1. Vint says

    I hope someone tells her you can get it from Amazon…

    Not as amusing as looking for it, but more fulfilling in the end.

  2. UFFDA says

    Effing stupid, why don’t you just cut this kind of crap out of this otherwise epic site. It’s exactly why the young gay men I know are completely underwhelmed by “gay culture”…to much trash.

  3. Tyler says

    Speaking of effing stupid, Uffda (Rick) is here to spread some of his anti-effeminacy Christmas cheer. How effing stupid.

  4. UFFDA says

    Ya, maybe “epic” is wrong, although I meant it for towleroad generally. Close enough though, sans CoCo in the morning.

  5. luminum says

    Wow, UFFDA, as a part of those “young gay men”, I would say you’re delightfully out of touch. Everyone knows that Miss Coco is the tits. But nice try.

  6. UFFDA says

    LUMINUM – ya, nice try indeed, we’re just not really into “tits”. Merry Christmas however you enjoy it.

  7. UFFDA says

    Poor CONSTANTIUS, you really don’t know how to live do you? The “gay lifestyle” is crap. It’s immaterial. It’s unimportant. It means nothing special. You’re gay, you get up in the morning, you make your life up out of the whole world, not just some special gay back eddy of “gender non-conformity” where all the rules have been transcended on the road to a lavender Fairyland. Get a life yourself.

  8. andrew says

    Coco Peru is not my cup of tea, but the Gay World is a big wide wonderful diverse world, and there is plenty of room for all of us.