1. says

    We have the GOP-sponsored government shutdown to thank for this victory, with Virginia being such a big civil service and military state. Otherwise the Cooch, who vehemently opposed Obamacare, would have pulled the race off easily after all the recent negative press relating to the disastrous ACA roll-out.

  2. Daniel says

    This race exemplifies a problem that progressives and progressive causes have faced the last decade: strong polling numbers, but narrow victories or losses on voting day. Polling is not turnout, and turnout is still better among the demographic groups that tend to lean Republican (whether from apathy or restrictive and inequitable voting requirements).

  3. Tim S says

    I am so glad the corrupt,lying manipulating, self serving dirt bag won, because the other choice was worst.

    I am sorry you had to choose between such terrible scumbags Virginia.

    Here in Florida we will have the same issue, in 2014, two terrible choices.

  4. TampaZeke says

    Contrary to popular belief, I believe, in the end, the Libertarian candidate siphoned off more Democratic votes than Republican. The Republicans, sensing a tight race returned home to vote for Cooch. Democrats who can’t stomach McAuliffe and some young, hipster liberals voted for the Libertarian. It’s ridiculous to think that a pro-Choice, pro-marriage equality, pro-drug legalization pulled in more conservative votes than liberal.

  5. FanzyPanz says

    McAuliffe is spelled wrong twice in this post.

    A win is a win, narrow or otherwise. Virginia is a fan of narrow victories. Take a minute and look at the results of the AG race there. Out of 2.2 million votes, about 100 separate the two candidates who are polar opposites of one another politically speaking. This election was won by women. The government shutdown and ACA rollout impacted turnout I’m sure, but their views pushed many women to the D column.

  6. Ben says

    McAullife probably would have won by an even bigger majority if it were not for the Obamacare fiasco of recent weeks. But a win is a win. Congratulations Governor McAullife!

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