Wingnut Peter LaBarbera: Not Surprised Hallmark Removed ‘Sexual Perversion’ from Ornament


We know what Americans for Truth About Homosexuality wingnut Peter LaBarbera is trimming his tree with this year.

Says LaBarbera to wingnut site One News Now:

"Who could blame Hallmark for changing the Christmas carol from 'Don we now our gay apparel' to 'Don we now our fun apparel' because homosexual activists stole the word 'gay.' It used to mean 'happy' and 'joyful' – and now it means, basically, identifying a sexual perversion: homosexuality. So I don't blame Hallmark for making this change. Homosexual activists stole that word just like they stole the rainbow. Now, I don't believe we should let these words go, but it looks like 'gay' is too far gone. We're not going to let the rainbow be used solely as a homosexual symbol, so we're going to fight that. But the fact is, homosexual activists are constantly stealing good things and adapting them to suit their sexual perversion."


  1. Geoff says

    Tsk. He’s not aging well at all. I guess limitless hate does that. I do hope he starts wearing a really bad toupee, also. Somehow, he seems the type. Something that smells like the inside of a new car. He’s becoming a cartoon of himself. Delightful.

  2. northalabama says

    this jerk is president of an splc designated hate group, who falsely claims boys are overwhelmingly abused by gay men more than girls by straight men, in contradiction to fact.

    is his continued hate speech a surprise (or even newsworthy)?

  3. Lymis says

    We didn’t steal the word. They rejected it when it took on an alternate meaning. There are lots of words that have multiple meanings in different contexts, including those that apply to minority groups and ethnicities.

    It isn’t that we co-opted “gay” as much as that once the meaning of the word was ambiguous, the terror that someone might mistake their meaning caused them to reject it entirely.

    Gay people didn’t force straight people to stop saying that they had a gay time at a party or that they were feeling quite gay today. They chose to do it themselves.

    Cry me a river.

  4. woodroad34 says

    And he and his ilk stole righteousness for their own perfidious reasons…Pot calling Kettle black. Such a sinful, stupid, lying mofo. Little man, little brains.

  5. tinkerbelle says

    Let’s see, what good things have I stolen today so that breeders can no longer enjoy them? A couple bags of quinoa… oh right, they don’t like that anyway — and a really cute pair of dayglo pumas… oh right…

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