1. Steve says

    Beautiful, wonderful, touching and about damn time! Congratulations to all the beautiful couples.

    For the haters: there’s nothing to say to you. Hope you choke.

  2. TANK says

    I know that some of the bitter, middle-aged queens around here aren’t going to like this, but Tank has to say what is on his mind, anyway. While I’m glad about the court decision and think it is a great thing, I kind of wish that this video would feature couples who aren’t quite so stereotypical. These people deserve to be happy and I’m not criticizing them: I’m just saying that not all gay people are flamboyant and over the top, because some of us are the strong, silent, macho, heman type. Inclusiveness means all of us! Anyway, let the trolls commence with this viscous and personal attacks against Tank, who, hey, is just keeping it real!

  3. UFFDA says

    Tank, my god you’re a bore, with that broken record last line especially. I wonder who you think you are with your posture of the final commandment on every subject.

  4. Tristram says

    @ Tank. I don’t think this a stereotypical showing at all. You had a couple of chubby nerds, a regular yuppie couple, a young couple one of whom was adorably excitable and in touch with his femininity. So what if no ‘heman’ types showed up on the day – maybe they were busy defending Eternia from Skeletor?

  5. Bodhi says

    Awesome!!! Wow!!! I can feel the joy as I watch the clip! Reminds me of my own rush to get married in Toronto when the Ontario Courts ruled that it is unconstitutional to ban gay marriage – and it suddenly became legal in June 2003. The Supreme Court made it legal nationwide in 2005.

  6. Klien says

    Tank…go off yourself already. There’s many different (painless) methods these days which can be found online. Try it. Really. You know you’d be happier, and you’d also be doing society a favor

  7. Junior says

    Machismo gays like tank are the reason so many in our community believe all masculine gays have an insecurity complex. It’s pathetic.

    Back to these beautiful couples (which is the real story here)…congrats! you are all amazing and lovely and beautiful and this is well deserved!

  8. Luke says

    Amazing on so many different levels.

    Everyone ignore tank, he’s a bipolar troll and in severe need of mental help, I hope his insurance coverage covers it. And I’m being very sincere with that.

  9. woody says

    Come on, straights of Utah.
    Say you’re happy for these elated people who’ve waited so patiently for something you take for granted.
    It’s the best thing you can do to change the awful taste you’ve left in the mouth of America for the past 10 years.
    Be happy that others have joy

  10. rascal says

    Love the video but, for me, the music’s lyric track is too centered around conflict to accompany these images. Yes, these marriages are a significant political act, but in the actual moments of union, it ought to be about love and love alone. It’s all on the face of the guy with the glasses.

  11. CPT_Doom says

    I always cry @ weddings and this video shows I am not alone. It’s funny, given some of the earlier comments, that I was struck by the variety of couples shown – different ages, different points in their lives, gay & lesbian couples, not to mention the friends and relatives that came to wish them all well. The only improvement I could think for this video would be in if they got shots of the Boy Scouts delivering tasty cheesy goodness.

  12. TANK says

    @KLIEN, Wow, you really have some issues if you think it is cool to tell a fellow gay person to off himself. I guess when you can’t win arguments with logic you can just resort to venomous words. Santa is going to bring you nothing but a big fat piece of coal if you don’t learn some manners! Hey, I’m not hatin'; I’m just keeping it real!

  13. Tyler says

    Tank, how can you, someone who dedicates his online presence to trolling with lies and opinions (but never facts), post with a straight face that you’re keeping it real? I’m mean come on.

  14. Matt says

    I love the video, wonderful!!!
    But I’d have to agree that I don’t like that music. Seems a bit angry, and I’m also so tired of that “I can’t help it that I’m gay” stuff. While that may be true, the time for apologizing for being gay was over a long, long time.

    Cheers to all the happy couples. I’m thrilled to death for them. I was married in October and it was awesome.

  15. TANK says

    Well, I’d show you all who I really am but then you’d see I’m just an ugly troll with no testicles. You see, I have effeminate gays because my family hates me, so I need someone else to hate, and I might as well blame you effeminates for the fact that I’ve never been kissed.

    I’m not actually macho or masculine – I’m your standard issue internet troll. You know, I’ve got a face like a donkey’s butt and I’m twice a fragrant.

  16. says

    Absolutely loved this. It will long be used as as a symbol of a significant moment in history for equality.

    These couples, their friends, supporters and loved ones in a spontaneous sharing in the joy of a taste of equality. No tuxedo’s, no gowns, an everyday growth of beard, a quicksilver shirt with stains on the belly, hoodies, kids in their winter coats, and flower bouquets from the corner store. All make this moment a little slice of special. Thanks for posting this Andy. I shared it too.

  17. TANK says

    Friends, that last post was not by the real Tank: it was by some troll seeking to discredit me! Don’t be fooled; that guy’s IQ is obviously about 10 points lower than Tank’s. But for the record, let me say that my family loves me, I have some good friends in real life, and I’m not ugly, but just sort of average looking. I’m shy in real life so I tend to be more outgoing online. And yes, I am macho; I mean, most people I know are shocked when I tell them I’m gay. I am trying harder to make comments that won’t come off as mean and I wish that everyone here would do the same because frankly, I don’t enjoy reading some of the nasty comments that some of the viscous trolls around here leave in response to my comments. But I won’t go away because I know Andy Towle and my fans here enjoy hearing what I have to say. Thanks!

  18. DannyEastVillage says

    Poor Tank has a serious problem. And–where are the “flamboyant” and “over-the-top” folks he’s referring to? Tank’s internalized homophobia has seriously screwed with his ability to see. Dude, you don’t have to hate yourself just because you’re gay.

    BTW – take a look around, Tank–you won’t find many examples of your fantasy of “he-man” (spell it correctly, will you?) among straight men any more than among gay men. Most guys are just pretty average that way–kinda like the guys in this video.

  19. tom kocour says

    This is the best of all of the wedding videos that have been posted on Towleroad. All of these couples are so beautiful. I think the music is perfect for the circumstances.

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