Gay Rights Advocate Convicted In Russian Court: ‘I Will Not Stop’

Russian flagDmitri Isakov, a gay rights advocate, has been convicted under Russia's anti-gay propaganda laws for holding a protest sign in a central square of his city. The law, which was instated in June (when Isakov held his protest), has now prompted three convictions.

The New York Times reports:

A regional court in Kazan, Russia, convicted a gay-rights advocate on Thursday for violating the country’s much-criticized law against “gay propaganda.”

The advocate, Dmitri Isakov, faces a fine of 4,000 rubles, or about $120, for having stood on a central square in June while holding a sign that read: “Being gay and loving gays is normal. Beating gays and killing gays is criminal.”

Though he has been punished, Isakov had only one message about his activism: "I will not stop."


  1. terry says

    It’s a perfect law. Anyone who says it isn’t is in violation of it. In the 50s US defending a communist made one suspect themselves. Who will defend a gay person when it automatically makes them a criminal? Anyone defending a gay and knowing the penalty is insane and its only a matter of time before Putin pulls the old Soviet trick of sending these insane protesters away to psyche prisons until they are “cured”.

  2. Gigi says

    What’s even more sickening about the law is the number of American Talibangelists rushing to defend it. Applaud it. They’re so blinded by their hate of gay people that they’re willing to support Putin and his Draconian law. They’re cheered when Uganda finally passed their anti-gay law as well. They won’t be killing us for being gay…be gays who are “repeat offenders” can be sentenced to life in prison. I can hear them beating their bibles as I type this.

  3. Tristram says

    Bravo! I wonder how many of the trolls on this blog would have this kind of courage. It’s one thing to snipe from the dark, and another to stand in broad daylight and shout what you know is right.

  4. says

    This case is really twisted. Isakov was in Kazan and held a poster that said “It’s normal to be gay and to love gays. It’s a crime to beat gays and kill gays”.

    A teenager from Arkhangelsk, 1000 miles away, READ ABOUT IT ON THE INTERNET and lodged a complaint about propaganda of homosexuality.

  5. littleblackdress says

    My heart goes out to you, Dmitri Isakov! You’re a champion! Don’t let anyone tell you differently. :-)

  6. Randy says

    Dmitri would have been a better choice for person of the year 2013.

    His simple statement is the issue of this year.