1. jimbryant says

    This just proves how awfully fake the American and British music scenes have become in 2013. One minute you’re purporting to be a singer, the next you’re advertising underwear.

    How do you spell “celebrities in search of money-making opportunities”?

  2. Kevin says

    It’s a clearly a low budget photo shoot. I clicked over to the link that has some more photos. He’s sitting with his left arm up and his hand on his forehead in all but one photo. Clearly not a high budget photographer here! I’m sure he’d be just as attractive as any model out there if there was more production in the photos.

  3. Name: says

    Is he suppose to look red necky hanging out in his underwear on his indoor/outdoor furniture. They should have him getting pulled over naked by fake police in his next photo shoot. Bad boy bad boy whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when they come for you.

  4. Glenn says

    So is the gig with The Wanted not doing so well, that he needs extra income? lol I kinda love that The Wanted, this guy specifically, tries to drum up headlines by feuding with One Direction – it’s probably the only way they get noticed.

  5. RonCharles says

    Why all the hate? He’s a nice-looking young man. Furthermore, The Wanted is one of the boy bands that has spoken out loudly and publicly in support of gay rights and gay marriage. More power and good luck to all of them!

  6. corman says

    I think it is great to see a more realistic normal type of body in an underwear add then what is normally shown. I find this to be much more attractive. we all have types that we find desireable but there really isn’t any need to put someone down if you are not attracted to their body type. can we just be a bit kinder to each other, even on the web.

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