Gay Couples Rush for Marriage Licenses in Utah Ahead of Stay Request Hearing: PHOTO


Equality Utah reports that lines are wrapped around two floors at the Salt Lake County Complex as gay couples rush for marriage licenses prior to a 9 am hearing by Judge Robert Shelby to address the Utah governor's request for a stay of the ruling legalizing same-sex marriage.

An emergency stay was denied by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals last night.

Equality Utah has a few other updates on getting married today:

Davis County: "Davis county lines are less than 100 people. Great chance of getting through the lines there. If u can make it to Davis county, that's the fasts way to get through  Let us know how it goes."

"Morgan County is a yes to LOVE. They are issuing licenses. Spread the word :-)"

"Weber county is open!"

"Washington County commissioner open his doors early.issuing licenses today. Please share this post with anyone u know in the st George area."

And everything else you need to know about getting married today.