t realize he was on the Lido Deck with Mai Tai. SMH.

  21. CPT_Doom says

    I can’t believe the AFA would have MacLeod on so soon after he had bathed in the presence of evil. Just a couple of days ago, MacLeod was interviewed on the Frank DeCaro Show, on Sirius OutQ. That would be the gay channel and I don’t recall a minute of fundie nonsense from him, although I admit I was only half-listening. His publicist, at least, had to know the channel was aimed at the LGBT community, so something tells me MacLeod is one of the harmless fundies.

  22. jamal49 says

    Gavin McLeod has been an evangie-fundie since the 1970s. He’s been careful in his public pronouncements about his “faith” but he is firmly ensconced in reactionary evangelical politics.

  23. endorisha says

    Yeah, the theme to Three’s Company is actually about the Trinity.

    I Love Lucy is actually about the Virgin Mary (known to friends as Lucy of Lebanon)

    The Theme To The Brady Bunch is about God and Mary and their maid.

  24. Daniel says

    The lyrics were “we’re expecting you” NOT “He’s expecting you.” Captain Stubbing is a liar!

  25. Bernie Koepel says

    “I thought he died.”

    I thought he came out! Seriously, I was always pretty sure he was a Friend of the Peen, even back in his Mary Tyler Moore days.

  26. Randy says

    Desperation is so sad.

    I hope he’ll find the strength to deal with whatever is weighing on him, and walk free of that nonsense.

  27. jarago says

    I always wanted the Love Boat to get lost in the Bermuda Triangle and the crew eaten by cannibals-specially the loathsome Captain Stubbins- and yeah that annoying disco song is about Jesus

  28. J Arthur says

    I know for a FACT that 20+ years ago, Gavin left his wife Patty for a MAN. He was with the man (and others) for many months and then went to counseling with his wife and found Jesus.

  29. RJP3 says

    Sad when old celebrities get old and make fools of themselves. Just another case of that. In reality for the younger viewers — the term Love Boat came out of popular culture reality that included SWINGERS cruises in the 1970’s – that is why the love was EXCITING AND NEW. It 100 percent was about the sexual revolution and he is just and old fool taking to a hate program. Sad for him.

  30. leprechaunvict says

    Seriously though, did you watch the opening above? With Geoffrey Beene, Halston, Bob Mackie and Gloria Vanderbilt as guest stars it must’ve been a doozie of an episode! I don’t know how I missed that one– it used to be part of my childhood Saturday night line up: Solid Gold, TJ Hooker, Love Boat, Fantasy Island, while munching on pop and chips. Good times.

  31. says

    I worked on the very last Love Boat TV movie…A Valentine’s Love Boat. Never gave the Captain a thought, but it was a Very Gay time for Some of us!