Gay Speed Skater Blake Skjellerup Fails to Qualify for Sochi Olympics, is First Alternate for 500M


Gay speed skater Blake Skjellerup, who had promised to wear a rainbow pin to the Sochi games and "be myself" in Russia, has failed to qualify, Outsports reports:

SkjellerupSkjellerup, who was poised to become the first publicly out gay male competitor in Winter Olympics history, competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics before coming out publicly. He finished 16th in the 1000-meter in Vancouver. As of now, there will be no publicly out male athletes competing in Sochi.

There is still a chance for Skjellerup to get to Sochi. Because he finished 33rd in the world rankings of the 500-meter, he is the first alternate for the Olympic Games. That means if any of the qualifying nations choose not to send a skater for their qualifying spot, Skjellerup would be the next in line. Officials at US Speed Skating said he has a long shot at the 1000-meter, but that is a distant long shot as he is the fifth or sixth alternate.

Skjellerup missed by one spot. More at Outsports


  1. Perry says

    Anyone who follows the sport knows this isn’t surprising. He wasn’t a top athlete at the 2010 Vancouver game and his results the last 4 years have been consistently outside a top 32 qualifying position. This is why boycotts of any Olympics is disastrous for athletes. The VAST majority of athletes only make it to one Olympic Game. People who call for boycotts show that they know nothing about competitive athletics. Now he can move on and probably use his noteriaty to feed his fame seeking whore side.

  2. UntilNextWeek says

    @ Perry. You’re the attention seeking whore. As if a few hundred athletes who got up REALLY EARLY, worked REALLY HARD, and spent A LOT OF MONEY are obviously, self-evidently more important than the LGBT people who face breath-taking persecution, and all THEIR hard work just so they can LIVE.

  3. Karen says

    PERRY …and what you’ve shown is how you know nothing about the social contract, or the importance of human equality for all. How nice for you that your privilege allows for your ignorance and free-time to troll.

  4. Bill says

    @UntilNextWeek: who qualifies depends on objective, albeit arbitrary criteria as to performance at specific competitions. A tenth of a second in one race can make the difference between qualifying or not. Since they are measuring times and the order in which individuals finish a race, there is no “wiggle room” that would allow someone who is biased to “ding” him for promising to wear a pin.

    There’s probably a bit of luck involved in who gets to go – catching a cold at the wrong time could mean not qualifying when one otherwise might.

  5. GregV says

    Though I wouldn’t wish bad luck on any other competitor, would the chances not be fairly strong that one of those 15 who made the list will
    come down with the flu or a sprained ankle or an unplanned pressing concern to deal with?

  6. albertam says

    what a bonehead, he really jinxed himself big time and shooting his mouth off like that. he probable got taken off the team because of the publicity and for his safety too if he prance his sexually around in Russia. Guess he wanted to make a name for himself. and the team might have not wanted this kind of rep bruising their game spirit.

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