1. Rick says

    “well look what state it is…near the btm of the list in everything good in merikkka”

    Yeah, which is due in large part to the fact that it is the blackest state in the country.

    And a quick Google search reveals that the principals of both of the schools mentioned in the report are black….and that the population of the town (and therefore presumably the student bodies, as well) is 70% black.

    So it is pretty clear that what we have here is yet another example of the ingrained homophobia (often mixed with racism) of the Negro race, wherever on the planet they reside….Mississippi, New York, Nigeria, Jamaica, you name it…….

  2. Rachel says

    @Mark They are from the Southern Poverty Law Center. They’ve crippled the KKK. I think they can handle this school district.

  3. Erick says

    I grew up in Mississippi, so I know how anybody that is different is treated. It took me until I was 23 to come out, and I lost lots of so called friends, most of whom professed to be Christians. I am so glad I move away and now live in the west where it is much better. I know the only way some of these small minded, go to church only on Sunday Christian, will ever get it is to have it shoved in their face. I just want to say that they are not true Christians, because A true Christian has unconditional love, and helps people not push them down.

  4. Rick says

    “They are from the Southern Poverty Law Center. They’ve crippled the KKK. I think they can handle this school district”

    Yeah, and won’t it be priceless to see them have to confront the very same Southern blacks whom they protected from the Klan with their own bigotry and intolerance.

  5. Tyler says

    We get it, Rick. You’re being as racist as possible to incite a negative response. I guess you’ve decided to be a troll because the main figure of this story wasn’t female.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    The poster Andrew and said very eloquently, “…don’t respond to him”. But I’m not as responsible and sensible as Andrew. And so,

    Rick, do you think that White Mississippians would like you any better than Black Mississippians if they ALL knew about your sexual history?

  7. Rick says

    @Derrick Try as desperately as you will, Derrick, you cannot deflect attention from the fact that the overwhelming majority of the time that a story like this involving OVERT and FLAGRANT homophobia appears on this site–or on any other media outlet, the culprits turn out to be black……even as hard as the white liberals reporting the story try to cover up that fact (as they obviously did in this instance).

    Facts are facts, like them or not.

  8. Rick says

    @Derrick Regardless of how hard you try to deflect attention from the facts, the reality is that the overwhelming majority of the time a case of overt and blatant harrassment of this sort is reported on this site (or in any other media outlet), regardless of where in the country or the world it takes place, the culprits turn out to be black……and that is not a coincidence.

    Facts are facts, like it or not.

  9. litper says

    butch lesbs are as disgusting as fem gays, they’re just a propaganda of heterosexuality who wants to portray homosexuality as deviation

  10. Rick says

    And the fact is I’m a complete and utter coward who hates blacks and effeminate liberal gays almost as much as my parents hated not paying for that abortion all those years ago. My name is Rick, I am an impotent troll, and if Andy Towler updates this site’s comment section in a way that no longer enables me to post hateful diatribes from a place of complete anonymity I will be forced to finally just die alone.

  11. emjayay says

    Pretty funny, fake Rick.

    Now if this blog would just get one of the systems used by every other blog in existence to fix the identity problem….