1. sundayboy says

    Er no, Reichcommanger Klingenschmitt , we won’t be doing that.

    Instead, why don’t you pursue genuine Christian gestures like helping the sick and the poor?

  2. e.c. says

    Hey, Crazyhat! You do know that of all the things you half wits like to attribute to Jesus, divorce is the one thing he would NEVER promote to anyone. The big J never said anything about gays but he was totally against divorce in case you missed those parts of the bible (which I’m guessing you read the Cliff’s Notes version of for whatever cut-rate seminary you attended).

  3. Kevin F says

    So one set of Christians are arguing that there can never be a marriage between two members of the same gender because it just can’t happen because of some cosmological mumbo jumbo. So even if you have a ceremony, sign a license and all that jazz it never actually happened on some ontological level. Now another group of Christians is claiming that we will all need to get divorced because we give Jesus the sadz?

    They need to make up their minds. Their silly arguments are showing.

  4. Jonna the Woodswoman says

    This idiot should be used as the poster boy for why religion is a cancer on humanity. He’s a freak and a moron. Shove a bible up his ass after you wrap it in barbed wire.

  5. Michael says


    Jesus met a gay man, via the Roman Centurion trying to heal his ‘pais’ (a term used to denote the younger male in a gay relationship, ie his ‘slave’) and said of him, ‘Never have I seen faith greater than this’.

    Jesus also mentions gay men as ‘born eunuchs’ as one of the three types of men not made for marrying women.

    He again mentions homosexuality when he states “Whomever call his brother ‘raca’ is in danger of hellfire” where raca was the term for the f-word.

    btw, the most passionate love story in the Bible is between two men.

    So give me a flipping break here.

  6. Mike says

    He sounds like a chaplain when I was in the service who made it his main mission to seek out and eliminate ALL gays in the military. He also literally said “Kill a commie for Christ” several times. Several soldiers reported him for both things to head officers and they were the ones who disappeared . . .

  7. Ted says

    He looks like one of the fish from Spongebob. Oh, I’m sorry, that wasn’t a very Christian thing to say. Then again, I am not qualified to speak for Jesus, and neither is he. The arrogance is appalling.

  8. Jexer says

    @Michael- I think you’re reaching a bit with the ‘raca’ definition. The bible attributes Jesus as condemning name-calling in general, not specifically calling people the f-word.

  9. Michael says


    An interesting possibility is proposed by the Lamsa Bible, which renders the passage in this way:

    “You have heard that it was said to those who were before you, You shall not kill, and whoever kills is guilty before the court. But I say to you that whoever becomes angry with his brother for no reason is guilty before the court; and whoever should say to his brother, Raca (which means, I spit on you) is guilty before the congregation; and whoever says to his brother, you are effeminate [Footnote: Aramaic, brutish; abnormal. We might want to add here that the word “effeminate” conveys the thought of being “womanly” or “unmanly”–a sexual reference to homosexuality], is condemned to hell fire.”

  10. Yonah Gefen says

    What is it about some Christians that they cannot seem to comprehend that not everyone subscribes to the tenets of Christianity? Thus, what value would it be of if Jesus were to command me? None. In many cases JC seems like a nice enough guy, though he sure had his moments. It all seems an exercise in cognitive dissonance.

  11. Chuck Mielke says

    Religion has always, in part, amounted to nothing more than threatening the ignorant with imaginary magical powers, except during theocratic times when religion had state powers.

  12. anon says

    Roman society was not built on “love” marriages, but on “contract” marriages. Slaves were for sex. A gay marriage in 30 AD Judea would have been seen as a minority sect thing for weird outsiders. There were several chaste minority sects in Judea, and Jesus started one of them. A non-chaste sect would have been hard to explain but no one would probably ask. Certainly when the New Testament passed into Greek hands the idea of male lovers would have been uncontroversial. A gay marriage would not have been possible in Greece, where minority sects were outlawed routinely and religious worship mandatory. There were, however, “secret” sects throughout Greece because of this and some had a direct influence on Christianity.

  13. Lee says

    once upon a time people who talked to Jesus, God, etc and got an answer were burned at the stake. Now it is SO common that people know exactly what the divine 3 (if Christian) would do and say …. no fires yet?

  14. says

    Thank the stars some people stay in the closet, that dude with the Nazi name is one ugly Mo-Fo, he is probably just pissed no dude ever came on to his ugly ass, it’s like geeky straight men who hate the prom queen and spend the rest of their lives abusing woman. Is this dude even American? Did I mention his Nazi name? That Hitler did love the Catholics

  15. Gay Guy says

    Jesus kept a strict Saturday sabbath, observed the diretary laws (no pork, no shrimp, separation of meat from dairy), and various other laws that conservative Christians feel free to ignore! How date he be so selective!

  16. Tarc says

    That guy should write for V; he seems like a pro at writing outlandish fictional material for fictional characters. Of course, he’d have to work for FOX, with the whole right-wing, totally insane propaganda thing he’s got going on.

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