Grindr Reveals Best Of 2013 Awards, Makes Predictions For 2014

The winners of Grindr’s Best of 2013 Awards are:

  • Gay icon of the year: Neil Patrick Harris
  • Straight ally of the year: Lady Gaga
  • Best coming out story: Wentworth Miller
  • Enemy of the LGBT community: Vladimir Putin
  • Best song of 2013: “Same Love: by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
  • Best movie of 2013: Gravity
  • Best TV show on air: “Modern Family”
  • Most wanted man in the Grindr cascade: Channing Tatum
  • Best comeback of 2013: Netflix
  • Social blunders: Miley Cyrus’ twerking
  • Biggest loss of 2013: Cory Monteith
  • Next celebrity to come out: Taylor Lautner
  • Hottest gadget of 2014: iPad Air
  • Next state/country to legalize gay marriage: Florida
  • Next celebrity train wreck: Justin Bieber
  • What will become obsolete: Facebook


  1. Joey Y says

    What’s a “dating app?” An app where people don’t put out? Some people do still meet in person, through friends, etc.

  2. Mikey says

    I’ve met friends on there. I never understand the outright derision on the comments re: Grindr. Settle down, people.

  3. FFS says

    Heh. I love that you ladies all think of yourselves as interesting enough to “date.” Don’t stop believin’!

    If the Grindr folks are looking to innovate, I’d suggest they start by opening an Exchanges Department. All the guys that pop up in the grid around where I live are unfortunate looking. I’d like to trade them in for some hotter trade.

  4. acorlando says

    Next marriage equality state-> Florida??
    No way FL will go equality unless it is court ordered. We have a tight constitutional amendment that requires a new ballot initiative with a 60% override. THEN, the tea-party legislature would have to change the laws. Ain’t gonna’ happen.


  5. Troy says

    Be very careful on those sites; the ones you meet on there, they usually set you up for a actual meet face to face and some guys have been robbed, beaten and worse -killed. Remember anyone can be anyone they want to be behind a computer. Those fabulous dating don’t mention that side of it.

  6. gr8guyca says

    I once used Grindr while at a bar in the Castro. The damn thing almost exploded. Guys at 2 ft away, 4 ft away, 5 ft away, etc….

  7. Lars says

    That ‘Florida’ answer says a lot about the information level of Grindr users, and how much (or little) they understand the political landscape with regard to our rights or otherwise.

  8. Mike Ryan says

    Gosh, I date all the time and have never once turned to Grindr. This is San Francisco – no need for Grindr here.

  9. Randy says

    “Best movie of 2013: Gravity”

    Well, if we’re going to go THERE then we might as well have said Pacific Rim, which was a lot better than it had any right to be, whereas Gravity did not achieve what it should have.

  10. Sean Maloney says

    LOL. I have to agree with the Facebook prediction. I dumped it in September, along with the Twit.

  11. Chrisme says

    I met my now husband on Grindr.

    Whatever you call it …Dating App, Hookup App, etc….it’s like life.

    It is what you make of it.