1. michaelr says

    Could we please stick to gay issues and news? I could care less about “Ms Cyrus” (what’s up with that?)

  2. Leroy Laflamme says

    2014 would be something to look forward to if the media stopped reporting so obsessively on Miley Cyrus’ every waking moment. Starting with Towleroad.

  3. cory says

    You guys are absolutely ridiculous. If you are tired of the reporting of Miley Cyrus on this site….stop visiting it or just don’t click on the story. DUH

    stop complaining you old hags.

  4. RJ S says

    Better idea, piss off to the smug contrarian dickhole.

    Everyone with the exception of Mikey here seems to have the same message going – irrespective of the quality of the video, or song, this just doesn’t belong as a news story. Save it for the Tubes.

  5. Enchantra says

    Is Towleroad run by a bunch of giggling high school girls? Seriously, between Miley Cyrus, Zac Afron, Glee, and various obsessions with various andogynous underwear models, one might deduce that Andy Towle is a dragtrollcreep in training.