1. John says

    Have yet to meet a man that looks like that and doesn’t behave like a girl. Prefer a more well-rounded presentation of the gay community, fit-gay men of all ages. Then again, these guys are too young to realize that staring in a gay-themed underwear ad is anything but a career high.

  2. ken says

    Another video that doesn’t know mistletoe from holly! Mistletoe has white berries not red. It is not that difficult to figure out. Despite these botanical failings I found the video overall to be quite entertaining in a cute slutty gay way.

  3. William says

    This song is great and the video gives me a chance to play my favourite game…”SPOT THE BLACK/ASIAN GUY”

    Black: 1
    Asian: 0

    JK…JK everybody KNOWS blacks and asian gays aren’t REALLY sexually attractive! Am I right Marc Dylan 😉

    ….of course I am XOXO

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