1. Elsewhere1010 says

    Oh NickyNickyNickyNick, lying through your teeth to keep your hair cutting (and coloring!) job is a new low.

    Unless you think you’re telling the truth, which is even worse because it indicates the kind of bubble that you live in.

    Mr. Baldwin needs some serious help when it comes to his issues, whether he recognizes it or not. I hope he gets that help and develops some self-understanding.

    PS If Mr. Baldwin had used the “N” word, do you suppose Nicky would have been black?

  2. Katie says

    I am a liberal, and I will absolutely call out anyone, liberal or conservative or independent or politically apathetic on this. I have called out my own friends for using “retard” or any other derogatory term towards special needs children. Just because we agree on some or most things does not mean prejudice of any sort is acceptable.

    Oh, and please don’t give me the whole “he’s a celebrity, who cares, ignore him” excuse because this isn’t just about celebrities; this is about how liberals give other liberals a pass because they vote the right way. Completely unacceptable.

  3. says

    There ya go. Ya fight every bigot and their lawyer to protect kids from being told pejorative language like this is to be tolerated and along comes Nick and plays it all away because … drama!

    Go away Nick.

  4. says

    Stop with the liberal pass BS. Baldwin didn’t get any sort of pass because of the way he votes. He got called out & warned in June because he has a decade long history of fundraising and support for LGBT equality. Unlike conservative / TP hacks that use the same language and think they should get the same treatment while trying to outlaw our very existence.

  5. Alex Parrish says

    I now more clearly understand the definition of the pejorative term “tool.” Nick is clearly being used as nothing more than a tool in a media dust-up. His intellectually-challenged response shows how gullible he is. What a tool!

  6. Endorado says

    I find it curious which insults are verbotten and which ones are OK. You’ll get tossed off Democratic Underground for using the f-word or the n-word, hell, even for referring to illegals as illegals. But’s it’s perfectly OK to make personal remarks about someone being fat or ugly as long as that person is a Republican or someone else considered generally inferior. It’s perfectly OK to make donut jokes about Chris Christie or transexual jokes about Ann Coulter, but call the WTC Bombing Islam and you will be censored.

    So there are two choices: worry about every word that comes out of your mouth or expect other people to be adults. Which is it people? Alec Baldwin didn’t call a child a name, he called an annoying adult a name.

  7. Kevin says

    And shame on Alec for using this hairdresser as a human shield during this controversy. Be a man Alec. Acknowledge what you said was totally inexcusable in 2013 and that you are ashamed of yourself for the way you behaved.

  8. AngelaChanning says

    You know it’s bad if the dumpster diving TMZ is calling one out. Of course, they drive the demand for paparazzi pix and videos in the first place. Many are also guilty for visiting TMZ and other sites.

  9. tinkerbelle says

    @Will — This bitchy queen finds it extremely difficult to see how this, um (and I quote from PLINF above), “vapid, intellectually challenged knucklehead” could remotely be considered an ally. He is a mere shill.

    This Queen (bitchy, little or otherwise) has spoken. We also say that this is nothing but a tempest in a teapot. Just forget about Mr. Baldwin and hope that it will all just go away. I understand that if you put your fingers in your ears and go “lalalalalalala” really loud, it can be really quite effective.

  10. says

    He actually said Alec tips “big.” So he’s being paid off to pander to the big homophobe who’s got some sort of mental issue about being photographed. Why this slob doesn’t movie out of that New York apartment for digs in Siberia is the bigger question here.

  11. Chris L. says

    “We love him more now.”

    Ummm, please do NOT pretend to speak for all gay men, thank you very much. The vast majority of gay men don’t exist in your silly little hairdresser world, sweetie. What’s more, most of us respect ourselves enough not to have to kiss the a** of some Hollywood has-been. Get some respect for yourself, already.

  12. Just Do It says

    Trotting out ones gay hairdresser to prove that one isn’t a homophobe is akin to asking one’s black household staff to say a few kind words at one’s Junior League Volunteer of the Year award ceremony.

  13. Bill says

    @Katie: I’m not sure the comment, “I have called out my own friends for using ‘retard’ or any other derogatory term towards special needs children,” fits in this case — whatever Alec Baldwin said (there seems to be some disagreement), there’s no indication that he thought the photographer was gay.

    Nick, meanwhile, seemed confused about whether he was talking about what he thought Baldwin said or what the news guys thought Baldwin said. Don’t be too hard on Nick – it was undoubtedly his first time being on TV. He was probably really nervous and just blurted things out because he figured he had to say something.

  14. Bill says

    @Acronym Jim: He has a point when he said, “We always love a drama-filled story,” given the popularity of a certain TV series, Sex in the City. That program used to be shown regularly in a few gay bars in San Francisco. A lot of people would show up to watch, including people who might at most order some bottled water.

    That aside, this Nick guy didn’t come across as someone who keeps up with current affairs. Probably he had only the vaguest idea of what had happened.

    Also, to use Katie’s statement in a previous comment as an example (and to fill in some gaps in my previous comment), there’s a difference between calling some random person a “retard” and in calling “special needs children” (Katie’s example) “retards.” The former case is simply an insult (a childish one), whereas the latter is derogatory towards people with disabilities,

  15. Acronym Jim says


    Your point about Sex in the City is only partialy valid. I’ve been out for quite some time. In my hometown bars, we also watched Dynasty, AbFab, and whatever “reality” television was hot at the time. The difference is what we were watching was all manufactured fiction (or manufactured reality). “We” typically don’t love a drama-filled reality, you know, like in actual meat space.

    Though some do.

    tldr version: Don’t speak for all us Bitches. We have mouths of our own.

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