1. indorri says

    Not related to the story, but this site now has obnoxious and likely malicious pop ups and scripts running on it. Just got one that caused my phone to download an apk.

  2. Francis #1 says

    Hmm. I wonder if Porno Pete could show us any facts of a prospective college student receiving a scholarship solely for existing as a gay person. Pretty sure we’d be waiting a long time for that.

  3. Mike in the Tundra says

    Well Francis #1, I do know of one scholarship that is only available to LGBT student. A rather wealthy Minnesotan family offers it, because they have many gay relatives and friends. It’s not uncommon for scholarships to be offered to a particular group based on race or gender, etc.

  4. Ron says


    The issue you’re having is nothing new! Andy has never met an ad he didn’t like! lol The sheer volume of ads is ridiculous! Just use Firefox with the Ad-blocker Plus add-on installed. Problem solved!

  5. says

    Mike, yes there are scholarships that are limited to LGBT applicants but they also have to qualify for them with academic standards or activism. It’s not just “Oh, you’re gay? Well here’s some money!”

    That’s also true of scholarships for children of veterans and about everything else up to and probably including left-handed Lithuanian immigrant children.

    There are also many MANY faith & religion based scholarships, not just to religious “schools” like Liberty University but to all other schools. It’s actually kind of ironic because the attitude of some of the more fundamentalist groups is “We’ll give you money to attend school, but you better not actually LISTEN to what them gol-durn liberal elites have to say!”

  6. woodroad34 says

    Yeah, and people receive scholarships for immaturity and believing in faeries and supernatural beings that you can’t see but believe control your life–you know, like you. That kind of makes you insane.

  7. endorisha says

    Peter has been to more circuit parties than I have. He’s been to Gay Days more than I have. He’s been to Beach Ball, and Pride more times than I have. I think he’s obsessed with homosexuality.

  8. Sean says

    Nope. They are getting scholarships for accepting themselves as Nature intended. Those who support freedom are the REAL American Patriots. Peter LaBarbaric is not. He is nothing but a parasitic, grotesque, inhuman, anti-freedom, anti-American, waste of life, blood thirsty, mentally unhinged, barbaric Hitler wannabe who belongs in a mental hospital far away from all sane civilized human beings.

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