Muslim Nebraska Man Attacks Sister with Crowbar Because She is Gay, Says She Shames Family: VIDEO

If the video is not working, watch it HERE.


  1. woodroad34 says

    You monsters. Want to see what shame to the family looks like? Just look in the mirror. And the friend–you know he had no religious pov, he just didn’t like lesbians (or maybe the sister turned him down).

  2. Mike Ryan says

    He may be able to get away with such a crime in a heavily Muslim country but not here buddy. This is a hate crime and you deserve to be put in prison for the next fifty years. Maybe there you’re sweet Muslim a** will find the love of a good Christian d*ck.

  3. e.c. says

    This is why “religious” exemptions are a dangerous thing to be slipping into all manner of laws. There are plenty of religions that condone horrible violence.

  4. jamal49 says

    @KM Your point is on target. The woman can never expect to be safe again. Her brother failed but other family members will gladly step in and try to do what the brother failed to do. So it is with Islam, a petty, remorseless, vengeful “religion”. The world would be a better place without any of the Abrahamic triumvirate, three of the most spiritually decadent, degenerate religions ever.

  5. sjaeger says

    Instead of religious exemptions why not add hate crimes with religion underpinnings what would double the hate crime sentencing automatically. Include in this, the ones who refuse service because of religion (the photographers, florists, bakeries) because they can’t get away with it refusing service to Jews or Muslims just gays. Though personally I won’t have anything to do with a racist or religious business. I’d leave but point them out in BBB, YELP, etc so it will hurt them in the best of places, their pocket books.

  6. northalabama says

    what some claim to do in the name of religion – sounds like an excuse or a lame attempt to justify his own bigotry by twisting his faith.

    religion should be regulated and taxed.

  7. Graphicjack says

    I get the hate crime charges, obviously, but why “terroristic” threats? If a “Christian” came at his sister with a crowbar and tried to ram her off the road, would that also be a “terroristic” threat?

  8. Bill says

    @Graphicjack: I was wondering the same thing. Both deserve to be charged with serious crimes, but I don’t get the “terrorist threat” part as Tuma picked the victim due to a personal relationship (a family one) and Marks was simply helping his friend commit a crime.

    I suspect some anti-Muslim bias – gay bashers in general don’t get charged with terrorism, even though they pick their victims at random and terrorize particularly neighborhoods. If there are terrorism charges in this case, why aren’t there terrorism charges in all the others?

    I do think the hate crime charges are appropriate, and that both of these morons deserve to spend a very long time in prison, based on the account of what happened.

  9. unruly says

    100% agree with Bill above. This seems to sensationalize the “Muslim” aspect when really this is a hate crime. And what’s Marks excuse? — I see no mention of his religion.

  10. says

    Where are the reckless endangerment charges? Clearly if they are ramming a vehicle with their own and nearly pushing them into coming traffic, they were putting countless others in danger as well.

  11. northalabma says

    “two counts of terroristic threats”

    i’d agree with these charges. trying to hit her with a crowbar, hitting the car repeatedly with a crowbar, threatening to kill her several times, then when she gets away, follows her and rams her vehicle from behind. sounds like a terroristic threat to me.

  12. anon says

    In most states, making terroristic threats is generally applicable when you use threatening language and demonstrate an intent to carry it out. In some states, intent is not necessary for a conviction.

    I’m going to assume they lured them there under false pretenses, so an attempted kidnapping charge might also apply. If the family knew what was going to happen they could be deported. I’m going to assume the “friend” owed the guy a favor, perhaps because of some other criminal activity.

  13. Bill says

    @northalabma: When “my cousin Vinni” makes some guy “an offer he can’t refuse” using such tactics to get the victim’s attention, he would (if caught) be charged with extortion, not terrorism.

    That Tuma guy is a mindless thug, not the reincarnation of Osama bin Laden.

  14. LiamB says

    Rafa, I sincerely doubt that was really Kiwi. There has always been this childish habit of people to post in other’s name, I guess because it makes them feel their e-peen is bigger or something.

  15. northalabma says


    update your definition of terroristic threat:

    “Making a terrorist threat, sometimes known as making a criminal threat or by similar language, is a crime in every state. People make terrorist threats when they threaten to commit a crime that would reasonably result in death, terror, serious injury, or serious physical property damage.”

  16. John says

    Wow it didn’t take long for this to turn to Muslim bashing. Intersectionality? Solidarity? Who needs that when you’re an affluent, white male?

    @Graphicjack & Bill, totally agree. Terroristic threats? If that’s criminal offense maybe we can start rounding up the Tea Party nuts who go on about a new revolution.

  17. Bill says

    @ northalabma: While apparently the legal definition varies from state to state, in California (where I live) there is a requirement that the threat causes fear that is “sustained” (i.e., more than momentary) Threatening to hit someone with a crow bar held in your hand is not
    enough although that is still a serious crime.

    I really don’t like the terminology as applied to this case – terms like “terrorist threat” should more or less mean what they mean in standard English.

  18. Are you free says

    I in no way condone this monsters actions, but this is a way of life for some Muslims. There are many things that we deem horrible and unacceptable that they see as a necessity. Does that make it right, no. There are still horrible crimes committed agains women all over this world. There are victims in your streets that you pass everyday, the homeless, that you barely raise an eyebrow to. I suspect the only reason that the majority of you are crying foul is because it was towards a Lesbian couple. Had this been directed towards a straight couple, I wonder how loud your voices would be? Not because of the circumstances surrounding the crime, but because of the crime itself? Check your own moral compasses at the door before you try to police someone else’s world.

  19. Bill Perdue says

    Religion is the enemy. Its a sociopathic weapon used to promote wars, racism, hatred of women and LGBT folks, rape, economic exploitation and mindless ignorance.

    These two barbaric thugs should be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole but they won’t, especially in a state like Nebraska whose government has a long history of pandering to cults, especial the political cults like the roman, mormon and evangelical cults.

  20. jjose712 says

    Are you free: Yes, his behaviour is common but not in a first world country.
    You must live in a radical family (or just be a radical yourself) to do something like that in an occidental country (or even in most advanced muslims countries).
    The fact that she mentioned that her family will be perfectly ok if he killed her, makes me thing that it’s an all family thing.

    When you live in a muslim country (and there are serious differences between some muslims countries) there’s the excuse that that’s the behaviour the society expects from you, when you live in an occidental country, there’s no excuse at all

  21. thom says

    …Just looking at the picture of the brother makes me think that he should seriously consider LEAVING the U.S. and return to his Mideast roots. He is a fat, ugly f’ck with serious issues. And they all stem from what is arguably called “religion”
    They can get away with almost anything in their lunatic-fringe beliefs…sound familiar, religious nutcases here in the good ol’ USA? Hmmmmm? Being a Muslim is no crime and it is primarily a peaceful set of beliefs and behaviors…. The haters spring from the underbelly of religious zealotry, nothing more. Maybe some jail time may teach him something? (or not)Just go away, troll..and take that big palooka with you. You are both a disgrace to humanity

  22. Gigi says

    Thankfully his sister and her partner are okay. We had a horrific case of alleged “shaming” of the family in Canada a couple of years ago. Three teenage girls and their aunt were killed by the the parents and brother of the girls because they dared to disobey their parents. Their crime? They wanted to date boys and wear jeans. The aunt defended them, so of course she had to die as well. Luckily they were supremely stupid, didn’t cover their tracks as well as they’d thought and were all found guilty of murder.

  23. Derrick from Philly says

    RAFA in Toronto:

    That comment was not from Little Kiwi. It may have actually come from the mayor of your city.

    Muslim extremists and Christian extremists are awful. That’s why I’m considering converting to Judaism.

  24. Jerry6 says

    There can NEVER be complete Peace in the World until Religions; ALL RELIGIONS, are outlawed throwout the World and their Leaders jailed for life as Terrorists.

  25. Bill says

    @Derrick from Phill: unfortuanately, Judaism has its extremists too – with the homophobes mostly centered around some ultra-orthodox types who are as unreasonable as any other fundamentalists.

    @Jerry6 : All religions? I haven’t heard any homophobic diatribes from the Wiccans and Taoists, or Buddhists (even those who have taboos against homosexual relations – they just put it in the same category as not sticking to a vegetarian diet, but don’t try to force their beliefs on others).

  26. james says

    This is pretty extreme behavior. I wonder if drugs or alcohol have something to do with this. If this were just a case of wingnuttery and a twisted attempt to restore “honor” I doubt he would have endangered other people by possibly causing a traffic accident. When people get that angry and that out of control there is usually some additional factor…like emotional disturbance.

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