Lesbian Penguins Discovered At Israeli Zoo

Zookeepers at Israel's Ramat Gan Zoological Center have discovered that two of their young female South African Jackass penguins — Suki and Chupchikoni — are in fact a lesbian couple.

JackassZookeepers originally thought that Suki (the smaller one) was female and that Chupchikoni was a small-sized male. However, a blood test revealed that both are female. And though they have reportedly not yet built a nesting burrow together, they have set up a scrape for storing nesting materials.

The two females have also chosen to pair together despite having plenty of other single young males in their area to choose from.

Gay penguins have become a common occurence at zoos around the world, including New York's famous gay Chinstrap penguin couple Roy and Silo as well as pairs in Germany and Canada.

Though Roy and Silo eventually became the subject of the oft-banned children's book And Tango Makes Three, they actually split up after Silo paired off with a female named Scrappy. Meanwhile, their daughter Tango grew up and got into a lesbian relationship with a female penguin named Tanuzi.


  1. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    This is disgusting and unnatural. They should put their trust in the healing power of Penguin Jesus, Christian penguins should pray for them and they should be referred to Marcus Bachmann for reparative therapy.

  2. james st. james says

    …and the Penguin Pope said, “Who am I to judge?” upsetting the more conservative penguins. “Let he who has hands cast the first stone,” continued Pope Penguin when confronted by his unhappy conservatives flapping their flippers in his holy face and saying to each other, “Never ever another Jesuit again!”

  3. Kris says

    omg 9 comments and not a single crazyass to rant about israel being an “apartheid state”? lol cmon it’s only new years eve you guys are slacking off…

    I think they’re lesbians because of the occupation, since everything is the result of the occupation, and israel turned those penguins gay to “pink wash” its oppression of another people. obvi.

  4. q says

    Yes because Penguins walk around together that justifies men copulating in other men’s anuses. I get it.


    You should try it some time, Moron. Its actually quite awesome. For Both Sides.

    and you know what? It kinda looks like that when you think about it, it makes you all tingly inside and you have to repell that excitement with your hate.

    No straight guy ever thought about anal intercourse between other men. Ever.

    Unfortunately for YOU Jamal, Lots of closeted fags pretending to be straight …do.

    So loosen up those assflaps, boy…it’ s enjoyable.

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