1. Nigel says

    So the church position is that its “religious liberty” allows for it to prohibit others from exercising their civil rights. Hmm, amazing. Can the church now prohibit employees from voting? Also how many other employees had to give up civil rights? how many divorced and re-married employees got fired? how many employees married to spouses of different religions got fired? Is the church truly enforcing its religious liberty the same way for all employees?

  2. Mike says

    I wonder if all the people complaining about A&E putting Phil Robertson on suspension will also show up to stand for this guy. After all, they are both people who got fired for expressing different religious beliefs than their employers.

  3. woody says

    It’s over, haters. You’ve really lost the younger generation. It’s not only Catholic kids, it’s evangelical kids too.
    Focus on your own marriages and leave gay people alone.

  4. says

    This story is so completely indicative of the growing gulf between the local Catholic powers-that-be and the general public, particularly the younger generations in their schools.

    As long as Mr. Z (as the students call him) was a DADT gay, they were fine with him. (Closets aren’t a problem for the hierarchy.) As soon as he was a public gay in a committed relationship, he had to go. And to the Catholic school kids, for whom a beloved teacher or principal marrying another adult of the same sex is normal and cool, these backwards values are just nuts.

    So, they in their supreme out-of-touch state can keep on firing gay people for the sin of having a family, because technically it’s their right, or they can listen to their students and see the future. Their choice. Bravo to the students and community for taking a stand.

  5. pete n sfo says

    Was anyone, ever, disciplined at the school for some infraction that was in their terms “violation of church teachings”?

    Doubt it.

    This is just more bigotry & prejudice masquerading as religious fervor.

    Until the parents start withholding tuition checks, I don’t expect a big change. The Episcopalians need to start opening schools.

  6. says

    With students and fellow workers like these the fture looks good for Catolics that think for the good of people and not doctrine that is long out of date. The Catholic Church has a history of hypocracy throught the ages. Now let’s hope their parents listen to the heart beat of their kids rater than superstician and mis interpolation of the bible to suite their narrow minded teachings of Today’s Catholic Church..

  7. Francis says

    This is in a suburb of Seattle. Seattle, as we know, is home of Macklemore, and is one of the most progressive, gay cities in the USA. This was never going to fly there, but countrywide, it’s not flying anywhere. LGBT people are being fired from positions they’ve held for years, decades even, solely for being who they are and finding happiness. And people are rightfully disgusted that these individuals they love and have built close relationships with are being treated in such a way.

    The protests here, the similar ones seen in other similar cases throughout the country, the protests regarding Rev. Frank Schaefer who got defrocked for preceding over the marriage his son….religious bigotry isn’t getting the free pass anymore.

    I do agree, though, with Pete. Nothing will change policy wise until people start LEAVING these Churches, whether they be Catholic or otherwise. According to polls, most Catholics are pro-gay and liberal across the board on social issues. Protests like these are a good start, but it’s time to speak with the wallets.

  8. jjose712 says

    I’m sure some priest have a good headache today.
    This kids maybe don’t have the power to change the teacher’s firing, but they are the future of catholic church, and they can’t continue to lose new generations if they want to survive.
    It seems Pope Francis is able to see this, but obviously, most on the hierarchy are totally blind

  9. Mike says

    It’s incredible to see the student body rally behind this vice-principal!

    My Catholic high school fired a favorite teacher of mine in the days following him putting a rainbow bumper sticker on his car, and we all just watched it happen and said nothing. He also was the advisor of our Human Relations Club, which was as close to a gay-straight-alliance we could get at the time. That was ’99.

  10. jar says

    What a heart-warming and life-affirming story. Hopefully, the wellspring of support will carry Zmuda through this difficult time for him. It brought tears to my dry eyes.

  11. Ny Larson says

    Although I totally hate the fact that they fired him, bottom line is that he must have seen it coming when he got married. He signed a contract with an employer who by doctrine does not accept him for his authentic self. I doubt he was surprised that he was asked to leave. It’s just too bad that that everyone loses in this situation. And before people scream about free speech issues, there are many many businesses that have codes of conduct put into contracts. Free speech is our right, but there are always consequences, good or bad, when we decide to execute that right.

  12. andrew says

    The church is between a rock and a hard place. These teens are the product of a Catholic School education which inculcates in them a strong sense of social justice in most areas of life. But when it comes to any issue that in any way involves sex, the celibate led Church just goes crazy.

  13. says

    “Free speech is our right, but there are always consequences, good or bad, when we decide to execute that right.”

    Well, sort of, if you classify getting legally married as speech or as unacceptable conduct. (Which it is to the Catholic church–whereas secretive sexual shenanigans wouldn’t be an issue.) But if we’re talking free speech, the great thing about this story is that the students and his co-workers are exercising their free speech rights to express how wrong and out-of-touch the Catholic hierarchy is. They, rightly, don’t give a sh*t about the antiquated, hypocritical Catholic code of conduct–they just see a respected leader who was unjustly fired for doing what all of them will have the right to do, get married.

  14. says

    2000 years of oppression ends with this generation.

    #ChangetheChurch is a great hashtag.

    No only for it’s discriminatory practices against LGBT but also against church policies of hiding & protecting child sexual abusers, celibacy, birth control, female autonomy, the list goes on.

    My hope is that this energy for change grows and spreads to other schools and organizations.

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