1. Omar says

    The voice sounds very good. And this seems to be a cellphone recording, so imagine with proper audio. Be interesting to see if maybe she will do lots of theatre work like a certain other daughter of an icon.

  2. Scousebadger says

    Nice to see a star’s child do something NORMAL like take part in a high school musical (and not a Disneyfied one). Is very refreshing considering the way the offspring of certain other big names *AHEM* Will & Jada *AHEM* have been prostituted about by their parents.

    And Lourdes sounds great for what she is: a kid in a school play (slating her is just tacky). Whether she follows her parents into showbiz or not, it seems that she is not being pushed or dumped into it.

  3. BreckRoy says

    I’m thrilled to hear Madonna attended and kept a very low key presence, which is not what I would have expected from her. I remember seeing pictures of Lady Gaga attending her sister’s high school graduation and she came in sparkly sequined/partially see-through pantsuit with a HUGE black, lace “beekeeper” hat and black lace veil (the veil draped down to her waist in places) that completely blocke out her head, replacing it with this large black lace structure on top of a half-nude outfit. I remember feeling so bad her sister–I mean, ok for Gaga since that’s how she rolls, but her sister, graduating high school on one of the biggest moments of HER life, to date, and her older sister–who was already going to get major spotlight–shows up dressed in such a way that every single person in the place would know she was there and know who she was. Gag took the focus off of her own sister and every single child there graduating that day and I remember thinking while it was probably cool for many of the other kids, for her sister it was probably very marginalizing. I’m not always a fan of Madonna’s entitlement (and am actually a much bigger fan of Gaga’s) but in this case, I really think she made a lovely call by being low key and allowing her daughter and the other children to be the stars of the night, not her. Good on her.

  4. BreckRoy says

    Unintentional typo above, leaving off the last “a” in Gaga. Since I’m not trying to throw unnecessary shade at Gaga, I don’t want that misunderstood. Totally a typo, not a slight.

  5. ASam says

    Madonna’s marketing strategy was to use gay men as a cover to appeal to sleazy straight guys. She claimed to be on the side of gay men but her image was based on fake lesbianism and female nudity.

    Gay bloggers contributed to this tawdry tactic of hers.

  6. ASam says

    Madonna hindered the chances of gay male success on the music charts in my view. She did this by discouraging gay male activism using the clever tactic of appeasing gay men through occaional supportive statememts.

    Her real aim was to titillate straight guys.

  7. emjayay says

    Her singing is fine. And there’s an Asian and a black guy in the cast. And while I never thought Madonna’s music was more than fun and her schtick interesting, the usual TRoad commenter negativity about the big M and her daughter is really tiresome.

  8. Marc says

    Good for her, she sounds great! I just find it refreshing that she’s doing a high school musical. I’m sure her life is atypical of most high schoolers… but this is one area she can just be a “normal kid.” I really like that.

    But overall, she’s got a very pleasant voice. You go, girl.

    And Joey, your comment made me smile. Well-said, my friend. (I don’t know you, but I love you already).

  9. Jack Ford says

    She sounds good – typical of a school play production. This makes me miss Stockard Channing though. I never see her in anything anymore. Now I miss The West Wing :(

  10. Jack Ford says

    OK so I’m an idiot. I just looked at her Wiki page and realised she was on The Good Wife last week and I even watched the bloody episode. To be fair I was drunk though…

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