White Anti-Gay Activist Pretends To Be Black To Win Houston Election

Dave Wilson

We last mentioned Dave Wilson back in 2010 when the homophobic electrician distributed anti-gay fliers to campaign against Houston mayor Annise Parker, an activity that the Houston Republican Party distanced themselves from. Wilson also ran for Harris County commissioner at the time, but did not win the election.

Wilson has now run for the Houston Community College Board of Trustees, and since blatant homophobia didn't work, Wilson tried a different tactic: deception. Specifically, by leading unfamiliar voters in predominantly black neighborhoods to believe that Wilson himself was a black man. Once again relying on fliers, Wilson filled them with random pictures of black people that he freely admits to just pulling off of the internet, adding the caption “Please vote for our friend and neighbor Dave Wilson.”

Also on the fliers was the endorsement, "Endorsed by Ron Wilson." While technically true, the Ron Wilson who endorsed Dave Wilson's campaign fliers is his cousin from Iowa, not the Ron Wilson who is a black former state representative.

Wilson won the election by a mere 26 votes, so it's highly probable that his fliers deceived just enough of the 35,000 voters who received them to make a difference. Wilson is now on the Board of Trustees and the man who justified his actions with “[e]very time a politician talks, he’s out there deceiving voters,” and claims that "[t]he openly gay lifestyle leads to extinction," now has the power to approve the educational program for Houston Community College. 


  1. Andy says

    This is a real lesson in “identity” politics. Black voters thought he was black so they voted for him. Never mind his deception. Why is it okay for black voters to vote for a candidate just because he/she is black?

  2. Andy says

    Reminds me of Bill De Blasio making a commercial with his kid in it sporting an Afro. He shot to the top of the polls after that and was not even a front runner before. It all boils down to special interests and identity politics. It’s okay for some groups to vote simply based on race but not others. Truth – though liberals won’t admit it.

    Same reason crackhead Marion Barry was voted mayor time again after his arrests.

  3. Brian in Texas says

    He was more so able to pull this off because this was a low turn out off-off year election and its a race that most voters don’t pay much attention to.

    The mayoral race and the proposition regarding what to do with the Astrodome were the big races.

    It’s not news that most black voters vote for Democrats. If you’re a white male politician in Texas you are most likely to be a Republican. That’s why he didn’t want to put his own white face on the flier in an racially diverse neighborhood.

    He’s disgusting.

  4. says

    “[t]he openly gay lifestyle leads to extinction”

    I promise that if the species is ever in danger of becoming extinct, I’ll do whatever is necessary to procreate. Give the population explosion, that seems highly unlikely but I’m happy to take the pledge if it will negate such abject stupidity as this.

  5. Zeus says

    ” Why is it okay for black voters to vote for a candidate just because he/she is black?”

    Because, Andy, unlike white people, there really is no diversity in politics among blacks. With 99%+ certainty, if they’re black, you know they’re going to stand for. Affirmative action, welfare, food stamps, public housing, public jobs, etc etc.

    I’m sure some delusional queens will say “racist!”, but what I just wrote is totally, totally true.

  6. Pete N SFO says

    Did the supposed black voters vote for a black person, or did they vote for someone they believed to be their neighbor, who was endorsed by a politician they’ve evidently known & admired for years?

    Andy, above, likely proves once again the age old adage, that if you ever need an expert on racism, just ask a white person.

  7. Brian in Texas says

    No Zeus it isn’t racist to stereotype an entire race of people and assert that the only issues they care about or advocate for are welfare, food stamps, and public housing. That’s not racist or ignorant at all.


  8. jsb says

    Anyone who is proven deceitful while campaigning should be disqualified, or their proposition declared invalid. This might stop some of the nonsense from NOM, AFA, and all the other groups and quite a number of politicians.

  9. BigBlackMariah says

    It’s quite a racist assumption on part of the reporter who wrote this story to conclude that just because the people who elected this bigot just did so because they were black and were easily “tricked” into voting for him.

    Yes, he may have misled voters and they may have been too slow or stupid to know what was going on, as you assume. On the other hand, it is true that before President Obama evolved on the issue there was a lot of homophobia in the black community. That community may have evolved with the President, or they may have knowingly voted for this Wilson not because he’s Ron’s cousin but because they remember his homophobic, moronic behavior in the past.

    It would have been nice to have seen some interviews with voters who are irate because they were tricked, if that is indeed the case.

  10. Acronym Jim says

    BREAKING NEWS! Voters tend to vote for candidates with whom they most identify. OMFG!!!!


    And yeah, this fake needs to be (and probably will be) recalled.

  11. Victor says

    If the people who voted for him are angry, they have only themselves to blame. Never mind checking a candidate’s stand on the issues of concern to you, shouldn’t you at least check to see what that person looks like?

  12. ATLguy says

    So basically he ripped off the plot of Eddie Murphy’s “The Distinguished Gentleman”? How original.

    Hopefully there’s a provision for recall elections in Houston’s “Home Rule” charter because it would be great to see this slimy homophobe kicked out.

  13. Bernie says

    there are so many things wrong with this guy……I don’t know where to begin…….this behavior is beyond the pale of politics, it borders on criminal and I think this guy should be recalled or impeached…..Can you imagine someone so dishonest representing you?!!??!

  14. Are you free says

    @ANDY, the same reason why WHITE voters vote for WHITE candidates, LATION voters vote for LATINO candidates and ASIAN voters vote for ASIAN candidates. You’re not really that stupid are you? The man deceived voters into thinking he was going to HELP the community. Perhaps you should read the entire article and not just the parts you think you understand.

  15. Andy is an IDIOT says

    @ZEUS, The only delusional queen in this room is YOU. Check you statistics dear, HISPANICS are utilizing the PUBLIC WELFARE SYSTEM far more than Blacks. And if you take your head out of your ass long enough, you’d know that not all Blacks are Democrats. You’d also know that out of every group this country has every mistreated, ALL were compensated EXCEPT for Blacks. I love it when you dumbfucks come in here and try to excuse your racism for facts. Oh and Andy, the government subsidies that WHITE farmers receive, it’s WELFARE!!!!

  16. WOWZER says

    Hey Zeus, what black guy turned you down? Man o man, you must been butt hurt big time!! LMAO! dude you sound like a total jerk. As in totally, totally!!!! The Hispanic comment was just as racist!!!!

  17. Endoritos says

    Idiot- What are you talking about? “out of every group this country has every mistreated, ALL were compensated EXCEPT for Blacks.”

    Guess what? Fieldhands and household servants didn’t built a lot of wealth back in the good old days, regardless of their ethnicity.

  18. Cadence says

    Andy, Wilson’s opponent is black. So, the argument that people were voting for a black guy instead of a white one doesn’t hold water. It really doesn’t hold up when you consider that Austin had the office for more than 20 years. It also doesn’t seem like either of these people were unknown to the public.

    The basis for your argument is that because Wilson won in a majority black district the only conclusion is that the voters believed that he is black, since black people would not vote for a white man. That’s simply a bunch of bull.

  19. Cadence says

    Victor, his opponent is angry. Despite this story being reported everywhere, no one is including quotes from angry voters who felt that they were deceived. That’s not a surprise. It would seem that the only way for the story to be proven true is if the voters are the ones who are angry.

  20. Endoritos says

    Who cares? It’s a freaking community college board. It’s not like they accidentally elected a gun control advocate to the governorship of Virginia. There are bigger issues out there people.

  21. DC says

    This is so wrong … but still … it made me laugh … yes people are gullible and there are people out there just looking to exploit their gullibility … the solution is to become aware by educating yourself to your world around you. Quit relying on advertising to educate you as to what is going on.

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