1. 604brian says

    This can’t be good for the Russian propaganda machines. The Olympics will light up this country, and that light already seems to be showing that they have some very dark and scary corners.

  2. graphicjack says

    While my heart goes out to the innocent victims, I hope enough people think twice about going to Russia for the games. The IOC will back Putin even if it means putting lives at risk. They have a lot of blood on their hands. SHAME.

  3. Jerry says

    Nothing says Olympic “celebration” like suicide bombers! This is what happens when you select a backwards, third world country and try to stage a world-class event. Disaster becomes a distinct possibility.

  4. Lee says

    I hate Russia’s backward ass government but these Islamic savages are worse Islam need to be purged from the world

  5. Mike Ryan says

    Those who have repeatedly advocated an American boycott of the Sochi Games now quietly smile to themselves, as awful as such murders can be. There is sure more to come from these criminals. Take heed all who attend.