1. Fenrox says

    If you want to update a story with a superficial change, you are doing your story a disservice. Don’t just change Santa’s gender, orientation or race as clickbait, create a story that supports your change and explores the possibility you have created.

    So yeah, lets see some black Santa action, maybe something more regional though and not like a Kwanza-bot (ala futurama), but hey, maybe that story would be great.

    One thing is for certain, the “actual” story of Santa is NOTHING, there are some wonderful myths that have been homogenized into our current Santa. You can only go up honestly.

  2. MaryM says

    Jesus and Santa are fictional characters so they are whatever colour you want them to me.

    Although seeing as Jesus was an Arab Jew then it seems unlikely to be white.

  3. Sean says

    Prove it? Photos that haven’t been photoshopped please. Also, Hitler would agree with you Frau Kelly.

  4. anon says

    Santa was a creation of cartoonist Thomas Nast in the 1870’s. Whether you classify middle-easterners as “White” is entirely an exercise in post-hoc labeling.

  5. andrew says

    @MARYM: I am a non believer, but I have read enough history to understand that the man Jesus, who his followers tried to make more important in death than he had been in life, by inventing most of the gospel stories and “miracles”, actually lived. However, I don’t know what is an Arab Jew. Explain!

  6. Zell says

    Actually Andrew, it’s not at all certain that Jesus really ever existed at all. If I had to guess, I would say that he did, but the other side certainly has a valid argument, mostly connected to the fact that there is no written record of the man before at least thirty or so years after his death.

  7. Tito says

    Political correctness run amuck. It’s out of control.

    PS – Aisha Harris is one of the biggest racists out here.

  8. Andrew says

    Aisha Harris is a joke, and the only subject she seems to be able to write about is faux-“racism.”

    Remember when those captive girls were freed in Cleveland after years with that monster, Ariel Castro? Aisha didn’t care about that. She cared that the black neighbor who first discovered them was being portrayed in a stereotypical way by the media. Meanwhile, the media were just interviewing him because he was the first person to see these freed women.

    Find a new subject, Aisha. You’re a total yawn-fest.


  9. Jon says

    There is no proof Jesus existed. Modern scholars believe he existed because people in antiquity believe he existed. All of the writing, both biblical and the couple of sources that are not in the Bible and not in Christian scholarship, that describe Jesus as a historical figure were written many years after he supposedly died.

    There is good reason to believe a man named Jesus probably existed, but there isn’t real proof.

  10. Fenrox says

    Oh man! I didn’t read that article till now, Penguin Santa is totally the best idea ever. And I for one am running with it, I do a lot of holiday event work and I am going to use Penguin Santa.

  11. Daniel says

    I love to gripe about Megyn, but I’d agree with her points. “White” long ago stopped being a synonym for “Anglo-Saxon” or “European white.” Most friends I have from the Middle East consider themselves “white” at least as that term has been used in the U.S. The census only recently started to consider an Arab/Persian American category. So as our own government views the matter, Jesus was “white” despite being non-European–at the very least he does not fit any of the other races we recognize. Similarly, St. Nicholas was Turkish originally–another “white” ethnicity as the U.S. would define it. And the post-19th century image of “Santa Claus” is very much Western European and very white in its mythology. Megyn Kelly is in the U.S., and in this country at least Santa and Jesus fit the “white” definition.

  12. Jack Ford says

    People’s perceptions of white and non-white depend on the environment they grew up in. To me Hispanic people in the US look white, just with Mediterranean colouring. But then I watch a film with say Jennifer Lopez in it (Maid in Manhattan) and she’s talking about white people like that means other people. And then in other films (The Wedding Planner) she acts about as “Anglo” as you can get. To be honest, if her last name wasn’t Lopez, I probably would never know she’s Latina, same goes for Eva Longoria.

  13. Jon says

    Daniel, you should realize that both Jesus and St. Nicholas would have likely been persecuted by racist Americans not very long ago. When Greeks started moving to the U.S., they encountered a great deal of racism. They may be considered and even consider themselves white now, but that has not always been the case. Many Americans still don’t consider Greeks to be white, just as they don’t consider Jews to be white (regardless of how fair they are).

  14. melvin says

    What, they have run out of cartoon characters to argue about? Truly there is no limit to folly nor apparently to the appetite for it.

  15. jamal49 says

    @ANDREW There is absolutely no verifiable, historical, empirical evidence that a man named Jesus as related in the non-historical, mythological gospels ever existed.

    And, what I think MaryM is saying is that if Jesus did exist he was surely Semitic (hence, an Arab Jew) as opposed to, say, those of the Diaspora who settled and assimilated throughout Europe (i.e. white, European Jew).

  16. dorishin says

    The only glaringly obvious thing about this discussion is where is the Black/Minority representation on that panel? No matter if you agree or disagree, If you’re going to have a balanced discussion about the experience of being black and growing up with a white santa, there should be a black person there and not just 4 white talking heads.

  17. Jack Ford says

    To me, the Jews in Israel look white especially compared to other Middle Eastern nations. I guess everyone looks white until they don’t… although I don’t see why it matters. I guess people just look at other people and identify with them racially or don’t. Sometimes, I forget Beyoncé is black. Seriously sometimes, she’ll start talking about being a proud black woman and I have to think for a millisecond what she’s talking about.

  18. Jack Ford says

    @Andrew – That’s a bit dumb and you know it. Fox News isn’t a ‘white’ station and there would be no need for BET if TV in the States was more representative of its community. You have the good old First Amendment over there so I’m sure if someone wanted to start up a whites-only network whey could. As for Univision, it’s a Spanish language station. I’m not sure skin colour is taken into account.

  19. CraigR. says

    Every year, for the past six years, I have played Santa for a tree event that happens in Baltimore’s Little Italy. I am also black and gay. Megan,Megan,Megan. If only we could go back to the days when blacks served your food, gays stayed in the closet, and white Republican assumed they ruled world- when was that? 1953?

  20. Bart says

    Jesus was a white man too??????????? Oh my God, is there carbon monoxide pouring into their studio???? Is ignorance a virus that runs through FOX News?

    Utterly embarrassing.

  21. AlexBH says

    The scariest thing is that, at least according to Megyn Kelly’s whispering, there may be kids watching Fox News.

  22. DaShawn says

    If Santa is really black, does that mean I’m getting an Obamaphone for Xmas? Christmas is ruined!

  23. Sam says

    I love how all these “tolerant” gay people don’t think twice about the blonde bimbo stereotype. It’s totally fine. Totally accepted. She’s a blond white woman, so it’s open season.

    Meanwhile, if someone made a quip about ShaNiqua’s weave or dreadlocks, people would be up in arms. Riots and protests with Al Sharpton leading the way.

    I’ll never take people seriously until the double standards go away. You either treat ALL people the SAME way, or you have no credibility.

  24. Jack Ford says

    @SAM – “Waaaaaaah! I’m white, privileged Christian woman in America and that ShaNiqua and her weave called me blonde bimbo. Waaaaaah! They’re so racist! Waaaaah! It’s so hard being white! And blonde! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

  25. Sam says

    @JACK – “Waaaaah, I’m a white power bottom with liberal white guilt! I suck at sports, no one on Grindr likes me, and I feel better when I make lame, anonymous remarks on the internet. Waaaaaaaaaaah!”

  26. Jack Ford says

    @Sam – You’re half right. I don’t play sports, I am white and I am liberal. Unfortunately I don’t use Grindr (in a relationship) and I’m a top. Nothing wrong with a power bottom though. They’re the best kind. Good try though, fool. Go back to whining about how hard it is being white and see if anyone but other racists pay attention.

  27. jarago says

    I have never understood the need to have a black Santa- Mr Claus represents the spirit of Chritsmas- the joy of giving. He loves all everyone.

  28. ian says

    this is a continuation of white supremacist/anti-semetic doctrine that really took hold in the 19th century that sought to recast Jesus as Aryan not jewish. It was partly based upon a misunderstanding of Darwins theory of natural selection that placed white christian folk at the top of the evolutionary ladder giving racial bias the false imprature of science, which hadn’t happened before. This lead to social darwinism that those with the political and social might where right, where the ‘fittest’ in darwinian terms so Jesus must have been white/gentile rather than semetic. Social Darwinism became a cornerstone of Nazi philosophy and their promulgation of Aryan racial superiority. Clearly something Fox News also seeks to promote.

  29. Jeff York says

    Didn’t anyone ever tell her Santa isn’t real? Now, the tooth fairy and Easter bunny are a different story.

  30. Jim says

    Jesus was a 1st century Palestinian Semite whose ancestors (according to Genesis) migrated from Mesopotamia. In the 1st century “white” people were barbarians living in the wild forests of Europe.

  31. simon says

    If you look at the painting on the roof of the Sistine Chapel, God is white. (By the way, Adam was Italian.) Therefore his son Jesus must be white. Jesus has no blood relation with Mary since God never had sex with the woman. One version of the convoluted theory of Trinity even identified Jesus with God. End of story.

  32. RonCharles says

    Both Santa Claus and Father Christmas are based on St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra in Asia Minor. From a wealthy Greek family, he secretly used his wealth to help those in need by giving them needed gifts. His generosity and kindness became legendary, and the gifts he gave, along with the traditional gifts brought to the Christ Child in the stable by Zoroastrian priests from the East, inspired the practice of gift-giving at Christmas. As he was Greek, of course, Megyn Kelly is correct that he was white.

  33. says

    Santa is white, because he was invented by a white man. Spiderman is white because he was invented by a white man who simply created him as white. Fat Albert is a black man because he was invented by a black man who simply created him as black.

    Why is that so hard to accept?

  34. Andrew says

    “How do you just revise it in the ‘middle of the legacy'”? The same way you recognize women as having the right to be something other than the property of their fathers & husbands. The same way you recognize that they have the right to be seen without covering their heads. The same way you recognize their value as thinking persons capable of holding down a like news-anchor. How nice it must be for this moron to have gotten where she has entirely because she’s so dang special.

  35. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL Lord, the things that go on when I’m not not at work, and not near a computer. LOL. Crazy!