1. Marvin says

    I’ve also noticed a sense of “I’m better than them” when it comes to SOME tops I’ve interacted with. It’s sad as these are often the same men who feel our trans brothers and sisters, and fem gays, and butch lesbians are less than. Get over the hang ups and enjoy sex!

  2. Scott Landry says

    Asam…stop. Just stop. We’re all grown adults here. Sex is natural. There’s nothing more off putting than gay people who try to act all holier than thou and preachy. Calm down or go to bible study already.

  3. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    It’s a comedy, right? Who amongst us hasn’t made jokes about tops & bottoms? Our witty remarks & double entrendres rarely reflect any serious convictions regarding sexual positions. Lighten up!

  4. Markt says

    They’re both very cute so how hard is it to watch?
    I do the elevator test – if I was stuck on a desert island with these people would i become straight, a top, or what? It’s interesting how often I would end up as straight as a rail. And top or bottom doesn’t matter that much. It’s the dynamic between the participants that matters.

  5. Wow says

    I can’t believe how many bitter, sad queens read this site. Although from the sampling of comments, I guess I can.

    “Tops are often machismo and battling internalized homophobia.”

    “Considering how most tops disrespect bottoms, maybe they should get together more often.”


  6. HelloYally says

    @ wow…you’re the exact kind of top they are probably referring to. NOTHING is more tired (and frankly, self hating) than gay men who refer to all other gay men as queens. You’re probably one of those hyper masculine tops who uses lame ass phrases like “straight acting”

  7. GregV says

    When I was younger and had only straight friends, I assumed that this concept that gay people classified themselves by sexual positions was a dumb fallacy invented by straight people.
    I couldn’t imagine thinking in those terms myself, and none of my straight friends (regardless what sexual acts or positions they liked with the opposite sex) would take a sexual position on as an identity.
    Once I got on the gay dating scene, I was surprised and at first puzzled when occasionally a guy would ask on the first date, “Are you a top or a bottom?”
    At first my reaction was: “Are you serious?”

    I guess it doesn’t surprise me anymore than SOME men classify themselves that way, but it still seems naïve to me that those who do seem to think that everybody does think of themselves in such categories. A lot of us think of sexual experience more as “being together” and don’t identify with this focus on requiring a position or act.

  8. Paul R says

    How about the fact that this movie just doesn’t seem that funny or necessary?

    Also, @WOW is right: imposing some sort of universal guide to tops is stupid. Some guys don’t like to bottom. Some guys don’t like to top. And you know what? Some don’t even want to have sex with women. And some like whatever happens to happen.

    Most of the comments here are juvenile. Towleroad hasn’t necessarily been dumbed down, but the commenters certainly have.

  9. says

    GregV, I agree! The first time I was asked the question, I had no idea. I’d tried a little of everything, and never thought I had to choose! I understand preferring one over the other, but I’ve never understood the insistance “I’m strictly a top!” Variety is the spice of life!

  10. Bill Michael says

    A really stupid premise for a “gay” movie. What kind of psycho-hangup do you have to have to think of yourself as just a “top” or a “bottom”?

  11. says

    OMG – Ethan La Phong! The guy has a voice on him, and he’s gorgeous. His “Window to Window” in “Naked Boys Singing” is the whole reason that I watched the movie. Definitely looking forward to seeing this when it comes out!

  12. anon says

    This sounds like one of those “You’re Doing it Wrong” articles on Slate.

    Might I suggest these guys start w/ a threesome? Or is it the premise of the film that they are monogamously dating?

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, versatile guys do make the best tops. I had to learn that the hard way (no pun intended). It’s their sense of rhythm when stroking (oh, getting kinda’ graphic, aren’t I?)

    I had to look up the spelling of the word “rhyhm” again. It’s the most frustrating word in the Enlish language for me.

  14. reality says

    ugh, what is the point of this? Mature gay men work through whatever “problem” this presents and build an actual relationship. I’m 26 years old and this is an obvious understanding of how relationships work.

  15. Jack Ford says

    Some guys can’t bottom physically so they are strictly tops. Not to be too graphic but it has to with the curvature of their insides which makes it unbearable. Not all tops are macho tw*ts.

  16. DW says

    I can’t wait for RICK/JASON/UFFDA to weigh in on how all real, masculine men are tops and anyone who would bottom is a slave to the female conspiracy to emasculate men… blah blah blah.

  17. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Some guys just aren’t into having a d*ck in their ass. Why is that concept so hard to understand? (Pun not intended)”

    Well, Brian, that’s true. But if I can’t find the real thing anymore and keep playing with these toys– I might have to get me a traffic cone.

  18. James says

    Is it supposed to be a “so bad it’s good” kind of movie?

    “I feel like a see you at the trolly all the time.” “I feel like a see you at the trolly all the time too.”

    Like a gay “The Room.”

  19. Lookyloo says

    What happens when 2 tops get together?
    Uhh.. everything but anal sex. No big mystery, no big deal, and quite common.

    Plus, what’s that “I don’t bottom… for anybody!” line about?
    Maybe it works in the context of the movie but would anyone be so dramatic irl?
    He’s delivering that line like a warrior-king character claiming “I kneel before no man!!” or something.
    Either you’re into it or not. Nobody’s overthrowing your kingdom.

    This movie was written/directed/produced by gay people???

  20. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    I’m proud to have come of age as a gay man at a time when we threw away the labels thrown around here (top/bottom) and took pleasure and pride in enjoing f**king and getting f**ked. I don’t know what happened in the 80s and 90s,. but that went away and then those two silly terms popped up again–with the silly, narrow-minded (and degrading) attitudes around them that are well-represented here.

    As for not respecting “bottoms,” that’s a leftover from the years when men considered it degrading to (take it up the *ss.” It’s time for you boys to put that baloney back down and enjoy spontaneity and versatility again. It’s much more fun, believe me. And, for the record, the Viet dude in this video is maddeningly hot.

  21. rebarb says

    I didn’t think people used those terms anymore. I thought they were as outdated as Lesbians using fem and butch. Come on people this is the 21st. century not the 1950’s!

  22. Tim says

    Is anyone really serious about the top / bottom thing anymore? I am versatile and have never understood it at all. I can kind of understand not wanting to top, but not wanting to bottom at all? Ridiculous. Do they have any clue how good it feels?

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