1. Hey Darlin' says

    The real problem here seems to be that once again a certain religion (it varies depending on the topic) has decided that they know best for EVERYONE and use their numbers to become a political party.

    When are religions going to realize that although they exist they aren’t the only one that exists nor is theirs the best option for everyone. Enough of the dictatorial leadership. Lead by example and stop trying to bully everyone else, including religions you don’t want the competition from. We all have beliefs, we just don’t all believe that everyone should place only ours first nor do we think the best way to be first is to oppress a group of people to get there.

    The church is suffering from cherry picking topics they wish to push to the forefront and scare people into donations. Modern society is too well educated to believe the scare tactics and blame being pushed upon it. They are in no way suffering from lives they choose not to lead gaining the equality and respect any religion should place at the forefront of their belief.

  2. Gregory In Seattle says

    @Hey Darlin’ – “When are religions going to realize that although they exist they aren’t the only one that exists nor is theirs the best option for everyone.”

    It will continue until the court system in the United States grows a spine and stops kow-towing to the Talibangelicals and wanna-be theocrats. Yeah, I’m not holding my breath either.

  3. Dan Cobb says

    Hearing Cardinal Dolan talk about being “out-marketed” on the gay marriage issue goes to show just how corporate life in the USA has become. “Out-marketed”? Really? Sounds a little too MBA for a “spiritual” leader, don’t you think?

  4. james st. james says

    All religion is just glorified superstition, and once they have had their run they become mythology. Yeah, I’m saying Jesus will take his place along with Zeus, Odin, Thor, Apollo, and……you get the point.

    The RC church had an enormously successful run as an adjunct to European monarchs, the only one of whom it will not outlast being the Queen/King of England. Who by the way started their own religion (Henry VIII), how cool was that?

    When they turned the altar around and started speaking English that was their recognition of the beginning of the end of the game. And now with modern communication and increasing education the end is coming all the faster for the RC Church and its Timothy Dolans.

  5. Jexer says

    Social fear, guilt and shame are church’s big retention gimmick. Give us your money, give us your time, give us your votes… or this big group of people will call you a ‘bad person’ and make life difficult for you.

    It’s a huge fricking fraudulent scam. With singing.

  6. Hey Darlin' says

    @Gregory In Seattle – I’ve already turned blue – and then given up. It’s very sad that religion is now also a political choice and has drifted so far from the shore. The U.S. polices other political organizations but when you combine it with religion it allows great camouflage. The political organizations realize they can use religion as cover and still get their message out. We sure can’t rely on religion to police from within – hence the turning blue.

  7. woody says

    meanwhile, back at the Vatican, pope-emeritus benedict and his closet full of red designer shoes retired to a newly-refurbished four-story home overlooking the vatican gardens with his movie-star handsome consort 30 years his junior.

  8. Geradline Markham says

    True, James st. James, which is why they’ve turned extremely violent towards us, and other non-politically correct RCC approved groups. It’s all they’ve got left; Violence. They will tear down the society they no longer control and extort. And as a nation, we’ve crippled their supply of rape-victims.

    My question is; Why isn’t Dolan (et al) listening to their own goddarn pope? Didn’t Francis tell Dolan and the rest of his Opus Dei Goons to cut it out with the hating?

    Aren’t they in violation of not following the so-called spiritual leader of the world, the Voice of God on Earth? Are they ignoring him?

    Makes you wonder who’s really pulling the strings. Probably that ‘Pope’ who’s still alive, hidden away in a room ‘studying’ – you know; Ratzinger.

    As ‘Benedick’ is the first pope since the 14th century to merely ‘Step Down’ rather than die in office like he is supposed to, its paper-thin obvious that Francis is the Gloss and Ratizinger/Benedict is the glue and guts running the whole damnned machine…ironically from the closet!

    And this is why creeps like Dolan are still running around flapping their gums with vicious hate; They are REALLY following Benedict and not Francis.

    The RCC cannot eat their cake and have it too. But they are trying really, really hard. Pick one leader boys…and if you dare…stick to his message.

    Which is it going to be, a Papacy of Love or Hate?

    We, and Jesus will await your response…!

  9. woody says

    Well, Geraldine, Francis isn’t living in a two-room suite at a Vatican pensione for the continental breakfast.
    He’s much safer living on a hallway full of other guests. I think he knows that living in the isolated Vatican apartment where JP1 was (probably) poisoned is not a good idea; especially when, as you say, the college of cardinals is full of right-wingers appointed by Benedict and John-Paul II.
    The USCCB recently appointed the head of its anti gay marriage office as it’s new chief, replacing Dolan. They are indeed acting as if Francis was never elected and Benedict were still pope. It’s very similar to the GOP who see Obama as an illegitimate president and refer to him as “the current occupant of the White House.”
    Francis says he’s staying in the the Vatican guest house ’cause he likes to be around people and, it’s true, that he shunned the archbishop’s palace for a downtown apartment in Buenos Aires. But in Rome, this is about safety. He’s much safer in public, so he lives in a public place.

  10. shawnthesheep says

    It’s too bad that Stewart’s partner in satire, Stephen Colbert, did little more than kiss Cardinal Dolan’s big white ass when he had him on his show a few months ago.

  11. woodroad34 says

    Well dull Dolan, you don’t get to be the first among protected rights by not learning how the Catholic Church did it; am I right? You know all about marketing and fear mongering and raising money off those fears…but fear mongering wears people down and they’re looking for some hope, love and peace of mind, which is something the Catholic Church and all other religions have forgotten how to do. Your collective souls are dark, bitter and miserable and it shows through in your “message”. I’m afraid Gays haven’t “out-marketed” anyone; you’ve just become extremely bad at it. Oh, and saying you’re “for traditional marriage and not anti anything” is a prime example of your ignorance and bad leadership.

  12. anon says

    The Catholic Church has lost the political power it once had in NY, which was considerable. There just isn’t an alignment of voters now that can force politicians to vote the teachings of the church into law. The split between evangelical Republicans in the northern part of the state and Democratic Catholics in the south has essentially stalled out anything the Church has tried to accomplish. Of course Dolan knows this exactly, but he can’t spill the beans.

  13. pete n sfo says

    I felt like The Daily Show was too easy on this buffoon. They really need to bring him down more than a few notches.

    Personally, I think they themselves are a little spooked by the possibility of blowback from the Katholic Khurch Kulture.

  14. simon says

    If it is about marketing, then Dolan should avoid turning people off by appearing on TV so often. He should hire some Hollywood actor to do the marketing.

  15. andrew says

    Maybe the Catholic Church has lost all credibility to speak on ethics and morality because it’s Bishops including Dolan hid the crimes of priests from lawful authorities and transferred them from parish to parish thus endangering the welfare of thousands of children. In a just world David Gregory would have been interviewing Dolan in the prison where he rightly belongs, for the harm he caused to children, for his own role in the coverup.

  16. Bill says

    The other funny thing is the religious nuts who claim that being abused as a child makes people gay, the logical conclusion of which is that Dolan’s organization, with its child abuse history, created a lot of gays who want to get married.

    Dolan can explain it as a communication issue, like in the fake employee evaluation questionaire:

    Communication skills:

    (1) Talks to God.
    (2) Talks to others
    (3) Talks to himself
    (4) Argues with himself
    (5) Loses arguments with himself

    I’ll give Dolan item 5 on that one.

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