1. Paul R says

    Obviously this isn’t great news, but pretty much anyone can get a gun in most states. Serial numbers aren’t a big constraint if someone wants to shoot up a bunch of people, given that in most cases they turn the gun on themselves in the end.

  2. Rafael says

    I wish this revolutionary technology would be highlighted by its more fruitful uses. Like the printing of prosthesis or the instant prototyping of industrial designs.

    Companies like shapeways already offer public access to metal 3D printers over the internet. I doubt they will print you a gun tho.

  3. Tony says

    Paul R,

    Can anyone get a fully functional PLASTIC gun (not detected by a metal detector) without serial numbers or any other tradable details?
    The answer, no.

  4. gordon says

    The gun lovers theory goes that if a madman kills a person or many people , then everyone else around the madman will kill him. That is a great consolation for the murdered loved ones, eh?

  5. Mike says

    Let us not miss the true SCARY point, this is a most chilling SEA CHANGE! What this REALLY means is that now EVERY COUNTRY in the world can be as gun crazy as the United States! All one needs now is Internet access and a 3-D metal printer. The nightmare of Joseph Conrad’s horror as envisioned was nothing by comparison. No one can put this evil genie back in the bottle . . .

  6. FFS says

    A gun that’s accurate at just 30 yards is only good for two things: 1.) shooting tin cans off of fence posts and 2.) massacring captive victims in a confined space with limited options for egress. But, you know . . . IT’S IN THE CONSTITUTION! THIS IS ‘MERIKA, DERR HURR!!!

    P.S. @BARNEY: By and large, Texans may not be too bright, but most of us know the difference between the subject/verb contraction “you’re” and its homophone, the possessive modifier, “your.”

  7. Jim says

    So much for gun control. This is just the start. Sooner or later technology renders useless all attempts at government-imposed bans and restraints. Maybe Diane Feinstein will try to ban machines and electricity next.

  8. MIke says

    I was looking around having remembered “Miss Universe” from Moscow was on last night (missed it) and since there’s nothing except industrial 3-D guns, I assume that absolutely nothing newsworthy happened from Thomas Roberts. Maybe he’ll get arrested on the flight home.

  9. matt says

    Anyone with somewhat reasonable mechanical skills has been able to make their own gun out of hardware store material for ages. This means nothing. This is just a proof of concept to show that metal sintering 3D printing has progressed to the point where it can withstand the tough stresses of a handgun. Are you people seriously afraid someone is going to buy or rent a several hundred thousand dollar printer and use several thousand dollars worth of machine time and materials to print a $500 1911?

    As for “releasing the plans” print accurate plans for 1911s and other guns have been available for decades. All it takes it programming it into the printer.

    P.S. While the company in question has their FFL and can legally manufacture firearms, it’s also perfectly legal for an individual to make an unserialized firearm for private use. Obviously this is only true if the individual can legally own firearms.

  10. Bill Michael says

    OMG…!!! GUN NUTS…!!! They’re EVERYWHERE…!!!
    Grow up and get a life you fool. Look at Chicago. Most restrictive gun laws in the nation — murder capitol of the country.

  11. Candy Bear Stupid says

    Soooo tired of gun enthusiasts pointing at Chicago. It isnt even in the top 10 most violent cities according to Forbes. You’re just trying to point to a liberal city as failing at controlling guns when in reality it is the conservatives who constantly take the laws the people here want and invalidating them before the supreme court. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say “look the murder capital of the America is liberal” and also stop every attempt to curb criminals getting their hands on weapons.

  12. ny2.0 says

    Gotta love the right-wing gun lovers pointing at liberal cities as evidence gun-control doesn’t work. When in fact there are higher death rates as a result of guns in red states. America has the highest rates of gun deaths than any other industrialized nation. But of course to the naive gun lover, more guns is the answer.

  13. Bill says

    @Rafael: While Shapeways will use a 3D printer to create metal parts for you, there is a charge of $8 per cubic centimeter for 3D printing metal objects. The black market is probably way cheaper, at least for now.

  14. Fenrox says

    The real thing here is that it is impossible to control anything, once it’s out there it’s always out there. Regulations need to be about teaching and safety. We can’t stop anyone from getting a gun, but we can teach everyone how to use one to not kill.

  15. WeHo says

    How many gay/lesbian lives are saved each year by the defensive use of a gun? Are our lives worth protecting? In the 8-10 minutes it takes for a cop to arrive, what are you going to do if you’re threatened? Call the ACLU? HRC?

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