1. David From Canada says

    On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give this clip a 3. It was meant to be funny(I think), but it was just plain stupid more than anything else.
    P.S. Davey Wavey was the worst thing about the whole clip.

  2. TANK says

    Okay, I know I’m really going to get some negative comments from some of the trolls around here, but Tank has to respond to this mess of a video. Can we please have some macho gay guys start getting more involved in producing material for the social media? Yes, some of the people in our community are queenish and the opposite of rugged and though and manly, but that is not the only face of the gay community! Many of us take pride in being gay and being he-men: can we get a little more representation in the media, please!? I’m not hating, guys, I’m just keeping it real, as per usual!

  3. staredecisis says

    “I’m so sick of them and their type. Let’s get rid of minority rule.”

    That’s funny. This is exactly what homophobes routinely say about the gay community.

  4. andrew says

    @TANK: You present yourself as a macho gay guy, so why not take your own advice and get “more involved in producing material for the social media”? You could probably get UFFDA, who also sees himself as a macho gay guy, to assist you. Give it a shot. There is room for the representation of all different kinds of gay guys in social media. That certainly includes “he-men” like you and UFFDA.

  5. will says

    Tank, why are you always referencing yourself in the third person? Tank says: “It is time for TANK to weigh in on this subject. Tank will deign to grant you his opinion!”

    Really, Tank. For a he-man, you do act like a diva!

  6. CC says

    If the so called masculine men would take their own advice and “man up”, show their faces more and not be so closeted an dl, maybe there would be more of their kind represented in the media(in a positive light), but like the cliche, a good man is hard to find. Queens have been the brave ones to live and fight. If only your balls were half as big. What a shame!

  7. Jons says

    You gotta love the subtil sockpupetting going on in here.

    > first handle: “OMG faggots!”
    > 2 minutes later, another handle: I agree with troll 1
    > 10 minutes later, a third handle: I agree with troll 1 & 2
    > 3 hours later, fourth handle: All of you faggots who disagree with troll 1, 2 & 3 are just faggots!

    Wow, we’re, like, totally fooled.

  8. UFFDA says

    I love this fight, Shriek Vs. Shout, because it’s so much fun to insult the queens who stomp their feet and toss their curls demonstrating every case against them as well as their abscence of any sense of the ridiculous. Fortunately it is dawning on people everywhere that the fools are merely a cringe-ditsy sideshow as more and more regular guys show up gay. No one needs to be macho, just steady normal will do the trick of clearing up the offal left by the godawful.

  9. dave says

    i agree with a lot of the posters-are queens the new gay? i realize our gay brethren encompasses all but why are they only showing the excessively flamboyant ones in this clip=much like a pride parade-where the exact same thing homophobes accuse us of being are
    the only thing that are on parade-oh that and being a twink………

  10. Jerome says

    “…merely a cringe-ditsy sideshow as more and more regular guys show up gay. No one needs to be macho, just steady normal will do the trick of clearing up the offal left by the godawful…” POSTED BY UFDDA

    You sir need Medical help.


  11. Rowan says

    Different strokes, Different folks. Damn, who cares? Tank, you sound just as bad as the gays who are obsessed with calling everyone a bottom, she and girl. BOTH are extreme and obsessive.

  12. Alan says

    Ah yes, talking about how sick you are of their “type” and “propaganda” of effeminacy. You “macho” men are sounding more and more like the hateful, closed-minded bigots who have oppressed gays for centuries. Who cares if a gay person is overly macho (and obviously ding o to compensate for being gay) just regular macho, an average guy, or “effeminate” ? There are all sorts of different people in the world, and blaming effeminate gays for your problems will solve nothing and only shows what a troglodyte you are. You’d think you would have learned that bullying other people for being different from you is wrong since you are gay and had to put up with that yourself. Apparently not.

  13. jdb says

    it amazes me how many of us bully anyone who defies gender “norms” and exhibit less than our very subjective and diverse opinions of what masculinity should look like. guys: you’re showing us you have some deep-seated insecurities when you do that. you’re also not coming off as masculine as you think when you get catty. How exactly are you any better than the homophobic bullies that spout the same crap?

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