Edie Windsor is a Finalist for TIME ‘Person of the Year’


TIME managing editor Nancy Gibbs has named the shortlist for the magazine's annual 'Person of the Year' issue, and it includes DOMA plaintiff  and SCOTUS victor Edie Windsor.

TimeBashar Assad, President of Syria
Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder
Ted Cruz, Texas Senator
Miley Cyrus, Singer
Pope Francis, Leader of the Catholic Church
Barack Obama, President of the United States
Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran
Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services
Edward Snowden, N.S.A. Leaker
Edith Windsor, Gay rights activist

President Obama took the title last year.


  1. Paul R says

    Come on. The first four would never get it. That would be a joke. (Miley Cyrus? Really?) Obama won’t get it twice in a row, nor will the others aside from Windsor, who is too unknown. So that leaves the Pope. Super.

  2. MaddM@ says

    Wow, I forgot how much newsworthy stuff happened this year. I love Edie, but against Pope Francis and Edward Snowden she has some big competition

  3. pete n sfo says

    I would love Edie, and think she’s deserving.

    But, remember this is actually about Marketing & Sales… that means, Pope Francis.

    I suppose if they detail the growing rift between the church & its American leadership, I’ll have to be satisfied.

  4. Dex says

    Miley Cyrus? I feel like I would faith in humanity if she were the most interesting person of the year. blerg

  5. crispy says

    Person of the Year isn’t most interesting. It’s the person who had the biggest influence, and typically Time editors like to choose someone who represents what the year will be known for. So keep in mind that it can be a villain or someone not well liked.

    I think they could actually make a pretty strong case for Miley Cyrus considering she represents how desperate and vapid culture has become. (Feeling more cynical than usual this morning.)

    There’s no way it should be Obama. His influence has been stifled by Republicans in the House, and it almost feels like he gave up this year.

    Edith Windsor represents a too narrow topic, albeit an important one, that doesn’t have much global ramifications outside the U.S. I can’t see how it would be her.

    My money is on Snowden. Love him or hate him, his actions have had a massive global impact that has the changed the world’s perception of the U.S. and of the Obama administration. He is also a strong example of the era of openness and free information we live in now because of technology.

  6. oncemorewithfeeling says

    It really is an honor just to be nominated (even with some of the dregs of society on that list), but I think she deserves it and I hope she gets it. She changed the world to a degree that few others can or have.

  7. MichaelJ says

    I too am betting on Snowden, for the pretty much the same reasons Crispy stated.

    Yes, it is an honor to be nominated, which is why it is really sad that Miley Cyrus was nominated. She already has an inflated sense of her self-worth and doesn’t need anything that further feeds her ego.

  8. says

    I’d love for it to be Edie, and it’s lovely she’s in the running, but I agree that Snowden is most likely. That story was huge, is very completely of the times, and the fact that he’s become Russia’s boy toy should seal the deal.

  9. gr8guya says


    That will allow for the debate between traitor/whistleblower to be fully aired, as it should be. I think that Time might include an editorial that advocates leniency or even a pardon. (However, that would be impossible in political terms.)

    Personally, I now view him as a patriotic whistleblower, like Daniel Ellsberg. He saw something that was wrong and, at first, tried internal means to report it. When that failed, he went public. He didn’t do if for money and he leaked selectively, unlike Manning.

    Interestingly, he doesn’t qualify for legal whistleblower status because contract workers for the NSA do not receive that

    The fact that we have been having an open debate about the extent of surveillance and its morality is proof of the validity of his disclosures. He performed a service for all of us. And I am sure that Angela Merkel would agree.

    But the Pope would sell more magazines. So, who knows?

  10. Dan B says

    i think Snowden would sell more magazines actually, but think they’ll give it to the Pope – and deservedly so.

  11. FFS says

    This is “Time” magazine. Whomever they pick, it’s sure to be the person that’ll make everyone think, “Really?”

  12. Ted says

    come on folks, a vote for Edie is a vote for progress lol thanks Edie for all that you have done
    On a related note, not Justice Kennedy? too US focused?