Gay Couples Rush for Marriage Licenses in Utah Ahead of Stay Request Hearing: PHOTO


Equality Utah reports that lines are wrapped around two floors at the Salt Lake County Complex as gay couples rush for marriage licenses prior to a 9 am hearing by Judge Robert Shelby to address the Utah governor's request for a stay of the ruling legalizing same-sex marriage.

An emergency stay was denied by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals last night.

Equality Utah has a few other updates on getting married today:

Davis County: "Davis county lines are less than 100 people. Great chance of getting through the lines there. If u can make it to Davis county, that's the fasts way to get through  Let us know how it goes."

"Morgan County is a yes to LOVE. They are issuing licenses. Spread the word :-)"

"Weber county is open!"

"Washington County commissioner open his doors early.issuing licenses today. Please share this post with anyone u know in the st George area."

And everything else you need to know about getting married today.


  1. Ironic Serendipity says

    I’m surprized the other anti-gay governors aren’t telling Utah to ‘take one for the team’. If they truly don’t want gay marriage mandated nationwide, they would not push the appeals process. Bring it on though, so we’ll have it in all 50 States, even Mississippi, lol.

  2. Gerry says

    @Bingo… that was the request for an interim stay until Shelby ruled – and it was only one request, not the second. Shelby will rule, and if he refuses it then goes back to the 10th circuit for another decision, and then potentially to SCOTUS.

  3. ATLJason says

    All this news out of Utah is electrifying and amazing…but are we really ready for this to go to SCOTUS? We all know that we are on the right side of history and that our cause is just…but are we sure enough about Justice Kennedy to take this thing all the way yet? An adverse ruling from SCOTUS could set us back years. I’m excited…but really really nervous.

  4. Gerry says

    @ATLJASON – We’ll have to see how it plays out. SCOTUS is at least a few years away, and the court already telegraphed their intention in Windsor. I think what we’ll see is district and circuit courts one by one strike down these laws and by the time it reaches SCOTUS the majority of the country will already have marriage equality. I think that is what the court intended. Let it happen piecemeal to diffuse the wingnut outrage. Yeah, they’ll still complain, but most Americans will just tune them out.

  5. says

    BINGO is correct that Utah filed a motion for a stay the 2nd time with the 10th circuit and was denied again. The 10th circuit says to wait for the decision of the federal judge first if they want to apply again.