1. Nick says

    We will wait a long time before the cable networks (what passes for news) as well as regular network infotainment newscasts stop using this so-called expert to comment on these issues. He is the go-to guy for commenting on all-things “family-centric”.
    Rational, reasonable discourse isn’t entertaining to viewers-and that is what passes for nooze in this country. Sad-


  2. Paul R says

    I’m clearly immature, because in scanning this post I saw the words Butt OutFront and Tapper.

    Also, polygamous marriages? Marriages with two people are already a mess. If you want to add more to the mix, knock yourself out. And you probably literally should knock yourself out.

  3. Markt says

    Why can’t consenting adults form a family in multiples? Such families have a very long history. Perhaps the age of consent for such marriages should be raised to ensure young people are not coerced into them. But if that is what works for those individuals – who am I to judge?

  4. Dan Cobb says

    The debate is so sophomoric.

    The simple fact of the matter is that if the general public in the United States wanted to outlaw gay marriage, they could. It’s simple. Pass a Constitutional amendment doing so. Pure and simple. The fact is that they couldn’t get that passed.

    Similarly, if the people of the US want to keep gay marriage but outlaw polygamy, they could do so. It’s evidence of a failure to understand how the American democracy works to say what Tony Perkins said. It’s all propaganda.

  5. HadenoughBS says

    C’mon, GLAAD, call out CNN and Jake Tapper for their “failure to disclose” the homophobic truth about Tony Perkins and FRC. I’m really tired of these bigots being presented as experts on issues such as equal marriage. It’s disgusting they almost always get a pass from the mainstream news media.

  6. Merv says

    If these are the kind of people that Christians allow to represent them, then I’m only too happy to continue to treat it as a religion defined by hate and intolerance.

  7. anon says

    Polygamy is outlawed because it deprives men of potential wives. If you’re not wealthy enough, you end up not being able to marry because there are fewer available women.

  8. jpeckjr says

    As I understand the judge’s ruling, it does not make polygamy legal. It rules against the part of the Utah law that makes cohabitation with multiple women illegal. In other words, a man can have only one legal wife, but can live with as many women as will have him, and the state can’t prohibit that kind of household. Maybe I’ve misunderstood, but I don’t think I have.

    Why anyone would want to do that . . . but, then, I’m a gay man and don’t understand the appeal of heterosexuality at all!

  9. jamal49 says

    @DAN COBB So here’s the scenario: the majority of states’ legislatures are under Republican control. The Republicans increase their majority in The House, retake majority control of The Senate in 2014. They retake the White House and further increase their majorities in Congress and in the state governments in 2016.

    Then, with majorities firmly in hand, a Republican Congress passes a proposed amendment to the Constitution that recognizes marriage as only that between one man and one woman by a 2/3 majority. The amendment is then sent to the states where 3/4 of the states’ legislatures under Republican control ratify the amendment.

    It’s that simple. LGBTQ people and women are one or two elections away from having their civil liberties curtailed by a vengeful GOP and its reactionary sycophants.

  10. Randy says

    1:15 “impossible to compare the two because [parade of horribles about polygamy]”

    Sounds familiar to me, even if the victims this time are not like me.

    People have an inherent right to freely define their own families without being forced by government, religion, or corporation.

    Let’s not attack polygamy (which of course includes same-sex polygamy) when the main problem in relationships usually called polygamous is religion.

  11. Surrealness says

    What’s surprising here? Nothing whatsoever. This is one of the anti-gay hells/worlds if the multiverse hypothesis is true. In this world, gays are blamed for EVERYTHING. Earthquakes? Tornadoes? Meteors? Heterosexual divorce rate? Negative birth rates? Heterosexual domestic violence? The rape of women?! Blame the gays! Gays are the go-to scapegoat for anything and everything that ails the dirty anti-gay heterosexual population accross the world.

  12. Rick says

    “Polygamy is outlawed because it deprives men of potential wives. If you’re not wealthy enough, you end up not being able to marry because there are fewer available women.”

    No, it is outlawed because it undercuts the power of women by giving a man more than one sexual and emotional outlet, making him less dependent on any one individual woman. This is why feminists are against it.

    That is really not a valid justification for not allowing women to voluntarily enter into a polygamous relationship with a man (or, for that matter, for a man to enter into a polyandrous relationship with a woman).

    So it is really hard for me to see what the legitimate argument is for allowing two people of the same gender to marry while polygamy is outlawed.

    Not that the jerk in question here is sincere about his concerns–I am just saying that the point is valid even if the messenger is an insincere a-hole.

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